Drekx Omega ~ Sirian Utility Wear May 4 2015

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  • It is incredibly childish when the Raelian cult leader, named Claude Vorilhon, dons a fake jumpsuit, which is not a Sirian "metraknen venabu," and then proudly parades on stage, walking down stairs from his fake prop "spaceship."

    The guy is obviously insane, as are his naive followers....
    Fake movie type props, with fake space suits, with fake ETs....Amazing that people pay this guy money, to "build an embassy for the Elohim."

    What a complete joke he is..

  • The Sirian language term; "metraknen venabu," means utility wear and is the name they give the famous white jumpsuit...I was given a chance to try my own, back in 2009, or thereabouts, when they wanted me to become familiar with it's use and also, allowing me to safely interact with soccerball-sized probes, which were swarmed at me from a tetrahedral probe....These amazing probes have their own AI and do not accidentally crash into things, but glow oranges and reds, as they zig zag in flight....Albeit, not true flight by any aerodynamic principle, as these amazing little craft can suddenly stop a fast velocity vector and remain in mid air, slightly bobbing and spinning like a gyroscope.....At this point in the demonstration I was permitted to reach out to a stopped craft, nearby....It buzzed and hummed as I approached....Even a crackle of static electricity, was heard...My gloved hand touched it and I thought that it might easily move, BUT, amazingly, it was rock solid.....Like gravity nailed it to that 3D spot in the air, about 4-feet off the ground...
    It bobbed, or oscillated still, but I was unable to move it, or stop it's pendulum effect....
    Amazing to see and actually feel these tiny spherical probes....

    The probe was frozen to the spot, in 3-dimensional space, and I could not move it with physical force....HOWEVER, I was told to speak to it and visualise it's direction, as commanded and I did so, with a quick response, as soon as my thoughts struck it's AI receptors, it shot up like a rocket and out of sight.....That was a silent launch and demonstrated much to me...More happened, during this learning phase, but I'll explain about that, at some other time...
  • The forthcoming Solarian GFL member star nation, will adopt indigo (purple) as the tone for Solaris. I have already had a prophetic vision of Movella from the future, wearing just such a jumpsuit...;-) It really suits her...
  • yes, indeed, I watch the documentary Ancient Aliens for example. I'm very interested in real history, not this main stream fairy tales ;)

  • Friend Agarther, you may be interested in my recent post comments, here...;]

  • I don't believe Nidle ever explained why Agarthan jumpsuits use green colour-coding, so we explain why here. It refers to ancient colonists who arrived and settled during the ancient green Solar Logos.

  • Note that a further development of Solar Logoic evolution, will be perfected under a 1st ray expression. Aeons in the future and by then the Galaxy will be spherical, not a spiral...

  • A reminder that when Lyran colonists first arrived within the system and selected suitable waterworlds for settlement, Mars, Venus and Maldek were appropriate for physical life [then.] Earth was not suitable for Humanoid physical habitation, until 900,000 years ago. The Borians completed terraforming work from the relative safety of higher planes, down to the three highest sub-planes of aetheric. So above; solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Dinosaurs made peaceful colonies impossible, plus heat, volcanism.

  • In very ancient times, before Lemuria and even the purely aetheric, Boreans, the Solar Logos expressed an earlier bodily incarnation, that was of the 3rd ray, not as current. This is why the Agarthans adopted emerald green, as a reminder of the original incomplete evolution, as with Earth itself.....Half complete

  • Indigo is the chosen tone for this future star nation within the GFL. The Agathans, Martians and Venusians will all adopt this identical utility jump-suit, as well as all ascendees; surface Earth. This choice is based upon the ray of the Solar Logos [Lord Aten,] which is the 2nd ray, Love-Wisdom. We called; Solarians, as a collective star nation: SOLARIS. With several representatives on the GFL Main Council, planet Deron, Vega system. Indigo is purple, in appearance...

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"Ah, well done, my friend...!! You won't regret your good choice...šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ˜‰I'm pleased to hear about any experiences you can report back on, in May...

And no doubts, in the future, such a natural and healthy practice, will become commonplace...!"
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"Hello Drekx, thank you for the update on your 72 hrs fast interval's conclusion, I am going to do my 72 hrs fast cycle in may, will report back ;)"
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"Regeneration is an art...If Doctor Who can do it, so can Colonel Omega....;-)

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"Dear ketogenicists...Just to let you know that the 72+ hours prolonged fast went well and I completed today's "refeeding" process, without any hiccups...
I would recommend this total rejuvination of bodily cells...and as I stated earlier, the fastā€¦"
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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Dear ketogenicists...Just to let you know that the 72+ hours prolonged fast went well and I completed today's "refeeding" process, without any hiccups...
I would recommend this total rejuvination of bodily cells...and as I stated earlier, the fastā€¦"
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