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May 23

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In my 38th year (this time around ) in the year 2010/11 i have awoke. No longer am i confused. My heart knows far more than my head ever did or ever will. The true path to GOD / Source is within you all. When we pray.. we "speak".... when we meditate... we "listen"....11:11. Cocoon broken. This "Butterfly" has just begun to spread it's wings...and FREE I AM...to do what it IS that I do best...which simply IS to FLY, FLY, FLY. "Return"? Already here ( there )...to the natural state of "BEing" that I AM. Ta Da.

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  • Hello there, and thank you. Can you suggest some beginning literature for me?

  • Thank-you <3 Many Blessings

  • That's a cool picture! Having white colored irises would be awesome. I see you too!

  • Hello me and our friend MarQus been wondering how you are much love

  • 8115461459?profile=originalyou are so missed

  • 8115474295?profile=originaltranquil thoughts ... ;))

  • 8115425901?profile=originalhappy weekends .... ;))

  • Dear friend where are you how are you...

  • Let's do this friend its what we are born to do... Heal the land Heal the broken a Sick I'm ready.... Love ya dear friend....

  • Hey KH happy 2015 to you and all you cherish <3
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  Int3r3sting tim3s ! ! !  R3M3MB3R MOI ? ? ?  6one, yet . . . . . .  6reatfully  . . . . . .   not for6oten ! ! ! ! ! !     I've mi99ed mt friend9 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !         KH81119ONE Q 
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