Janis writes
I share this as information you should know - and hopefully you will pass it on. Perhaps it will help change some people's perspective on President Obama.
This man will do everything in his power to uplift humanity and our planet and country to make them worthy of Ascension to the higher realms. Do share as guided.

Shared with Love,


Steve Beckow writes

Here it is, as requested.

Nancy Detweiler: Who is Barack Obama?


I first encountered Nancy Detweiler's writings when I initially learned about 2012 in 2008 and was investigating NESARA. (1)

Nancy has recently brought to my attention her collaboration with Dr. Gillian C. Grannum to produce a numerological chart (Gillian) and an astrological chart (Nancy) for President Obama.

Nancy and Gillian worked separately on their charts and then compared them after, with interesting results, as you can see.

I thoroughly agree with her when she says:

"What if President Obama is fulfilling his role in the Divine Plan and we allow the Illuminati to instill fear concerning his presidency? Don’t forget that throughout history, we Earth humans have killed our prophets."

And, of course, Matthew and SaLuSa assure us that these sentiments are accurate - that the Illuminati are attacking the President with everything they have and only his supporters stand between him and his usefulness being hampered by the Illuminati's tide of misrepresentation, which some of us unfortunately are buying.

I think we need to wake ourselves up from having drunk the Illuminati's potion on Obama and make sure that we do not lose this good man to their magic spells. To me, standing up to the Illuminati's efforts is just an act of simple maturity, no more, no less.

So thank you, Nancy, for bringing your recent work to my attention and for standing against the tide of fabrication that I too believe is issuing from the Illuminati about President Obama.


Nancy Detweiler



Who is this charismatic man who emerged on the world scene with the rapidity of a shooting star? Is he the climax to the Illuminati’s plans for a New World Order and take over of the world? Or, is he fulfilling his role in the Divine Plan for this planet to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Is the present controversy over his identity serving to awaken the public to the matrix of lies in which we have lived our entire lifetime?

One thing about which we can be absolutely sure is that things are not as they seem. Another thing about which we can be absolutely sure is that using fear as a motivation to search for truth attracts more lies. The Illuminati (or secret world government) has used fear to exert control over us and their modus operandi is lies phrased in words that sound lofty and honey sweet.

What if President Obama is fulfilling his role in the Divine Plan and we allow the Illuminati to instill fear concerning his presidency? Don’t forget that throughout history, we Earth humans have killed our prophets. We yelled, “Crucify him, crucify him,” when Pilate asked us what he should do with Jesus. The people allowed mob psychology to control them 2000 years ago. Are we doing so again?

That each of us develop the art of discerning truth for ourselves is required in order to lift our consciousness to a higher plane. Few of us would disagree that our planet is presently experiencing the End Times. Although the End Times connotes a variety of scenarios, most agree that the end result is to be a better life somewhere. What if the enigma that President Obama presents is the catalyst for our spiritual awakening? What if concern over who he is leads us to learn to seek and find truth on our own? Has he not, then, assisted us to advance in our own spiritual maturity?

What is certainly true is that the controversy over President Obama has exposed the secret plans the Illuminati have been working on for over 100 years---the New World Order in which they are the Absolute Rulers and we the people are their slaves. Little do the majority of Americans know just how enslaved we already are … just how many lies we have been told … just how many cover-ups of truth exist … just how much we are suffering needlessly at the hands of the Illuminati.

How can we learn the true identity of President Obama? How can we get to know ourselves? With two very ancient scientific methods that the Illuminati does not want us to recognize as truth: esoteric astrology and numerology. Both sciences would yield the same patterns characterizing Obama and his soul intentions for this incarnation. These are tools the Illuminati cannot contaminate. Each of us is first and foremost a Part of the Overall Divine Plan. Both the astrological natal chart and the numerological chart reveal our Celestial Name. These charts were constructed before we incarnated into a physical body; they are how we ascertain the role we are to play while attending school on the plane of duality, Earth.

Why have esoteric astrology and numerology been hidden from us? People who know their role within the Divine Plan—who know they are a vital Part of the Whole—cannot be enslaved. That our true identities be hidden from us is vital to the success of the Illuminati and their plans for a New World Order in which we are to be slaves. Thanks in part to the controversies swirling around President Obama, the secret plans of the Illuminati have been discovered. If his presence in the White House accomplishes nothing else, he has released us from falling blindly into planetary slavery.

