The dark knows that every day, more people are waking up and they know as well that the internet and various spiritual websites have been much of the reason for this awakening...They know that we are getting together on spiritual forums and discussion groups, and discussing our Star brethren as well as our ascension and they do not want us, who they perceive as backward peasants, to begin awakening with each other..It is time for us, even those of us awakened, to realize when we are being tricked on many spiritual websites and when we are allowing it to happen


Wes Annac


May 1, 2012


Since writing my original article on disinformation commenters (recommended before reading this article), I have noticed that their ‘style’ of posting disinformation has been updated, more than likely because their usual methods have become easy to spot. Whereas before these souls would post very long, rambling and misspelled angry messages that are usually CAPS’D IN CERTAIN PLACES FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT, LIKE SO, they have now taken to being much more intelligent with their posts but the deceit and the negative energies remain the same.
It should be explained first that the very reason these disinfo ‘commenters’ would post such rambling and grammatically incorrect messages and comments in the first place is because they have been trying to make anybody who follows any type of Galactic Federation or New Age- related material look bad. To an outside observer, a long, rambling and misspelled comment on a Lightworker site is supposed to seem normal, because we are supposed to seem as backward, uninformed conspiracy theorists who discuss nothing but fringe, and such angry and hard to read comments from many disinformation commenters only reinforce such a judgmental belief.
That is the point!
I have noticed that more recently, the method of posting disinformation comments has turned from one of trying to make us ‘New Agers’ look bad, to one of attempting to influence and confuse new, up-and-comers on many spiritual websites.
The dark knows that every day, more people are waking up and they know as well that the internet and various spiritual websites have been much of the reason for this awakening.
They know that we are getting together on spiritual forums and discussion groups, and discussing our Star brethren as well as our ascension and they do not want us, who they perceive as backward peasants, to begin awakening with each other and this is why they have taken to routinely posting on many different spiritual forums and websites as many different aliases, in an effort to confuse us and propagate separation while usually pushing an agenda, most commonly one of ‘simply questioning’ the Galactic Federation which usually turns to outright slander.
But we will get to that in a moment.
Of course, they have not completely given up the old method of disinformation commenting and one will still see such hard to read comments from clearly angry people, but the new breed of disinformation posting that has been brought to the mix is one of much more intelligence, one of much more measure rather than simply going on a long rant without ever typing a period, seemingly on purpose.
The ‘best’ part about this newer style of commenting is that it is hard to point out, or rather one risks much criticism for pointing it out because of just how measured the comments are in terms of how clear the agenda of the person making the comment is. I have taken so much criticism and flack before, for my original ‘disinfo commenters’ article and for my ‘pro-GFL’ stance, so I do not mind pointing this new, more subtle style of disinformation commenting out as nobody else seems to be doing so.
It is also hard to point this newer style of commenting out because not everybody involved in this type of negative commenting are involved because of their own agendas or because they are being paid to do so. Someone posting very negative things on many discussion groups could be doing so because they themselves were convinced by the negative and deceitful comments of those who are working for the cabal, and some could simply be doing so because they carry hates and pains in themselves that they force onto others through disrespectful and hateful commenting while in discussion groups or on a spiritual forum.
It is very clear however, that there are people posting these types of disinformation comments because they are paid to do so, and while obviously not everybody posting such hateful things are employed to do so, the influence of such disinformation does seep through to awakening souls. This is why I feel the necessity to point out the styles and tactics of these commenters, so that perhaps a just-awakening soul can see and notice such tactics in action and know not to trust the person bringing them forth.
I have read comments from awakening souls who are truly not sure if the Galactic Federation is a Lighted organization, because they have been bombarded on so many spiritual websites with very overpowering ‘anti-GFL’ rhetoric. It should be expressed that we must turn within for every aspect of the One Divine truth, but naturally as many are just beginning to awaken, they are going to look to the posts and comments on many spiritual websites for their ‘sustenance’ so to speak, until they are able to find their own Divine energies for themselves in a more clear way.
With this, we will begin getting into the updated methods of disinformation commenting on the internet today. I have just expressed that we should turn within for all aspects of truth and Love, and this is one truth that has been twisted and distorted by many disinformation commenters into the ‘truths’ that:
1: We should never read or listen to channels, because we must turn within at all times for our own spirituality. Channels and channelers only want to take our ability to look within away from us, and have us rely only on them and their channels. As with most of what I am going to display, the central theme behind this rhetoric is that the awakening humanity is not smart or Lighted enough, or does not hold enough power of will within, to be able to look within for our own Divinity and ascension while still reading, absorbing and enjoying the guidance and advice of our ascended and Galactic brethren. It just can’t happen.
2: We should never follow the words of the Galactic Federation or anybody associated with the Federation, because we must turn within at all times for our own spirituality. The Galactic Federation are trying to make us think that they are our ‘saviors’ and that they are going to come to Earth and do all of the work for us. The fact that they have not yet done so or provided physical proof of what they have said makes them liars, which makes them deceivers, which naturally means that we should stop following their guidance and advice.
Anybody who argues for the Galactic Federation and especially anybody who attempts to point out this clear rhetoric that is propagated on so many different sites every day, is attacked and criticized as somebody who is blind and so ‘pro-GFL’ that they have been blinded from the truth. One will also be accused of discriminating against the person bringing the rhetoric forth (because ‘all the rhetoric-giver was doing was ‘questioning’’) and this is again, something that we will get to in a moment.
Another favored method of posting disinformation is to create multiple profiles on one website, so that one has more ‘allies’ for their disinformation-based cause. I have seen this clearly in effect on so many websites and forums, and the point of it is to have more allies on one’s side, perhaps so they can critically gang up on so to speak, somebody who may be disagreeing with them or attempting to point out their agenda.
(Made up) Example:

