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It's been a long time since I decided to actually write something.  My intellectual exercise has stuttered to a halt, and I was trying to think of a way to get it started up again, and I thought, why not write?

I kinda feel ashamed... as in, not guilty, or anything like that, but, I have simply not used my intellectual capabilities since... Hmm.  Probably around the time school ended.  There was a time when I thought, and I thought much, and now it is gone.

I feel I need to start that once again.  I suppose, that as of now, I've been simply passing the days away, doing nothing with them, as my summer vacation has pressed on.  In a way, that is a good thing.  Before, as I stated, I thought much.  A bit too much.  I was constantly getting into puzzles which I couldn't figure out.  I often found myself in a slightly confused state as my thinking processes jammed over.

Now, I do nothing.  I do not think much, I do not move much, I do not do much.  I simply sit arond the house, only doing what needs to be done, and spending the rest of the time in front of the computer playing video games or chatting to people.  I've let my intellect and creativity, if not gone to waste, then at least come to a relative pause.

Now I need to combine these two aspects- the ability to go, and the ability to stop.  So I thought I would make a blog post, tryiong to find somethign to talk about on which I can exercise my thinking-muscles upon.

Hmm.... but what should I write upon?

I suppose I'll try to explain what I believe.

What I believe... is very complicated.  When I say believe, I mean what most people say in respect to religion, although it, as most beliefs do, extend to every aspect of the life.  But I don't believe like as though it were something to be pondered upon philosophically- I believe in something, as though it is the truth, even though personally, I'm still struggling to find any evidence for the reality of it; I have just barely enough to keep my "belief" alive.  It may be the truth, but it's really annoying how it refuses to confirm itself.  Perhaps it's not true, perhaps it is.  I can't be entirely sure, until I review all of the evidence.  Which actually provides another fun task for me to do here.

So, let's get started.

The No. 1 motto of this belief system is, Anything is possible, given no conditions.  (Excuse me, but I'm stealing a lot of it from Reiz.)  But this doesn't mean, that if you look long enough, there's going to be a reality where there is a planet exactly like Earth, with people exactly like us on it, except they're made of chocolate.  Unless you can dream up a way that that would somehow exist without artificial interference, a way that that could actually pop up in nature as a useful thing (unless in this supposed reality evolution doesn't quite work the same way; but then again, we wanted this to be a copy of Earth, right?), then there is no way that chocolate men could really ever be found in existence.  But then again, maybe there is a universe with chocolate men in it, but you're probably never going to find it.

Alright... now, for gods.  Most religions have god(s).  Christianity/Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, the good old names you already know, along with the myriad pagan religions you find upon websites such as these- Space gods, for instance, is I think the term for what this particular website falls under.  That is, as you look upon the way most people on here think about things, the general consensus is that extraterrestrial/dimensional beings are going to come down and dramatically alter our society, almost always in favor of changes that fall heavily on the liberal spectrum:  a greater respect for the series of reactions (mixed up with souls, lemme get to that in just a bit) that we call the environment, or the ecosystem, which involves de-industrialization, which is usually aided in these suppositions by the visitors bringing either "new" or "suppressed" technology (suppressed, by a network of shady institutions whose goal is to bring about a one-world government, which, in its monopolizing power over Earth-humanity, will have permission to abuse us as slaves, or worse yet, farm us as fodder for some evil series of ET/Ds.).  There is more to it, but right now I will stop there, as I am assuming most people reading this blog will...already know what I am talking about.

In my viewpoint, there are several entities who are far more powerful than us, or very very hidden from us, many many of them, all across the universe, and some of them wish to abuse their power into manipulate us for certain ends, some of them wish to study us, some of them wish to interact with us as equals.  All of these, if at any point exposed to our race, attain some sort of "legendary" status.  This is reasonable, in that our current society on Earth is virtually isolated from contact with any other sapient species, due to what is commonly known as the "veil:"  something that separates the "spiritual" from normal everyday reality.  In my case, it is actually a large sphere constructed round this planet (do not know if the moon is in it) that is spun so that Earth is separated from the rest of the universe:  in essence, we are stuck in our own very small universe.  At this time, it is wearing away, simply because its running out of energy.  Eventually it'll be gone almost entirely.

Souls.  Souls are what is actually "you:"  it is what your entire experience is recorded on, from soul-birth to now.  Which means, I also believe in reincarnation.  Also I believe in pre life planning, but in only such a way as that the major events of your life are pre planned:  for instance it is possible that a huge car wreck you were in when you were 17 was planned, to shape your life and experiences to learn something (let me get to that later as well).  But it very well could have been just an accident, where things screwed up.  Maybe somebody else decided to change what they wanted to do in their life, or things were unfortunate enough that all parties were screwed up with.  This belief is in no way a justification for all of the suffering in the world:  we simply don't know.

Eish... I'm going to stop for now.  Later I'll continue this blog.

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Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on July 18, 2011 at 5:38pm
I'm proud of you for deciding what to believe in :)  I often tell people out in the "real" world that having a faith in something- anything- is more important than having none at all...even if I do not agree with you it doesn't matter- having drawn your own conclusions you are ready to build upon them...unlike some who wait to have theirs built FOR them :) 


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