What Kind of Day Will You Choose to Have?

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How do you start your day? What is your first thought upon waking? Where is your awareness? What choices do you make about your day before you get out of bed?

Most days start with thoughts of what you don’t want to do that day, like get up at all. However, if you consider what happens in those few fleeting seconds, you may want to rework your process of entering your day.

What happens you may ask. Your thoughts mingle with your emotions to create chemicals that are released into your biology. These chemicals cause subtle changes to happen deep within your body that will drive and color your entire day. If you have thoughts following along the lines of the ones about not wanting to get up, you will be sure to have an unsatisfying and unpleasant day.

You may be wondering how to change this process and that is what I want to share with you. The key here is not to change the process. The key is to understand the process and use it to your best advantage.

The chemicals that you release do not have to be of a detrimental nature. Because what you think about creates which substances your biology uses, simply make an effort to change your thoughts, focus your awareness to create the release of chemicals that will allow your next best day ever!

How do you do that? Like this!

When you wake, provided you are not forced to the restroom first, (if you are, do that and go back to the bed) give some thought to how your physical body feels. Allow it to feel what ever it feels and then search for ways to help find better feelings. Allow that pain is not in the body part but in your brain and tell your brain to diminish that and think of more pleasant things. At this point you may think I have taken leave of my senses but I promise you that, with a bit of practice, it will work, help and eventually alleviate a lot of discomfort.

When you have done that then decide what kind of emotions you want to experience in your day. You may think something along the lines of, “today I accept feelings of love, prosperity and grace and I share these feelings with all I meet.” or “my day is filled with wonder, love and light.” or anything else that makes you feel wonderful. These thoughts are added to your earlier ones to fill your biology with the corresponding chemicals that will actually create these events in your day. The more you do this, the better your outcome will be.

The next thing to decide is what events you will look forward to. I understand that when you work in the corporate world this exercise can be a real challenge however, if you really want this to work for you, you can do it. Mentally run through your typical day and pick out the things that you can enjoy about it and concentrate on them, even if it is only that you can go home in the evening. As you attempt to find pleasurable things in your day, they will spontaneously begin to appear and your day will be better. You can also look forward to things that really have nothing to do with your job. You can look forward to abundance, bliss, pleasure, happiness, joy, opportunity for all of the aforementioned.

The potential for OPPORTUNITY for anything you love and wish to vibrate with is always a good mind-stream. The reason for that is that you will be more prone to see it for what it is than if you are not open to it. For instance there was once a man who owned a farm and one day he awoke to no livestock. His neighbors were sad for him but the man said, “This is good, now I have room to grow other things.” so he planted and the army came and bought all his produce. The neighbors said “this is bad, you have nothing.” The farmer said “Let’s wait and see.” In a few days the army came back with payment, they gave him horses. His neighbors said “this is good” and the farmer said “let’s wait and see.” One day his son fell off a horse and broke his leg and could not help on the farm. Then all the neighbors said “this is bad”. The farmer said “let’s wait and see.” the next day the army came back to take all the young men into service but the farmer’s son could not go because of his broken leg. Get the idea, opportunities are sometimes not obvious unless you are aware of the potential for them so open you life to them.

To your best outcome and highest good – Chessie
Chessie Roberts is a Singer/Song Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Mind-set Mentor, Meditation Coach, Author, Lecturer and the Founder/Creator of Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance. Her experience with severe,crippling arthritis was her catalyst to share her healing, experiential, self improvement program with those who wish to rediscover their balance of Body, Mind, Spirit. Her ability to put things into an easy to learn package allows participants to fine tune their healing intentions, identify personal goals and clarify the path they wish to devise in order to heal themselves and grow into their own Spiritual Evolution. You can find Chessie’s programs and products at www.evolutionofselfforme.comand her music at www.archersmeadow.com

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