Because the Illuminati presently rule the world, Obama cannot avoid working with them. Did they discover and project him into his rapid ascent to the White House? He could not have gotten there without their help because contrary to what Americans are told, we the people do not determine who is President. At the very least, the Illuminati saw in Barack Obama a handsome, charismatic, brilliant young man. Can they manipulate him for long? That remains to be seen. Both his astrological and numerological charts offer real hope for the people!

Dr. Gillian Grannum, a professional numerologist, agreed to interpret President Obama’s numerological chart while I, a former professional astrologer, interpreted his astrological chart. We worked separately without consultation. Both charts should reveal basically the same life patterns.

Numerological Analysis: President Barack Hussein Obama
by Dr. Gillian C. Grannum


This brief numerological analysis provides insight into some basic characteristics found within the name and birth date of the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, born August 4, 1961.

Path of Life [2] The “2” path allows him to know instinctively how to relate well with others. He is deeply sensitive to others' feelings. He learned at an early age the importance of being a patient and careful worker, how to show consideration for others, and the requirements of being a good friend. He experienced self-denial at an early age so as to balance a propensity toward selfishness in his Expression and Personality. His primary task as a young adult was to overcome his innate shyness and deep-seated uncertainty as to his purpose in life. He also had to overcome tendencies toward apathy and indifference, both of which are closely linked to his initial uncertainty concerning what role he would play in life.

Expression [1] He has keen administrative abilities and knows himself to be a gifted leader capable of thinking outside the box. This fuels his uncanny ability to achieve great success -- success guaranteed as long as he remains self-motivated, confident in his abilities and skills, and purposefully self-reliant. From an early age he felt the stirrings of ambition. He knew instinctively that as long as he remained determined and goal-oriented he could attain positive outcomes and exceedingly powerful placements in life.

His inner drive is so intense it tends to make him egotistical at times, extremely stubborn, and quite aggressive in pursuing his goals and ambitions. When tired, there is likelihood of him being bossy, selfish, and difficult to be around. This is because one of his great fears is that of being lazy or overly dependent on others, hence his unquenchable desire to succeed despite all odds.

Soul [9] He is at heart a selfless humanitarian, desirous of giving much of himself to others. He has a genuine interest in the well-being of others. He is sympathetic, tolerant, broad-minded, and compassionate. He is idealistic, affectionate with family and close friends, and innately generous. He knows if he doesn’t accentuate the positive there is a decided tendency toward his becoming selfish, self-centered, unaware of what’s actually being communicated to him, and insensitive to others’ true feelings. When uncertain he tends to adopt a difficult, aloof attitude in an effort to mask the fear of loss of affection and love.

His deepest desire is to connect in an almost mystical way with others. Because this is exceedingly difficult to do he converts this desire into humanitarian interests and ideals. He is gifted with a sharp intuitive mind and keen analytical skills. His faith in God and the future is so strong he tends to believe a little too deeply in his personal convictions. This belief in the rightness of his personal convictions, when taken to extremes, creates a tendency to dismiss reasonable objections and criticisms from his closest advisors and confidants. He sincerely believes he’s on the right track because his true desire is to obtain what he perceives to be in humanity’s best interest. His challenge is to be seen for who he is and not dismissed as a fanatic or flake by others who do not understand his deep-seated idealism.

Personality [1] His self-assured individualism is based on self-reliance and originality. He can be very persuasive in manner and is driven by strong will power. This will power would have been developed at an early age as a result of having to hold his own against what he may have perceived to be particularly domineering elders.

From his youth he would have had great difficulty accepting orders and would have likely gone against the wishes of his peers from time to time simply to assert his independence and self identity. Great inner insecurity would have been hidden behind a somewhat brash, self-assertive manner. By his teenage years he would have begun to prefer close one-on-one relationships rather than many superficial friends. While growing up a healthy self-confidence was nurtured within his family setting. Had he felt badly undermined he would have developed a somewhat passive orientation in life. With great power comes great responsibility. With this personality the challenge is to guard against becoming tyrannical with those closest to him, especially when feeling unbalanced or overly challenged by difficult circumstances.

Balance Number [7] When feeling overwhelmed by circumstances his most natural escape is into deep and real seeking of the Spiritual Presence, a desire to probe the mysteries within life, a scientifically-based curiosity concerning the Unknown, and a delight in exploring the magical hidden truths pertaining to Life. His fundamentally loving nature is deeply hurt when confronted by deceit and/or betrayal.

Cornerstone [2] When life gets tough his innate tendency is toward being a Helper, one sensitive to the situation and needs of others. He is quite self-contained and shy in certain situations and settings, and can be driven at times by an almost maniacal need to get to a place of harmonious resolution. When depressed (a condition he considers unproductive, harmful, and to be avoided whenever possible) he has difficulty making up his mind concerning how best to resolve the situation, and may become indecisive and overly emotional.

