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Major Bible Changes; Jesus Referred To As A Prophet!!! Allah In The Bible!!!

This is messed up-

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´´Arabic-speaking Coptic, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Maronite, evangelical, and Reformed Christians worship Allah, which is simply the word or term for God in another language. Islam does not hold a copyright to the term. In fact, Arab Christians existed before Islam appeared on the scene. Christians who worship Allah number in the millions´´

The woman in the vids is a nutter...I have seen several of her vids before.  Her interpretation of things is very influenced by her limited understanding.  Watching her made me realize how many of the conspiracy theories are pure crap and based on fear and ignorance.  For example, her idea that to  Islam is being merged with christianity for some evil purpose.  The word allah was used by Christians to mean God,, before Islam ever existed.   She believes that the Mandela effect is caused by Satan.  I would not really call her a christian for she hates too many kinds of people...and she is sure that God hates them, too..


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