By Dominique Harrier



When you make the switch in your heart and mind about who you really are; That is to say, when you finally get it and the proverbial lightbulb goes on. In that magical moment you brush aside all the euphemisms and you are suddenly able to ground the truth inside of yourself;


That yes, remarkably, inexplicably….  You are GOD.  You lose your shyness and any false sense of guilt or arrogance, or any attempted disbelief at this preposterous notion… …


Without even stopping to question yourself "How could it be?;" you say it to yourself as if for the first time, and realize all that it means.


You've been playing an amazing game of Hide and go seek. And now you have come face to face quite suddenly and unexpectedly with the one who was hiding inside you. You're it.! 


You might have glibly said to yourself before, that you're a part of The Source; but that was just your soul causing you to practice by saying it yourself in preparation for this moment of truth. That timid previous declaration has no place in this particular moment.


………Now there's joy welling up inside of you, a relief, a knowing and a homecoming. And you wonder if anyone else knows this amazing secret….not that you are GOD, but that they too are GOD.  The God that is magnificent, wise, and pure love……….. 


This is the moment of certainty that quiets all the doubts that you've ever experienced. And your awakening to this knowledge is a holy one. 


If you take the time to mentally record it………. you will see that there are no sounds, no movement. You have ceased breathing in or out.  Therefore time, which was hitherto held in the breath, has also temporarily ceased displaying it's illusion into the Hologram.


In this momentous moment of your re-birth, The Universe has also held it's breath. And not satisfied with just holding it's breath, it has commanded the winds, the light and indeed every living creature. to be still, to  hush……….… in honor of your enlightenment!.  


When you look around you, there is nothing to be seen but yourself. True there are objects, trees, the sky, all of nature, but there is only you and an incredible light coming from somewhere inside you. You know the truth and now you are free. Like a majestic wild animal suddenly let out of a cruel confining cage, your spirit soars towards the light.


This is what enlightenment is!.


You are free!. The cage can never again imprison you. You've uncovered the longed-for being who before seemed only to be a complex, and difficult to pin down shadowy myth.  This being is an Intelligence, a fearless guide, an authority on the nature of your deepest self. 


A gentle friend who insists that you are so much more than your human self, or your human name, or your human being: That you've been misled and mistaken up to this point. You will overflow with more love than you've ever thought possible.


Imagine if you can, becoming enlightened and falling in love all at once!. Because You will fall in love with trees and rocks; with the sky and even with beggars and thieves who will all suddenly become worthy of this effluence of love overflowing in your heart.


In fact every previously unlovable thing or person will now be easy to love. Because you will be unable to stop yourself. So there is really only one solution, and that is to give away such an embarrassment of riches. 


You can now see clearly that the Divine Source, this hitherto difficult to perceive God, is in all .And that underneath all outward appearances, this source, is reflecting back love to you. Smiling, winking, laughing at, and with you.


This Source is majestic and it made itself you.


Excerpts from my book  "What if God were all of us." This book is presently in editing and will soon be available both as a hard Copy on Amazon and s an Ebook.


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  • Once enlightened or realized in a very powerful motion of experience by the three step process I believe that goes in this sequence for attainment of enlightenment is forgiveness, surrender, and acceptance, reality dawned on me that this was a gradual process split by time and was as I made the experience out to be i.e things happened as quickly or as slowly as I could be in my being at the awareness or realizational of oneness stage, However, my argument that is being enlightened is not an ending nor beginning it is simply an awakened state in a present moment which can last as long as you want it to last(Past & Future)  and can be attained by many means and methods as you always have the will of God present in your guidance and you choose the many aspects of that will you would like to experience but to step into the shoes of the divine creator completely in divinity is not possible in the physical of this 3rd dimensional plane. So what is the present moment of fulfillment feel like? And how do we attain it being of complete wholeness and oneness? It begins with asking to align your will with the will of the perfect state of being entering a new dimensional aspect plane of time, where the future creates the past and the past is sought out in the present that gives birth to you in this moment! An example is once complete knowledge of self-realization is attained it is distributed amongst my experiences where I would find the purpose of self in this particular moment giving birth to my current state. It all begins With Pure Intent!  Read More Similiar Content CLick Here

  • Thank you everyone - I appreciate your comments very much :) Brightest Full Moon Blessings All <3


  • Very good read. Note that enlightenment would also include going beyond this reality and encompassing knowledge of the other realities as one's universal love unfolds. The light of God (within you and outside you) has no limits, and understanding other possibilities and realities (beyond this reality) is a part of individual enlightenment. At least in my opinion, anyway. 

  • @thefool

    That's the best description I've ever seen. :)

    I experience reality exactly like that.

  • if this author was enlightened you would see your walls.. as countless light pixels.. and yet.. you would also see geometries.. of so many types. depending how you see, feel, think, your place, your mind, your life.. and so many other variables.. 

    You would look up at the sky.. you would see it made of Arrows.. made of the colour Red!

    You would look at your self and see your like the walls made of many lights of colours.. also makeing shapes and symbols geometries.. 

    You would see the room around you.. the air. as a fluidic state.. of movement.. you would even see things that you cannot see if you judge and emotionalize what you see.. for the shape they take is actually depandant upon your knowing.. judgement and emotion.. as you reverbrate that around you and make a reciperical environment..

  • i am sorry an idiot wrote this Article.
    atleast in describing enlightenment..
    as the nature of the understanding within our frame work.. of consciousness.. "knowing" 
    does infact communicate the process of enlightenment.

    Which.. is.. that definitions are that.. but are apart of what was.
    the words.. are just that also apart of what was.

    In all things what was.. now we are apart of.. using that interprative understanding.. knowings. to rationalize...intrepeurt  our expeirences around us.

    Which is to say enlightnement.. is to realize a sensation.. an evocation of emotion.. yet all i say is not correct for all i say are words.. with definitions and understandings.. whatever horizen of witness.. experience sensation i have come to to try to allay this to you by words... you intrepurt this by your own knowing. Although you may consider and know with the knowings learned passed on.. taken to be.

    You do not know... alas En-Lighten-ment.. declares the process of experience that bring you foolish into knowing.. what you can't know but you can know.. but than you don't know because what you did know isn't what is known.. but is conducting what you will know.. so you already left enlightenment.

    Confusing i know.. and this is why an idiot wrote this article.. En-lighten-ment.. is.. somthing.. which you can stop

This reply was deleted.

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