With this post, I wish to inform as many people as possible about this upcoming workshop, so that you can join in mind and in spirit, if you wish so.

Here is a bit of the background.

December of last year, thinking of Easter 2014 filled me with a very warm glow - usually Easter time doesn't do that with me, so this was special. The feeling has shifted somewhat since, though there is still this excitement. When I share this information with others, they smile and confirm that indeed for them as well, energies are rising and hope is in the air.

Recently -more precisely start of March, hardly a month back - it was brought to my attention that I was about to visit Orval again, probably this summer, in regards to some work to be done there. Orval is a well-known abbey in Southern-Belgium - although the whole area belonged to France until the early 1900s. I did visit the abbey some 25 years ago.

I added one and one, and decided to go to Orval at Easter, using the momentum of expected high energies around that timeslot. And, since co-creation is so much stronger with a group, I decided to organize a workshop.
Hardly had I started writing down the workshop details, or the following night did I wake up and in no unclear words did I receive the title of the workshop 'With Easter to Ascension, Orval 2014' as well as the instruction to heal times, places, people in need, and to work with the Pistis Sophia, the mystery of the Feminin Christ - and I was shown the picture of a crowned lady, scepter in hand. Well, so far for the free will ;-)

Only the next morning do I discover 2 things:
1. that night of 17 March was the full moon of new creations, and
2. a booklet on my bookshelf by Elizabeth Trutwin 'Sacred Galactic Scripture: Pistis Sophia' describes Sophia as the Divine Feminine in Gnosticism. Some of her many other aspects and names are 'She-of-the-left-hand (as opposed to Christ, understood as her husband and he of the Right Hand)', and 'Elena (that is Selene, the Moon)'. I don't know how you go about channeling - I for sure appreciate such confirmations, simply to exclude personal interpretations - although in this case, I was very convinced of the correctness of the channeled information.

1 week later, whilst visiting the abbey as preparation for the workshop, I discover the name of this monks abbey : 'Our Lady of Orval'

Do I need more proof, no I don't. The workshop will take place.
If you wish to join, whether in person (see the link for details) or in spirit, you will be very welcome.
Together, we bring heaven to earth, and transform earth into heaven.

Anya ka wa (Let the Light come)


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