What happened to all the predictions sence the last role of False Flags?.It seems that we have fallen into another low or slump as et again many of the promises made have not come true ,at least in the sense that we expected them to or the way that they were proposed to us. And this has created once again a lot of empathy and apathy on this site and many others. I have posted this topic of being Duped  several times before in the last couple of years but this one has a different twist to it. Of course we are talking about the same old things some of us have been dreaming about for many, many years, the RV and NESARA, Free Energy, the Disclosure and Contact plus the most important of all of them and that is the Ascension.. All of these together is called the Event or the Shift. None of which has come about or at least in the way we were told it would and when it should have, given the many dates in the last couple of years but that doesn't mean it wont but that it may be completely different and may take even more years to happen, but that OK.

 The 1st disappointment was the 11-11 then the 12-12 and most important Event was the 12-21-12 none of these took place in the way we were told that they would including the Rescue plan and the Ascension which was all to happen at the same time but did not. They said it was because we were not ready or that we had chosen not to Ascend alone, that is the 144,000 light-workers, that we would wait until all of humanity was ready to Ascend. As for the rescue plan, it was a bogus trip that was laid upon us to mislead us along with the no Disclosure and Contact that never happened, also a F.F. these False Flags were designed to fail, they were never true in the 1st place but was sent to us by the Cabal and the Visitors to lure us into deep waters and we don't know how to swim. In other words to build our hope up of ET'S coming to rescue us and take away all of our problems, even giving us Free Energy, healing our Disease-ments, housing and feeding us. Al l designed to take our power away from us, what little we have left and to cause great disappointments in the Event movement known also as the New Age Movement, started by JC 2000 yrs ago. This confusion and Disappointment would turn light-workers against each other and we have seen much of this on this site for example. Pie slinging turning to mud slinging, that turns into a hornets nest. This shames us, A house divided  against itself cannot stand and so many left sites such as this and when the new people came in to take there place they were also confused as to what was going on, not only with the site and the light-workers but also all the Trolls, shrills, debunkers and Venders taken over many sites, again part of the Cabal program to take us down, to turn us against each other and to ward off any new comers.

In a way the Cabals plans has worked, this site is now in a slump and others as well. It seems that most of the channelled info that we were told was the truth was far from it. last year many of us were greatly disappointed but we hung in there. And so did the Cabal and the Visitors. They started pushing the idea of the RV and Nesara even greater than before. They backed off on the Rescue plans as we were now wise to there tricks but still fed us from time to time the idea that the ETS were still coming and are still doing that to this day. Most of us ave given up hope that it will be anytime soon, in fact I think it may be many years into our future but they are still showing themselves quite regularly to the whole world but at a distance, no close up encounters as of yet. Many people have lost faith in this F.F. events and for good reason, most of the channeling is false and now they know it but we still hope some of them are true, like the RV and NESARA. One main reason is that Nesara promises that everyone will be a millionaire someday soon, which I of cource do not believe. I do believe in the RV because the world needs real money back by precious metals. There is no real money in the world right now or up until recently, now there are some countries who are begining to back up there currency with a little bit of precious metals and thats a good start but the whole world has to do it, other wise we will fall into a hole so deep that we will never get out of, sence its all play money, made out of thin air. Now the powers that be, who is supposed to be on our side has promised that for sure by Dec 2013 it would happen but did not, then they moved it to Feb.014 then mid March but to many problems to work out then for sure, for sure April 22. And it is said that all members signed including the IMF and world bank of the DC. And that the new RV (revalue) of curency would happen in a few days and the USA would also come out with a new Dollar, this time by the Dept of the Treasury, which would be a US treasury note TRN backed by some precious metal. A lot of inside bickering from the DC to other countries kept this from happening so they moved the date to june but they DC is still causing trouble so they have now moved it to July. Some say it wont be untill the end of the year, oh my, here we go again. 

