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  • All books are written by men, even the ones where you got your present belief system. The big question is ,does it contain absolute truths. For Absolute-Truths are those that don't change in time, where there is no untruths in the truth. Everyone believes what they wont to believe. If it is truth they will hold it in there hearts forever-more. But  If it is partly true then they will release it when they have perceived the Truth of what is!. All Truths come from the same source.If you are a seeker of God then you will find the Truth and any thing less than God is not the Truth. You may surround this untruth with a gold frame if you wish but it is still an untruth!

    The word of God is LOVE, If the info they present does; not contain the the Word of Love or God, then the seeker will not see it as truth but only as another Distraction that leads away from the Truth. The Truth is within you, seek it not in the World for it is not there, seek it from within, contemplate the info that you receive, this is the Truth for you, is it not ? Adonai

  • Sorry to say that I do not agree with all of this. Again most of it is True but there are some parts that I disagree with. First of all she or he never mentioned the Word God! I would replace our expression of being the Earth with the expression of our being one with God and we are a expression of him, not the Earth new or old. The Earth according to the UB does not have a soul, where as mankind does.I agree that we are all one and can be one with the Earth as with all things that come from God. We are part of him and he is part of us. We are in him as he is in us, we are a expression of him and not the Earth.

    All is taking place in his mind.We are in his mind and he is in ours. We need to lift this vail that we are separate from him, for we are not. Awakening to Oneness in God is the True nature of our being and our Ascension. The New Earth is created for us to be in our true reality! L&L, We are all one in God and with God, as God ! Adonai

  • Dear amparo,

    I love the teachings from Suzanne Lie....

    Thanks for posting...for Easy Ascension with the support of Gaia...

  • we are definitely all one great message
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