What is Self-Realization?

Absolute Truth is one, but personal realization of the Absolute Truth has three stages: Brahman (sat), Paramatma (cit) and Bhagavan (ananda). 

The first stage of self-realization is called Brahman ('aham brahmasmi') when you realize that you a pure eternal spirit soul which is the part and parcel of the Supreme Brahman. Supreme Brahman has two features: personal and impersonal. Personal feature of Supreme Brahman is superior to impersonal, and it is known as the Original Person, known as Govinda, Krsna.

Impersonal feature of Supreme Brahman is called Brahmajyoti, known as Brahman effulgence. However, this so-called impersonal feature of Supreme Brahman is not really impersonal, that's too bad for all those who believe that the Absolute is Impersonal Brahman. It is actually the personal effulgence of the Supreme Brahman, but it is not perceivable by ordinary yogis: they are not able to see it/perceive it/understand it. And since this personal effulgence of the Supreme Brahman is too strong, too blinding, they think that's It, the top. But it is not, it is just the beginning. The personal feature of Supreme Brahman is attainable and perceivable only and exclusively by loving devotional service to Him, in a particular personal relationship, and by no other means.

So when you claim to have Brahman realization, you can not just *say* it, you must know it and experience it, you must see it with your inner eye, and you must feel the bliss of this stage of realization, by realizing your eternal spiritual identity as soul (sat - eternity, this is the result of this stage of realization), and you automatically start behaving in accordance with that. This means that you're detached from anything of material nature so you act in accordance with that.


[Material nature/energy can be gross and subtle. Gross is obvious to anyone but the sutble is not obvious to the "naked eye", and yet it is still material, and NOT spiritual! For example, DNA and genetics and everything about chakras is still material, subtle material energy, and NOT spiritual! The distinction must be made here, otherwise you're lost in an infinite maze of ignorance thinking subtle material energies to be spiritual = Everyone can play so-called spiritual games with you! You can be deluded by anyone like this! On the other hand, CONSCIOUSNESS is purely SPIRITUAL cathegory and has nothing to do with material designations whether gross or subtle like mind, brain, etc..]

This means: you cannot remain the same if you have realized all this, and that is - Brahman. So to just say, 'I am brahman' - doesn't work ;)

Second stage of self-realization is called Paramatma realization, when you realize and experience, know and see that the God of the Omniverse, entire creation and beyond (All-That-Is) is fully present in your heart, the seat of your individual spirit soul. The deep and profound bliss must be experienced in this stage of self-realization, much more intense than in the Brahman realization. The result of this realization is the knowledge (cit) that God is within your heart, loving you deeply and giving you guidance all the time. Consequently you act in accordance with this realization, knowing that God is in your heart and you get to know this God more and more each day. Not only know but LOVE more and more! So the reciprocity of love between you and God in your heart becomes normal and most ecstatic experience for you! 

The third stage of self-realization is called Bhagavan, God-realization. This means that you realize God as He is, you see God, you know God directly and personaly and this gives you bliss beyond description (ananda=bliss). This is the greates mystery of all. Yet it is fully attainable for everyone who REALLY wants it. So realizing God DOES NOT mean that you realize: "I am God"! Bhagavan realization means that you realize your-self fully, only and exclusivelly in loving relationship with God according to your natural taste for Him. Of course, this stage includes full realization of the previous two stages. Now this is very complex science and is contained only and exclusively within the science bhakti-yoga, which is the supreme yoga, the king of all yogas. 

I have experienced the first two stages of self-realization to some degree and felt some bliss of both and live in accordance with those realizations. So I am speaking from the strength of my personal experience enligtened by the eternal Truth given in Vedas. (To some degree means not fully: to realize it fully means to obtain full transcendental knowledge about it and the full transendental knowledge is contained in Vedas only). But I haven't yet realized God, Bhagavan, means I haven't yet fully realized my-self, so I cannot tell you more about it. But this is my goal and this goal is possible to attain only through bhakti-yoga, or pure devotional service to God, and by no other means. 

Vedas contain the supreme transcendental knowledge of the Absolute for all kinds of "spiritual age" or spiritual stage of different individuals: from the lowest, most 'primitve' consciousness to the very highest levels of consciousness. Such perfectly structured and detailed knowledge, so complete and so clear is not obtainable anywhere else in the universe! The only problem is: how and why this perfect knowledge was proclaimed a "mythology"? You guess, don't you: the only conspiracy there is - is against Vedas. There is no other conspiracy. The dark forces have been working on this issue very very hard for the last 5 thousand years ago. Think why... .....

If you have any questions, please ask me. 


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    I hope that you can see by now that the "ascension" is an individual thing. It is nice to be compassionate, but you simply can't interfere with other's karma, so don't be too concerned for others. They have to walk their path, whatever it is. In fact, you can influence them to some extent, if you know exactly how... I am doing my duty out of compassion. Whoever wants to listen will surely benefit. 

    What you call 'ascension' is actually some tangible spiritual progress toward God consciousness. It is true that lightworkers are so disoriented, so cheated and so weakened due to corrupt and incomplete teachings and wrong ideas around 2012 given by sooo many false "spiritual" teachers. Teachers are supposed to speak the truth from the knowledge obtained by deep meditation, deep study of relevant scriptures and self-realization and not something that masses like to hear and want to believe. Spirituality is not a cheap thing at all, it is priceless treasure and it doesn't come easily. 


    It is true that the change is coming, but new-agers don't know why and what for. Time is divided simultaneously into several cycles, biger and smaller. I don't want to bother you with bigger cycles we're in, so let me suffice with this: we're entering one small cycle (mini-yuga) of Satya yuga (golden age) within the greater cycle called Kali yuga which lasts for 432,000 years. The nature of Satya-yuga is full consciousness of God which of course, includes full knowledge of yourself and everything, means full enlightenment. This mini cycle is said to last for 10,000 years and it doesn't come over night.

    So the task of this particular time is to awaken people of their dormant God consciousness. You cannot do it if you don't know what is it, can you? Their memory can be awakened only if there are certain knowledgable people to remind them of it. Otherwise, we all get submerged into illusion way over our heads.... just as we are now, and for a long time actually.


    First and foremost, no matter what people know or not know, there is the urgence for people to self-organize into small self-sustainable natural agricultural communities. If one is not yet aware of the high prices imposed upon junk and gmo foods that have been sold to us to deteriorate our mental and physical health, then I am sorry. This system is totally collapsing, it is matter of time when we'll see and feel all the trouble for one world falling apart. To be able to survive mentally, physically and spiritually in such awkward situation, we can prepare ourselves, at least in this way.


    So the point is: stop dreaming, stop fantasizing, start doing something for yourself and others. Why should GFL or anyone want to cover our laziness, our irresponsibility for our own selves? Why should they try to "save" our physical bodies in that way? Nobody is willing to know the Truth about God and yet they're expecting to be "saved"? How can it be? 


  • Qan Dek, thank you this video. These are very nice realizations. Much beyond many other spiritual realizations. However, she hasn't yet reached the Bhagavan realization otherwise she would be able to make distinction between Bhagavan and herself, or any other living being, without feeling of separation. If she had met Bhagavan personally, she wouldn't speak like this; she would speak only about Him, trying to describe His beauty and qualities to all others, and she would never get tired of it... :) .. or she would simply shut up and enjoy the ecstatic bliss within coming from her direct personal relationship with Bhagavan (Supreme Brahman, who is Supreme Person, and not non-person or impersonal light). She said that she has seen His light, but not His face! :) Namaste!
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