Drekx Omega ~ Who Will Be Organising Sirian Tours of Motherships, After First Contact

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  • great, thank you my friend!
  • All will be monitored aboard the touring motherships and depending upon assimilation, the "time" will be compressed or extended, for maximum benefits for all participants....Nobody will tire during this process, as each will be made comfortable...A full day......and night......No sleep needed.....Refreshed, even missing a night of sleep....No night onboard.......No weakness at all.....Full vigour of each tourist, will be assured.....even an elderly person, say on a Prominenti tranche...
  • how long will the mothership tour be, 6h or 2-3 days? what has Sandara planed?
  • Will do Happy to be of service :) Thinking of maybe posting those and tons of other stuff that is talked about on here to other platforms as well not just what's going on here on Earth, but GFL and other galactic info to. I think we are getting very close to that point that maybe normies as we say need to know about the GFL to. Though it could be to soon idk lol.
  • šŸ˜‰šŸ‘šŸ»....And always try to be detached from an outcome...But never say never...!!
    No normie knows as much about things as you do...And keep posting those X22s...Good job....
  • Thank you Drekx that means a lot to me :) If I can't make it this go round or even next ill at least be there after the ascension event happens. Your kind words and friendship is much appreciated :)
  • I know and I hope you can build and enhance your sense of self-worth....Remember that you can rise above anything. So I really have compassion for people like you..

    There are many people out there, with physical and/or mental impediments....

    Actually, you are not a "normie," simply because you are here, searching for answers.....Normies do not seek something strange, outside of themselves, as much as you do....They enjoy normalcy and the mundane, of course and are comfortable with it....You don't...You like a challenge...

    I hope Sandara allows you on a vox populi tour....But cannot promise you, at this stage...
  • Oh I know its just the whole Asperger's thing just gets me down a little makes me thing I'm not worthy of being in the spiritual community or interacting with other starseeds or lightworkers and makes me question my status as a starseed or lightworker. Makes me think I'm just some normie. Not trying to lower the vibe just questions I've been asking myself as of late.
  • No Justin, the comment made below was a general one and yes, you have aspergers, yourself, but another hyperthetical candidate could have bi-polar, or some neurotic condition, which could mitigate against selection for a mothership tour...

    Certainly I was not intending to name you here, but you chose to do so....And I can also confirm that nobody is "making fun" of you...Far from it...It's a serious business.

    On a personal level I hope you are selected...But that would be Sandara's responsibility, as tours Executive Officer...
  • That would be me the Asperger's bi polar thing you mentioned Drekx not bi polar, but Asperger's I was told I have. Hope I don't get made fun of to much for admitting that lol.
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