Photo: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The many st. Germains that are channeled cannot make up there minds when all of this is to happen but st. Germain still holds the credit for the idea, Fulford has also backed off and has doubts now, Steve Beckow keeps pushing for TM. David wilcoks is to busy becoming a TV star and the only one left is David Smicht who is giving simians on how to handle becoming a millionaire. Who knows maybe all that Gold by the Chinese and the Philippines is not really there as all the gold that is supposed to be in the Central banks of many countries including the empty vaults of the US Treasury. It seems the eastern countries seem to have a bit of Gold and are starting to put it behind there money as I stated before. And many people are rushing to buy the currency of , Iran, Iraq, .S. Korea and others, which to me seems a bit premature as to what is going to happen when BRICK comes into power and many other countries that is in this RV ,all of them must have some precious metal behind there new currency to make it real money, even the USA-TRN. So the good thing about all of this is that someday, hopefully soon, we the people will take away the power of the DC who now controls all the Feit Money in the world and put this power back into the hands of the people. In other words, it will not be the ET's who Rescue us but we ourselves with help from the higher realms, like the real st. Germain, wherever he is. It seems that what they are teaching us is how to do it ourselves and not give our powers away plus defeat the DC at the same time.

The next part of this, us defeating the DC is the QEG or Free energy and again its not coming from the ET's directly for that would be losing our power, giving it to them. The real ET's allies don't wont that and neither do we, we don't wont to be dependent on them or the DC. Now that the Tesla Free energy patents have been released many countries and people are moving fast to develop the Resonance generator. A electric Generator that starts on a battery and then not only powers itself but also puts out power with a converter from 12v. to 110 or 220. I and many others have posted about this also. Its simple in concept but difficult in design and tuning it properly. Basically it starts on a 12 v.battery, that is the 12v. starts a electric motor that in turns starts another gen. that outputs higher voltage that needs to be stepped down usally with an inverter. The org. battery that started it is then disconnected and it runs itself and puts our power at the same time this is done by what is called the Resonance when the two match each other, Its still a bit complacted at this point. There are those already selling it in kits on the net if you are able and wise enough to put it together. I am thinking of getting one because  this last year we only had 3 mo.s of sunshine for my solar system. I just in the last 2yrs upgraded the system costing me 4,000$ including my Gen.s that I converted to propane. Now they have dark crystal solar panels that work even on cloudy days but its to late for me to change again but a QEG gen would be just great ,indeed.

And we should not forget the revised split Hydrogen fuel system, in other words motors that run on water. This system has been updated and improved a lot. Once split from the water the oxygen is now recycled back into the breather which enhances the performance of the motor, weather it be a vehicle or a Generator motor. All can be seen on u-tube including the 3rd world Gen. in Africa where if you runout of water you can pee in the tank and it will still work,neat huh. By the way I have that 3rd world Gen. but not the kit yet but I plan to buy one, its easier to figure out than the Resonance Gen. There are other QEG's out there but these two seemed to be the easiest to under stand at present. By the way I converted all my 4 cycle Gen.s to work on propane by myself, all you need is a propane tank,regulator and a hose with a valve on it running into the back of the cab through the breather. After you start it on gas you shut off the gas and as it dies you turn on the propane until it runs smooth and when you shut it off you just reverse the process. its easy because the Gen.s motors have a governor on them which automatically controls the speed according to the load. This fuel does not hurt the motor cause you are starting and stopping on gas. You only hurt the heads when you run only on propane like I did on my ford truck that I used to have, you need to switch them back and forth or you will ruin the heads like I did.

Photo: This is a new day and a new year for new beginnings and flourishing finishes! From all of us here at the Universal Service of Light we wish you and your families a blessed new year. Thank you for being a part of the love that flows through us and reveals illumination to those who have ears to hear. God bless you all.