Lightworker176: Seriously, why do so many people blindly follow the words of the GFL and of channelers? We are supposed to be looking within for ascension, yet why do I see so many others blindly listening to whatever some channeler tells them who is ‘channeling’ falsely some fake alien entity? (The grammar is usually still a bit off as is displayed here, to garner confusion.)
Loveoftheheart (in reply to Lightworker176): You are so right! Everybody on (place site or forum name here) listens idiotically to these ‘channeled’ entities when really all they are trying to do is trick us and take ascension away from us so that they can harvest the Earth and us humans as a part of a mass ELE.
Why do the phony GFL not provide proof for everything they have told us? Because they are liars, DECEIVERS and they want our energy. So many people believe they are actually channeling benevolent beings, why would supposedly advance aliens want to talk to Earth and humanity? LOL (After the initial post is made, in this case by ‘Lightworker176’, the post that follows or is in response is usually much more heavily layered with the disinformation and propaganda, as is displayed here.)
Notice that the profile names of these two commenters in question are happy names, and names that would not in any way signify any type of dark agenda. While these examples were made up, this is a very real tactic that is used. In the case of the example given above, were somebody to come along and even slightly disagree with the viewpoints offered, you now have Lightworker176 and Loveoftheheart who can simultaneously offer insults and criticisms toward the person disagreeing with them.
Usually these criticisms come in response to the very fact that the other soul in question disagreed with them, and these two souls will cry suppression and abuse against them, supposedly propagated by the soul who simply came along and disagreed with them. Also, if more than two people who are labeled ‘Pro GFL’ or ‘Pro channelings’ begin to post in response to a clear disinformation comment or post, such souls are sometimes accused of ‘ganging up’ on the souls propagating the disinformation.


