Drekx Omega ~ Who Will Be Organising Sirian Tours of Motherships, After First Contact

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  • I'm informed by Jschrjsch Sandara, that on fully conscious worlds, they do allow wild animals to roam the surface...However, most populations live within the planets...The inner continental....Within the crystal cities and holographic zones, of great bio-diversity...Galactic Humans do not live alongside dangerous animals...
    OBVIOUSLY....Most people live within Samanet and Atarmunck...

    Sirius B4, named Samanet....At node points on the surface, there are temples that require to be maintained by the Atar clan..For example, the “bhada Bregge" (Sirian group of 64 at the temple) on the Kearonet plateau...

    The plateau is full of ferocious leonine species, but the Atar clan are not effected by these wild species, when they use a special device, known as "zren," a sonic tranquilliser...
    There are small hand-held zren, and also larger types, which may cover the area of the podlet habitation....Specifically the bhada, which is located at a temple, as are others...across the planet surface...Sirians perform rituals at these node points, to maintain the good order of nature...Part of planetary guardianship work...

    And Sirians may also escape any potential predator species, using teleportation, or merkabah...BUT, in physical forms, they must take evasive actions...If necessary, they will shoot a wild species, as a last resort...Normally the zren is harmlessly sufficient in stopping any attack, as the animal will instantly fall asleep....

    Well, I would like to suggest to Earth's rewilding policy makers, that without Sirian technology, their ideas are totally impractical....A bit like electric cars, it's not helping the environment, at all, just destroying lives...

    Sometimes I wish I could just pack this in and fly off, back to Sirius.....lol Earth people, especially "climate activists," can be so stupid.😉
  • Justin, I was unimpressed by the disrespect you had for myself, my Dad and the GFL.. on private message to me. We are not responsible for your personal life circumstances, each individual is responsible for there own. With compassion and respect... The GFL is a cosmic union and not a charity, like the Samaritans. We did suggest that you meditate and go within to find the answers you are seeking.. When you have stabilised, maybe we can attain mutual respect.. With light, Lieutenant Movella.
  • Friend Alan....Great to see you back on ACC...;-)
  • Justin I tend to forgive people in general, BUT in this case, my daughter was attacked, disgracefully and you have not even thought of her feelings, nor the GFL's reputational interests and you have not even attempted to apologise to Movella....Ponder that...!!
  • Thanks, Drekx, great info.
  • Always remember that if an earth human is not qualified to participate in a scheduled series of tours, maybe that changes, if they become more skilled, more suitable, in the future...WE DO NEED SKILLED EDUCATORS WITH EMPATHY for all fellows...LIGHT QUOTIENT IS IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER FOR EACH..
  • It will be a lot easier for us by then, after the first contact ET Hugger, because the world events are backing up our words.
    now the people are unaware
  • So you may have to talk to the press? That's for the brave ones.

    The MSM probably has been cleared out by then.

    Good luck! 🥳
  • cheers ET Hugger ;)
  • @Movella: that is for me the greatest acknowledgement there is, and that means that my effort in life was not in vain, thank you
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