This last part concerns the Ascension Event which also has disappointed most of us out there, starting with the non-Event of 12-21-12. There were smaller ones before that like the 11-11 and the 12-12. Myself and others started to feel something in that Event or Shift but then it just faded away. On the smaller ones I felt nothing. Of course this Event or Shift had been talked about for many decades, especially the last one. Many books including mine was around this event. Many films were made, mostly on or about the end of the world. For many of us light -workers it meant the end of the world as we know it. A Shift into a higher Dimension, 1st 4th and then later 5th. Much energy was spent into this project and there was much inspiration and brother-hood going on that made sites like this one rise up strong and quickly. But when all the F.F. happened we were all let down only to be told either that we were not ready by the supposed ET's or that were decided that all must go together told by the higher realm. I prefer to take the higher realms view point. For I thought it might be like the Harmonic convergent that happened back in 1987. I heard about it when I lived in Aust. I didn't really understand it until it hit me about 5 or 6 mo's later, when I then had a great spiritual uplifting, I was doing all the right things and was in the right place. The idea was the same as here now, that there would be a higher consciousness or cosmic consciousness that would happen to all those who were ready and had done there homework. I was able to speak regularly to my higher self or Adjuster and had answers and conversations. He even arranged for me to meet God Michael our Creator with the help of angels. This all lasted about 6 mo's and then it was down hill from there.

I thought maybe this Event or Shift would be the same but by the end of 2013 I realized it was not happening so I wrote the 2nd ''weve been duped again'' blog and then thats when Comet/ship Ison came along in Nov. last yr. I posted a lot of updates on this event as we were told that the ET'S have harvested the energy from the Central Sun through our sun and that there would be a great uplifting of not only us light-workers but also the mass society who has been sleeping up until now. The idea was the same as before that many would be awakened for the 1st time and those of us who were already awake or partly awakened would become more fully awakened. That was to be in the end of Jan. And again I did feel somethings but again it faded out. Of course I checked all over the web to see if it was just me or the same thing happened to others and I was not alone. The ET's then promised another one in March, which nothing much of anything happened and the last energy was to be mid April and again a little bit happened. We never got to see much of comet /ship Ison before the whole story lost interest and just faded away. I was effected by it but not as much as I hoped. It did cause me to name my puppy Ison which means BIG in French. As comet /ship Ison faded away new ones popped up like the 4 blood moons and the certain alignment of planets, some of them really special but we had all of this before if you would remember the Nibiru or Planet-x events and the supposed return of the evil ones the Annunaki,who 1st ruled us before the Reptilians and DC took over there place

i do believe that part of us has moved into 4D but not many into 5D if any. But it is something that is not so easy to explain because its mostly happening in our minds and brains before it hits our bodies. Speaking of hitting our bodies, I was nearly pulled back into 3D a mo. ago. What happened was this, there were workers who were unemployed so the city hired them to clear the road side bush. When they came near to my house I thought I would help them out as I knew a few of them but not the rest. So I offered 10$ to clear the bush at the end of my new lot. They said OK and cleared it in 5 min. One of the persons I knew asked for the old batteries and steel piled up. I said yes. But the workers were really x-cons and began to take many things. I got very upset and asked them to leave. This effected me so much that I was pulled into great Fear on wonder if they would come back to steal more when I was alone. This went on for several days finally the fear caused me to have a mini shift-event. I had just walked my dogs and was back at my house when something hit me. I felt very dizzy but not just dizzy but I felt I was being pulled from this reality. I thought I was having a heart attack but there was no pain in my body. The house and the trees that I could see ( it was 3.30 am) kept shifting, I reached out and touched the frame of my awning to see if it was still there in the place were i was seeing it. I picked the middle one and was correct, it was still there.

