Disclosure has begun - UFO media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS taking place - March 31, 2011 -

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UFO media coverage, worldwide sightings increasing

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  • Those who propagate fear are not working for the LIGHT. This video was great except for the last part.  The Mayan elders and Hopi can attest to this time as being a New Time, A Golden Age of which we already have one foot in.

    Fear belongs to the old paradigm. Don't buy into it beloved brothers and sisters.

  • MAGNIFICENT video... it's really a damn shame the last segment created such a pessimistic slant on the ENTIRE 

    phenomena ........

    One wonders just who created this edit, and why that segment was attached..... I love he footage but won't recommend the video to anyone , for that fear it creates.

  • Everyone, disclosure will come... but it's not what you expect. Who ever is executing it, they are not your ally. The grand scheme of all this is to control humanity, using mind control. The good majority of the population will succumb to the mind control, and so will everyone here. However, there's a way to break it, remember who and what you are, remember your purpose, and remember your reason to live, do not forget this, and do not believe what they tell you.


    Nothing is true, every thing is possible.

  •  this is so great I can not wait so every one knows its true I have seen one myself the kind Betty and Barny Hill saw and the beings in side .

  • Loved it Karma!!!! Thank you!!

    Love and Light to you.......

  • It is great to see better documentation of technology obviously beyond us, Though the focus off a lot these videos are things happening out THERE. this happening inside, waking up and finding yourselves and pulling your pieces back together. No awakening happens upon you, it comes through you. Look inside and see the light open!
  • Awesome video!!!
  • Thank you Karma. Namaste
  • Thanks Karma :)


    Great video :)

  • It is possible that the media is part of the "disclosure" plan of NWO using HAARP creates holograms to scare the masses into martial law and intergalactic war. I know they are there, I believe we are offered peaceful and loving guidance and assistance from some of them, but as we know there are also those that would enslave the masses using fear, as they have been doing for a very long time, If there is fear based energy involved, it is coming from lower frequency beings and we need to hold the energy of LOVE.

    Any announcement from out "government" needs to be taken with a heaping dose of salt. Don't line up for ANYTHING.

    Just my opinion.

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