Keystone [9] He attains his greatest pleasure from sharing with others whatever is required in the moment -- time, friendship, affection, love, understanding, financial support and sympathy. He gives freely, with little expectation of return or reward. Others' needs – especially those closest to him – are more important to him than certain personal ambitions. At times he’s prompted to make a truly meaningful personal sacrifice for those he loves. He enjoys feelings of deep inner satisfaction whenever he does so.

Maturity number [3] He is blessed with the opportunity for a rich, full life, one bursting with self expression. He knows the importance of imaginatively harnessing his gifts and talents into productive use so as not to feel scattered and ill-at-ease with himself.

First vowel (A) Obama is a sensitive leader who can exert power, when required, but doesn't really desire to do so. He has his own ideas though he willingly listens to others in areas where he lacks expertise. His balanced mind prefers creative, original approaches to problem solving. He tends to wear down gradually when confronted with opposition fomented simply for opposition’s sake rather than for bringing new ideas or creative perspectives into play.

Major Challenge [0] In early years he may have had difficulty acting on preferences and taking action despite being perfectly capable of analyzing situations and coming up with realistic solutions to problems. There may have been a tendency to want to avoid personal development with all sorts of excuses and rationalizations. As he grew up he would have been challenged to choose what he perceived to be the best among various options, then acting on that choice. Once he discovered taking action on some preference proved far more beneficial than not selecting a preference he would have become increasingly comfortable with making a decision and acting on it.

Physical Attributes [9] Broad, universal contacts are extremely important to him. He has a natural tendency to color all activity with dramatic feeling. In practical matters he prefers to feel/sense the solution through intuition/impressions.

Mental Attributes [8] He is a natural executive who is very ambitious for meaningful power and position. He is results driven and enjoys being recognized for his accomplishments. There is a danger of hidden pride and egotism creeping in as a result of these accomplishments. Due to the demands of this placement it is exceedingly difficult to accumulate large sums of money for personal use as many expenses have to be met. He is philosophical about life and enjoys belonging to many diverse societies and groups.

Emotional Attributes [3] He is very imaginative and personal with his emotions both in work and familial settings. It is important to him to be admired and popular. Though he certainly ponders moves before making them he also tends to act impulsively on occasion. An innate generosity and desire to be loved fosters a tendency to scatter possessions and money as these are less valuable to him than respect, admiration, and love. He must actively control tendencies to talk too much.

Intuitive Attributes [8] He enters higher realms of power with a perfect sense of belonging. If he had not entered politics he would have found much inner satisfaction in the organization of philosophical societies as well as spiritual, environmental and cultural groups. He has, over the course of this lifetime, learned the importance of making use of intuitive knowledge and understanding. He enjoys research and historical investigation and knows the importance of using spiritually-derived knowledge to attain meaningful material accomplishments.

Concluding remarks Numerology is an ancient science rooted in mathematical principles related to harmonics and vibratory patterns. It is uniquely personal due to the fact that numerology includes the name as well as the date of birth in the analysis. While there is much more that can be written concerning President Obama this, in my opinion, provides sufficient insight into his personality, soul, characteristics and traits to provide you, the reader, with basic information concerning innate factors which contributed to his rise to the American presidency. He is in office at a particularly critical time in the history of the United States of America, and for humanity globally. This admittedly cursory examination tends to suggest he is uniquely qualified to navigate the difficulties that lie ahead, though support from Congress and the citizenry are most assuredly needed if he is to succeed.


This analysis was done without reference to numerological source material. It is derived from numerological information carefully sifted and collected over the course of more than 25 years.

Gillian Chabrol Grannum, Ph.D.

by Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


As stated above, the astrological natal chart is our Celestial Name (Dane Rudhyar). It reveals our Soul’s Road Map for this lifetime. Freewill is always in charge—we can choose to allow life to simply happen to us or we can choose to fulfill the celestial instructions found in our natal chart. The goal is to perfect the lessons that can best be learned on Earth’s 3rd dimensional plane of duality so that we can ascend to higher planes of consciousness.

Obama’s Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, indicating that he is a spiritually mature soul who incarnated to get things right this time. The Soul is not allowed to take on more than it can successfully accomplish in any one lifetime. Saturn retrograde reveals that this time Obama chose to take on the equivalent of two lifetimes of self-growth. Only a mature Soul is allowed to do so. Saturn—our disciplinarian--works well in Capricorn, leading Obama through his initiatory process into higher consciousness. The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence is especially potent with Saturn in Capricorn, granting Obama astute mental abilities and a very strong, dynamic magnetism. Saturn in Capricorn presents a choice: will he orient his goals toward personal prestige or toward serving others?