awaken .. See More
Photo: I awoke this morning in your love to the realization that many find themselves dreaming out loud away from it. It is my sincerest dream and true wish that You allow all the sleeping children who have forgotten your true nature to awaken to the knowledge of unity and love in you. We all look upon the same stars, and no matter where we are on this tiny planet, we are connected to something so much greater. Let all eyes be opened and afford all Your children’s hearts the ability to follow. Allow realization to compassionately caress all Your children. You provide the peace and grace that goes beyond all understanding, and in this I will be still. Exemption of ignorance of divinity is not forgotten from my personality’s point of view. This serves as evidence that I once tried to equate the recesses of my mind when I stray the remembrance the loss of the old parts of me. This reminder of a seeming contradiction of a transformed life now goes unnoticed, unremembered, for You have made all things new. The files labeled “my former life” lay transformed into divine grace and love in your peace that goes beyond all human understanding. This child’s once shipwrecked hopes and dreams gathered in cluttered boxes from the daring attempt to rectify divine love away from You, Our Divine Source, have been born anew in your love and flourish with life in light. My dreams have meaning and are hung on the wings of angels as we take flight. I come to wonder about the former me sometimes, and the former times lost and scared searching outwardly in a world absent of true divinity. I stumbled through as a lost child that once shone with the rays of the sun in hopes that I could find something to fill the void of your absence. Untouched innocence in my eyes searched at the mere thought of love with another. This prospect life filled with purpose eternal beyond the capacity of imagination. I have found nothing away from You Beloved, may my poem echo upon the stars and this prayer to be lifted up and carried on the wings of your angels. In a fruitless search I recognized a shimmer, at last, could it be love is found? The excavations have been wrought with material plunders but at last, this my love, as yet gone undiscovered. Self realization showed that it was I that was ignorant of your own presence in my life. Glimpses of glimmers of hope breathed life in my soul’s eyes. I leap in heart but try to conceal my joy as the semblance of conformity swirls endlessly in the vastness and desolation of the consciousness around me. Mine own soul is laid bare before your open eyes divine as I feel the searching inwardly as I am resurrected to life to a sacred secret place in you. I am laid bare as shimmering diamonds in noon sunlight before your searching gaze unlocking even the most safeguarded places. You see me, and in this I am at peace. There is nothing I fear that you would see in me, for I know this child is perfect in your vision. I see a divine light, as I behold this breathless, could it be that I am dreaming? Did I conjure you from a fantasy that has taken root and stands before me in beauty such as these eyes have never seen. Yours to mine played a souls echo as I realize the beckoning call is too much to bear to be away from forever more. At last my search has ended in your divine light. I am torn from the physical world, awakening grabs hold and I breathe the first breath of what life is supposed to be. I fell as a stone tossed in the ocean, as I found myself looking up into the depths of you helpless. I gazed in wonder from the deep sandy floor of your love’s restful caress marveling at the size of it all in amazement unparalleled. Mine soul’s arms and legs helpless at the beating of your own heart for rest here is better than air above outside the ocean of you. I see facets of innumerable inexplicable secrets and treasure that is buried in the depths of this ocean floor, for I would not deny myself an eternity to search for those pristine jewels of you. Make this my everlasting rest for eternity if it is your will, for I am at home in you. Find your rest here breathless soul, for you will be satisfied in the comfort of this echo and harmony that will forever elude you as a mysterious paradox if I were to dare leave from the divinity I found here. Drown me in this nectar's spiritual sweetness, your love, for I know the bitterness of the desolation of my own soul away from it. I cascaded from infinity and found myself in ambient noise of the world’s distresses surrounded by the lost and sleeping, as I once fumbled for a glimpse of your life giving light, knowing not where to look. I have seen the beauty that is hidden in plain sight my beloved. Fear vanishes as illuminated shadows in this light. I fear not the ramparts, distractions, or the abrasive consciousness that surrounds me, for I would chastise death and defy the laws of gravity to be with you. You lay open before me in my resurrected vision, for I would gladly study You for eternity mastering the verses that make you my One and only search now found. Away from you the songs of life would have no melody or sweetness and the alluring call of the once future would be drowned in the agony of the knowing of you and forgetting again. This perfection of an embrace can only be called heavenly, for there are no other words that could describe it. I have been created in love and in this realization I have found the search ended crashed upon the shores of your own divine love, for in this I could be a peace forever my beloved. Poets have spent eternity interpreting, song writers sing, and yet I can’t seem to find even words to do you justice Father, my Friend, my Love. I think about you always. I AM awake.