Indeed, they will boldly accuse you of doing exactly what they do!
The act of ‘simply questioning’ is taken and turned into an all-around slam-fest, and if one points this out than they are accused of not letting others have their opinion and are accused of trying to suppress the questions and opinions being brought forth by the disinformation posters.
The Galactic Federation is built up as a type of establishment that should be rebelled against. This is for the purposes of getting many behind an ‘Anti GFL and channelers’ agenda, as the establishment on Earth has indeed tricked us into lining the elite’s pockets and souls with our money and energy, and while many awakening people are just smoothing into their roles as Lightworkers and Lightholders after coming out of the ‘anti-establishment’ phase upon realizing the distorted nature of our world and the lies our ‘leaders’ tell us, those who have been used to such an ‘anti-establishment’ mindset can then direct their energies and hate toward the Galactic Federation, who is perceived to be the next step on the ladder of establishment that should be rebelled against.
The cabals have studied human mindsets for so very long, and this is how they are able to know the exact right ‘ticks’ in much of humanity, even awakening humanity, that they can exploit on the various websites and forums where so many are awakening.
The inner drive to rebel against the establishment in much of humanity is taken advantage of, and the Galactic Federation is touted as a corrupt organization of government of sorts, wherein all of the channelers of the Galactic Federation are themselves corrupt, deceiving or being deceived by the Galactic Federation, just as there are many senators and congressmen who are either working directly against humanity for their bosses in the cabal, or who are being deceived by their bosses.
The knowledge and hate against the cabal is redirected into a hate of the Galactic Federation and our ascended brethren, and the energies of all who follow the disinformation and believe it wholeheartedly are then directed toward the Galactic Federation and our ascended brethren rather than toward the cabal who have actually been aiding in causing our problems.
Such people who do subscribe to the disinformation then begin expressing their own opinions on various websites which for the most part were handed to them (the opinions) by the disinfo posters; not necessarily because the words resonated with the souls in question, but because the energies of continual questioning and of building up an enemy to rebel against in the Galactic Federation or any other ascended being, resonated.
This is one of many reasons that it is hard to point out these clear disinformation actions or call one out on them, because you truly do not know if the person spouting the disinformation is doing so because they are paid to or because they have been led to believe by disinformation posters that the hate and separation they are spouting is true. Such souls feel that they have a duty to right the wrongs perceived to be caused by the Galactic Federation, usually by continually arguing against the GFL as they have seen others do.
The awakening humanity is distracted from the actions of the cabal because so much disinformation is floated around in relation to the Galactic Federation and our channeled brethren, and those who do not subscribe to such clear disinformation are usually spending much of their energy trying to right the wrongs propagated by the disinfo posters, usually by arguing against the ‘opinions’ of such posters and getting criticized for it. A perceived and continually fed separation between ‘Pro’ and ‘Anti’ folk (GFL, channelers or otherwise) is key and is very essential to maintaining the disinformation and resulting continual arguments.
Long discussions and arguments are garnered, and nobody gets anywhere or makes any progress. This is again, the point dear friends.
The examples and explanations given in this message displayed a couple of new ‘tweaks’ that the cabal has made to the disinformation they routinely put out on the web, and it is expected that they will continue to update their methods until their influence on  this world is completely diminished. Until that time, it is hoped with all of my heart that the explanations given in this and in my first article on this subject will be of aide to an awakening soul who will undoubtedly be exposed to such disinformation in so many different forms on so many different spiritual websites.
As long such disinfo tactics are continually updated, you can bet that I will be pointing them out. Why? Because the cabal’s time for influence on this world is over. It is our time now, and we can begin to reclaim this world by first beginning to reclaim our many spiritual forums and websites, where pumped-up anti-GFL rhetoric is continually flocked and where those who argue for the GFL are accused of possessing negative agendas.
The Galactic Federation has no negative agenda, and we souls who resonate with the Galactic Federation do not either. It is time for us, even those of us awakened, to realize when we are being tricked on many spiritual websites and when we are allowing it to happen. As long as we are still complacent in seeing and allowing many clear disinformation comments on our favored spiritual forums and websites, we are aiding the cabal that much more.




Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC



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  • Thanks KH for bringing this up :)

    disinfo wars, lol

  • Lke the judgements you are passing right now NANCY hmmmmn HYPOCRITE!

  • This is beautiful and succinct, well said :)  May I point out that the psychic toll of dealing with online drama can derail a person's growth, if you are defensive then you miss the introspective phases that you need to go within and self address, if this is done in a caring environment, where you can share yourself honestly then wondrous things can happen. 

    And the psychic skills are growing, it won't be long until we can all sniff the truth for ourselves, as our veils slip but those who are spiritually empty see us as fodder for a diminishing paradigm of control, and yes, they pander an "us vs them" mentality... lol, what's funny is that they are experiencing what we are but it must be harder because they haven't got the resources we do, LOVE really is the answer... energy follows thought but Love is the fuel :)

    Unity is happening, right now... we have a choice in how we spend these last months together.

  • Thank you for the timely article!


  • Indeed, the other scare tactic being used by the dark on the net, is to make people believe that the GFL is behind all NWO and government activities...Forgetting that the GFL have often been filmed over top secret bases, and mucking up nuclear tests and rocket launches, at the expense of the dark agenda...So obviously at odds with the military-industrial complex supported by the dark...

  • Good points, friend.....

    Yes this rings true.......Of course, if a dark agent demands that we answer their baited questions, we have the right to withdraw our focus...

    I for one have chosen to ignore these dark agents, recently....Lest they tire us with their mind spinning frenzy....Nobody needs to proove anything to them.....Let our fruits stand for all to see....

  • Thank you for your comment.Now it would be easier to recognize the true message.But always we can use our hearts to feel from whom the message is.

  • 4  2  1  1

    4ver  2gether  with 1 another as 1



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