Saturn retrograde located in the 12th house serves as an additional reminder to Obama that his Soul wants to get things right this time. We always bring in exactly what is needed to accomplish our Soul’s intentions. Thus, Saturn conjunct Jupiter retrograde in the 12th house grants him the ability to be disciplined, systematic, and thorough as he works long hours and keeps track of many details at once. Jupiter is a most benefic planet and will bless Obama’s recall and use of his past life talents. Saturn retrograde tells us that his talents are already well-developed. Nevertheless, with Jupiter retrograde, he can experience inner doubts, which may express in a desire to plan and re-plan.

Obama’s 12th house configuration marks him as “one who serves”—the humanitarian. Jupiter in his 12th house indicates he is blessed with extra spiritual protection and invisible helpers who will assist him whenever needed. He is striving to gather the facts and think through potential problem solutions while balancing his desire to be with family.

Family plays a large role in Obama’s life. Venus in Cancer gives strong ties to his family, especially to his mother; Venus in Cancer in his 5th house means he is deeply attached to his children and rejoices in seeing them realize personal fulfillment. Moon in Gemini in the 4th house reinforces the powerful influence of his mother as they shared a thirst for knowledge and exploration. Obama is warm-hearted, witty, and charming. He does not like arguments and may therefore tend to tell people what they want to hear, rather than being completely honest. With Pluto in his 7th house of relationships square his Moon in the 4th house of family, Obama is challenged with controlling and transmuting any emotional turmoil that might lie beneath the surface. Experiences in his life have taught him that he cannot totally trust those he loves. At the bottom of this lack of trust is fear that he will be rejected as unworthy.

His Soul (and God) perceives his needs before he does. Therefore, Obama’s Soul incarnated with Jupiter trine his Moon, indicating that his Soul developed the art of balancing his emotions in a previous lifetime. He has only to recall this innate talent. In so doing, he gains self-confidence and loses the fear of revealing himself as he truly is. He knows how to laugh at himself and to see humor in the worst of situations. He possesses a strong desire to see people move forward in life.

Jupiter in Aquarius in combination with an Aquarian Ascendant proclaims that Obama’s potential for achieving his Soul’s desired expression in this lifetime is very strong. The Ascendant reveals how Obama will be perceived by the external world. His Ascendant in Aquarius indicates a “friend to the world”—one who has a vision of a better world for all people. The symbol for Aquarius is the Waterbearer pouring out water to the planet. Obama’s Sun is in Leo in the 6th house of healing. Leo demonstrates strong leadership qualities; its symbol is the Lion. His Sun is conjunct his Mercury in the 6th house granting him intelligence and wit. He has excellent teaching skills and ability to communicate his ideas. Sun conjunct Mercury can mean high-strung energy that demands a physical outlet.

The house in which the Sun is found indicates where the positive energies of the Sun Sign is to be used. With his Sun in the 6th house, Obama’s life work is to include some facet of healing. With Cancer on his 6th house cusp and Cancer ruling the United States of America, Obama has the capacity to bring healing to our nation. As a Leo, Obama possesses a flair for drama, easy creativity, good health, ambition, dignity, affection in love relationships, and a generous spirit. There is a strong will in both his Leo Sun and Aquarian Ascendant. A Leo cares deeply how he is perceived by those close to him and in the outside world. Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, Obama can light up the room when he walks in.

Chiron retrograde in his 1st house and conjunct his South Moon Node reveals Obama as a Wounded Healer from the past. With South Moon Node in Aquarius in his 1st house and North Moon Node in Leo in his 7th house, Obama brings into this lifetime memories of having been a leader, but one who placed his personal desires before those of the people he led. Now, in this lifetime, he is “to get it right” by placing the needs of the people before his own needs. This fact is reinforced by Pluto in the 7th house in opposition to Chiron in the 1st house. As the planet of transformation, Pluto in opposition to Chiron will assist Obama in exploring his subconscious mind while Chiron incorporates use of the Higher Intuitive Mind. This powerful opposition is found in the natal charts of healers. Obama’s energy field is permeated with the power to heal others by his presence with them.

