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Well Met, Hatshepsut, and General Patton-

   This month we are very happy to announce we have a channeling session recorded that is free of the usual background static. At this time in 2001, we were at the peak of equipment yet still lacked an RF filter so there is some very slight radio bleed through in the background. February's quick summary is that this was a memorable session for the time Kiri spends on it discussing her last third dimensional life. As surprising as it is to learn she had lived the life as a female pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, even more surprising is the recent revelation that Lyka's last life prior to her current one was as the person history knows as General George S. Patton. It's hard to top those revelations right at the start of side two but the rest of the podcast was educational in other ways. In short, Tia scoops the media about details of a military spy plane forced down in China, Omal declares the intergalactic Conference is back on, Karra reflects on the passing of her mother and Bunny is now an intern on the base looking to get a long-term posting.
   Tia is in the driver's seat as ring mistress and is the first to speak. Her skills as a lead data analyst for Ashtar Command looking over the world's status gives us an inside look at things happening before even news agencies had the information. Such is the case with a U.S. military spy plane that famously had a collision with a Chinese fighter aircraft and was forced to land in China. Her other topics include the McCain-Feingold bill, civil unrest taking place in the world she places the blame of on the former president who made promises that weren't kept and the new administration that is now in power. We've always known Tia as a passionate person regarding our planet and the problems she sees facing it and being third dimensional herself, the passion comes through every time she talks about Earth. That's all we have time she can devote to the subject so she brings on Omal to get us through to the second side. The Conference planned to bring the various races to a common meeting ground was set to start due to finally having a representative who would be channeling the Zeta Reticuli. We also had a representative for Sirius who was set to take part and only faced the problem of having that person participate without actually meeting anyone to avoid bias. A solution had been found in the form of one of our occasional speakers who had been accepted as an intern serving on the base, the one and only Bunny. She would be the go-between and have to choose to have some programming done to avoid her revealing more than she should. We end side two talking about the end of the Tri-Base ski races which had just wrapped up. Lyka had again had finished first in the downhill and had won so consistently in the event, Omal was set to agree that she let her records stand for others to break. She still would compete in the biathlon so it was a good solution that made everyone happy.
   Now things get interesting as Kiri comes on and we quickly talk about the revelation that Lyka had been General Patton in her last life. The correlations are obvious and made even more so by Kiri who knew Lyka as she grew and the history of Patton from Mark's studies of the general. Next, we go over a past life regression of Kiri's life prior to her ascension. One of the counselors on the base was helping her get a complete life recall and it was successful. The result is a first-person history lesson into the life of Hatshepsut, the pharaoh nearly deleted from history. It's obvious from her account that we are suddenly talking to a ruler of millions and builder of some incredible temples and monuments still visited in the present. She answers honestly about her observations regarding the question of slavery during her rule and gives us a behind the scenes look at the influence she had with Egypt's future pharaohs. In all, we are treated to history brought to life in the same way we could experience it through regression therapy. There are more speakers to come on so Karra replaces her sister in the channeling field. She reflects back on her sister as that seems to be the theme after the previous revelations and the help she provided their mother in her final years. It's a reminder that the lives of those on the next dimension have lessons similar to ours on their path to ascension. A final speaker is left so Karra leaves and it's Bunny who takes her place. The new base intern reveals she is taking the position Omal mentioned and describes some of the changes it will bring to her life. We also get into the fact she still hasn't found a deep relationship yet. We finish with her explaining why her mental shields are so strong.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra
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