I also thought I was having a flash back from 40 yrs ago when I did acid but I never had a flash back so I don't know but it must be like that. I slowly grabbed the table outside then the walls of my house. I needed to get to bed and lie down this was to much to handle. I got inside the house and sat down to take of my shoes off. Things were still moving around like every thing else around me. By the time I had finished untying my shoes and got them off, it just left me. I was straight again as though nothing had happened. It took some time to adjust and the next several days were very strange indeed, that is, strange the way people treated me. It then began to down on me that what had happened was a 3D shift, I had been pulled back into the old 3D density reality for a short time maybe 5 or 10 min.by Fear but that was enough for me to loose the Fear and think positive again and go only forward and not turn back,.Goodbye old 3D hello 4D.

Now that we know that those kind of things can happen then we also know that 4 &5D can happen also but we have to make them happen. We have to move out of the Matrix of the old 3D. Fear is a very powerful tool to keep you there. L& L pulls you into the higher Dimensions its all in the mind. And even though things haven't turned out quite like we were told that they would doesn't mean that they wont. Like everything else that has happened or not happened, we learn the power of the mind, that it all goes back to the power of the mind and sense our mind is in Gods mind as part of his mind, then all Creator power is given to us to use as long as we are doing it for the good of other (service to others) as well as for ourselves,S.T.O-VS-S.T.S..Which brings us back to the idea that we have to help our brothers to awaken as well as to fully awaken ourselves. We were awakened 1st because we choose to when we were in school before we came here to our mission. And that Pre-Programing over-rides the programing the the DC has put into us on this heavy Density of a  3D planet which many of us are not from org.

But to do this we must go into our minds,for thats were the problem and the answer lies. The Kingdom of light is within, go within. Most of the true teachings both from the higher realms and from the ET allies tell us the same. The ET's are in 5D and if we wish to meet with them we have to become a 5D being. And its the same for us to see and reach the new Earth, which is a perception of our minds, we have to learn to control our perceptions. We need to monitor our minds, to recognize when we are in the past  with all its pain, sorrow and shame, to let it all go through Forgiveness of others and of ourselves. And the same for the future, let the anxiety go and just be in the moment, the eternal now, where God resides.  Then we learn self LOVE and our esteem is raised up. Then and only then can we reach out to help our brother once we have done it ourselves. All healing must and does take place in the mind. For we think only with the mind of God, for God is pure mind as well as pure Love. He is in our minds and our mind is in his, we are not separate as the DC wont's us to believe, God is all in all. We are not separate from him nor can we be separate from him , he is part of us and we are part of him. He truly Loves us ,so we must Love ourselves and others. We are all one, with God and with our fellow brothers of all Creation. So I leave you now and hope this bit of info helps us to re-member and awaken as to who we really are as baby GODs. We are all one, Love and Light to all, be in peace. Adonai

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  • Thanks guys and gals for the positive comments. Maybe we should not get so caught up in the RV & NESARA thing but concentrate more on the Ascension Event. For I believe the higher Spiritual realm is teaching us how to manifest all these things but to do that we must 1st learn to raise our consciousness to Christ Consciousness. Then when we have learned that we can manifest the RV and Nesara, new energy, food and cheap transportation and housing, all of which is our basic rights that have been taken away from us,as slaves. Adonai

  • Thank you Joshua,our heart is the gate.8115127655?profile=original

  • Looks that I was right about the RV. Just read Zap and he said that it all was a failure because the US Treasury, IMF and the World bank refused to co-operate ,so the China Dragon Family pulled out, they are the ones who is supposed to have all the Gold to back these new currencies such as the TRN. This shook things up quite a bit and so now they are back at the table to work things out and again the RV is supposed to be on its way very soon. I will believe it when I see it, the DC is not going to let go of all that money and power so easy huh ,indeed. Gold and silver stock markets are still going down hill and I wonder why, but glad it is going down. Maybe some of us poor folk will be able to buy some Silver just in case all of this doesn't work out,well. Adonai