Chiron’s presence in Pisces indicates Obama as one who is sensitive to other planes of existence. He knows there is more to life than meets the eye. With his Aquarian Ascendant, he desires to share all he knows with the world. Neptune rules Pisces. Located in Scorpio in Obama’s 9th house, the desire and talent for sharing his knowledge with the world is reinforced. The 9th house is the house of higher education, foreign travel, and the Higher Intuitive Mind. On the personality-centered level, Neptune rules alcohol/drugs. Obama admits having experimented with these substances while in college. However, with Pluto sextile Neptune, he easily moved beyond the need for mind-altering drugs. Cigarettes, also ruled by Neptune, have been more difficult to overcome, even though the Pluto sextile Neptune gives him the ability to successfully kick the habit.

Chiron in Pisces in Obama’s 1st house renders him a true leader of consciousness unfoldment. Neptune in Scorpio in his 9th house and operating at the soul-centered level is the most mystical of planets leading him toward achieving a higher consciousness. Obama feels a tremendous need to serve others, to recognize people all over the world as the One Family of God. If he is not already aware of our galactic brothers and sisters, he will grow into that awareness.

With his strong Leo/Aquarian influence, Obama is functioning on the 1st Ray of Will/Power and the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge. The energy of the 1st Ray is that of breaking up the old conditions so that the new may emerge. A personality-centered 1st Ray individual can appear aloof, detached, and have trouble listening to others. However, by lifting his focus to the soul-centered level, Obama can demonstrate tolerance, compassion, and humility.

The energy of the 5th Ray is the expression of the 2nd Ray Love/Wisdom energy through the intellect. Aquarius operates solely on the 5th Ray of scientific, mathematical, and metaphysical research and experimentation. Aquarius is the idealist, the visionary; the 5th Ray is the Ray on which esoteric knowledge/wisdom is actualized. The contributions that a 5th Ray individual can make to the world can be without limit. Again, like the 1st Ray, the 5th Ray person may tend to be detached and more focused on bringing the ideals of the abstract world into concrete form in our physical world. For this reason, the 5th Ray person is likely to be out of step with the mundane, status quo world while he analyzes and searches for Truth.

For Obama, his Venus in Cancer in his 5th house acts as an energy of balance between detachment and devotion to others. Children are to play a major role in his life, keeping him in touch with his love nature. With his planets’ placement evenly distributed in 5 positive (masculine) sign energies and 5 negative (feminine) sign energies, he is well balanced as an individual. With Leo on his 7th house cusp and Uranus in the 7th house, he would naturally chose a marriage partner who is also a strong, independent, forward-thinking individual—one he can admire and feel proud to have by his side. Together, Barack and Michelle will meet and become friends with a variety of people.


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  • Lightworkers are NOT supposed to condemn others to death are they. Google Obama health care and the disabled. See for yourself that in order for his health care program to work some people WILL have to be euthanized not unlike what happened during Nazi Germany to the disabled and the elderly.
  • Where in the world do you get your information? Lightworkers don't hate, they love.
  • Lightworkers are supposed to hate evil just like Jesus did. Obama is evil.
  • Lightworkers do not hate anyone. So I guess you're not a Lightworker. I pray for you to awaken to the fact that we are all ONE.
    LoveLight, TS
  • Obama is NOT a highly spiritual soul. He does NOT care for America. I do not love those who do not LOVE my country and what she stands for. I do NOT love someone who has proven time and time again how they want to divide and conquer American. Obama is an EVIL spirit. Communism and socialism is EVIL because it does NOT care for the disabled. Jesus said what you do unto the least of these you do unto me. Jesus miracles were ALWAYS performed on those individuals who we today would consider disabled. I am lead by no one only by what I see and hear.

  • Yeah and they were the Democrats too. The Republicans were not.
  • Oh yeah then why is Michelle trying to look for a NON existent sex tape to smear Beck with if he isn't seen as a threat. Beck has even joked about it on his show. Michelle or America's answer to Maire "let them eat cake" Antoinette sees Beck as a threat to her husband. So apparently Fox is getting their facts straight biased or not. Also she has the SAME mindset as the guy that walked into the Discovery Channel headquarters. I would have NOT know about SEIU or Acorn if it wasn't for Fox. What is there to like about a man who has done NOTHING but racially divide and conquer America which is what Obama has done.
  • No your stupid and I feel St Micheal's arms embrace me for standing up for what made America great before and will make it great once again. Easy Underground news sources and more local news sources instead of CNN, HLN, MSNBC, the big three and major news publications like Newsweek or Washington Post or Huffington Post. Also Fox News is getting it right or why else would Washington be hell bent in shutting it down.
  • You do and you are the one who is delusional because I can see St Michael standing here beside me with his chest stuck out like a proud peacock.
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