ZIIMERE of the Golden Light

July 9, 2009Ziimere of the Golden LightBeloved Citizens of the World,It has been quite a while since I have spoken with you all. This Scribe has been busy, along with the rest of Humanity cleansing and purging and so there was not the opportunity until now. I wish to speak with you regarding the happenings as seen from the perspective of the Galactic Federation.We see great beams of Light pouring forth from the Earth, we see that there is a great Light that is burning within the core of the Earth and this Light is beaming out into the Universe. If you could imagine a sphere that is darkened and then you see and imagine openings occurring in that dark sphere and great rays of pure Light pouring forth through holes in the sphere - this is what we are seeing from our perspective now, and what is happening, what is occurring is that the Earth is becoming a greater Light, the Earth Star that She is intending to be, She is Ascending into a Higher vibrational and dimensional level. She is aligning to Galactic Center, She is moving into place for the right timing for this to occur.We see on the crust of the Earth, areas that are stressed, but we see also that there are many of you, those that are known as Lightworkers, who daily are attuning to the Earth and the movements of the Earth and are directing your intentions and your Light to those areas and this is helping tremendously. Know that you also have the assistance of we from the Galactic Federation, for we monitor the surface of the Earth and the depths of the Earth so we can apply our assistance where necessary. This is in accordance to the Earth’s and Prime Creator’s wishes, which is, that the Earth intends to take the majority of Humanity who choose, with her into the Higher Dimensions, and so we are honoring this request and applying our assistance through our technology wherever it is necessary.There, of course, needs to be areas of the Earth where the energies from within the Earth must be released, and this will happen, and those are areas that we cannot intervene or interfere with. This is something that needs to occur for Higher purposes, and so that is an area that we cannot assist with, but those upon the Earth, who work with the Earth, have the authority to heal those areas of the Earth, and we look with great amazement at all that could have happened and has not happened because the Earth workers, through their intentions, visualizations and meditations, have insured that harmony upon the Earth’s surface and within the Earth, is maintained to a great degree.We look upon the wonderful Lightworkers, those who are our Brothers and Sisters, who are Family, we look upon all of you with great awe and admiration, for you are completing your tasks, you are working to your greatest capacities to bring forth the New World, the Heaven on Earth, and you are accomplishing your tasks.I will be coming forth to speak with you more often now and so I ask that you look for my messages on this Scribe’s website.I AM Ziimere of the Golden Light representing the Galactic Federation under the authority of the Ashtar Command.©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff
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  • Thank you Zimere & Madelaine for posting this. Will you be posting Zimeres messages here as well?
  • Thank you Ziimere, what a pleasure is to hear from you!
    Thank you Madelaine & Marlene
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