December 22

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love to read in searching for the truth and freedom from mental slavery!!

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Maitreya, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Nicolas Tesla,

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  • Dear Diana, Thank You for your friendship and connection. as they say Everything Happens for a Reason. I hope that you have a Beautiful Week...Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx


  • hi diana , thank you,


    love and light to you too,,,

  • Hey there...  I was asked repeatedly to show my face....  so i removed my hat....  :)   As for the 21st of May....   WHATEVER....  not on my path....  but it would be an eeeeeexxxxxccccellent time to play up on people's fears......  Hell, i may even join in the mayhem, for if you are on this planet at this time ( with me ) and are STILL believing in Holy Hell Fire and Brimstone...  well then....  GO AHEAD....  see where "that" leads you....  as for me.....I'll be the guy dawning a Devil's costume chasing you.....  lol...lol...



  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful words
  • Thanks a lot
  • Thank you Diana :)

    sorry for the late reply, thats my nature.. lol

    How's life in Amsterdam nowadays?

    I've lived there a half a year ago. ;)


    Much Love,


  • hi diana im latroy thanks for the add love and light
  • thanks for the add, my blessings to you, greetings from mexico
  • Hi, Diana

    You're a very blessed person. I can see your enlighted heart. God be with you wherever you go.

    Ana Luíza

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diana replied to diana's discussion Release our fear !!!
"wow James, I'm really speachless by your words, what a wonderfull person you are!!
I'm glad I got to know you and yes, you are so right indeed, it all has to come from within,
and indeed one cannot force it to open up....
When I see people smile it…"
May 24, 2011
diana replied to diana's discussion Release our fear !!!
"Thanks James, and I know indeed my schedule, that's true!!
I only ment human beings who are not in the position to defend themselves against fear because 
they are really living in it and who are not lightworkers like us, they cannot get rid of fear…"
May 24, 2011
diana replied to diana's discussion Release our fear !!!
"Thanks James, for your loving words, it makes me feel a lot better to know I'm not the only one who feels this way!!
Love and light to you!"
May 24, 2011
diana replied to diana's discussion Release our fear !!!
"Thanks Hohunk, I'm with you 100% and I couldn't agree more, but I still think the lightworkers who are truly awake should help any other human being who isn't or needs some guidance to get there, don't you think?
Anyway, thanks again for your…"
May 24, 2011

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