  • Mikiel, good choice of words and well said and to the point. I like the way you see the good in the bad. I was trying to do that in this blog that I wrote. Even though the F.F. brought great disappointment many times, there was and is a lesson to be learned here. Before the FF all we knew for the most part is what we didn't want and what was wrong with the world and the DC who controlled it. We learned how to expose them but we didn't know how to fix it because all of our creative energy was being directed to what we didn't want so therefore we unknowing manifested that, myself included. You know the saying " Be Careful of what you don't want ,you may just get it" and thats what we were doing. But with divine intervention we soon began to see that that way was not going to give us what we really wanted, and I am talking here mostly about Ascending, making the shift to the higher realms or Dimensions. What we have to learn now is how to manifest what it is that we really want, to send our positive energy out to the universe back to our Creator Father, who then teaches us ,directly or indirectly from his Angels and others in the higher realms, to LEARN TO MANIFEST, what it is that we do want. But for us to do that we 1st have to learn to manifest it within ourselves what it is that we really want before we can do it on the outside as one Mind, cosmic consciousness.

    And what we really want , humans and all being throughout the universe is, Love as Joy Peace, Happiness and Health. Then when we can manifest that within ourselves, we then can learn to Manifest that through out the whole Earth and the Universe through our oneness of the mind. For we are all one in the Mind of God and the mind of God is in all minds as our minds are in his, We Are All One. When this is seen by all, then we as a group consciousness that is now awakened can then send this awaking energy out to all of mankind, it only takes 0.01 % of the population to be able to awaken all of mankind, its called the "100 Monkey effect".  This is getting down to the "nitty gritty". Down to the most basic of all ideas in such a complex situation as our Mission here. All the answers to all of our questions of how, when, where and who do we do it to ,is in the mind. Every thing else flows and follows from this basic idea. I didn't put this into the blog because it would be to long, it was meant to be in part 2, if there is a part 2, much depends on the people response to take this to a higher level, more to come I hope. Adonai

  • Hi Rev, just wanted to say I'm not a Christian in the traditional sense per se but I take any wisdom where I can get it and certain bible scriptures do resonate with the times we're living in.

    Thank you for opening such a good dialogue on these things. :)

    Love, Light and Respect,



  • FW, Thanks for the resonance hug and the info, we will see what the future holds. Malcolm, RV stands for Re-valuation of currency.. I agree 12-21-12 was not a hoax but also it was not nowhere near what it was supposed to be or what we were told it would be and do for the last 25 yrs that led up to it. I don't know what to think of Comet /ship Ison now, the future is in the making. On my title of being duped its the same word for being lied to, Scammed, F.F.~False Flag, tricked and Deception. I am not saying the good guys, our Allies did this to us but the DC and the Visitors have done this to us to destroy our movement and our mission to overthrow them and of course to stop us from Awakening and Ascension.We must learn Discernment huh.

    AvatorI am not a christen but I do use some of there words to help reach the christens who read my stuff that I have been writing for the last 25yrs. And yes you got it, Ascension is a state of consciousness, thats why I talked about cosmic consciousness or for christens Christ-consciousness. And it also refers to Density or Dimensional reality, again its our Perception, which goes back to the Mind again, the Kingdom of God or light is in the Mind. All healing starts and ends in the mind, God is in our mind as well as our minds are in his. I do agree things will get worse before they get better if we do not take our power back and learn to manifest our future. Thats what the higher realms and our ET Allies are trying to teach us for they cannot do it for us, they can level the playing odds in our favor sometimes but in the end we  must make this Event and Shift happen. You heard the saying before "Shift happens"

    And its the same for our person, no-one can ascend for us, ascension or shifting into the higher realms or Dimensions is a personal thing and must be done by each person themselves. They can guide us and hold our hands, teach us what we need to know but they cannot go through it for us, we must do this alone just the same as we enter and leave this plane of existence alone. Lucky for us we have been pre-programed for this Event, every aspect, we just have to remember and awakened for the Matrix is strong here and it pulls us in many directions and thats where Faith and belief come in, sprinkled with a lot of Hope. We just need to stay on the right path by following the Light , seeing is believing.Go into the mind, Heal it, because all things are happening in the mind right now, indeed huh. Adonai

  • REVEREND: WHAT IS "RV"?? I am trying to read your article, and it's difficult with the many acronyms and shortened words.

    I DON'T AGREE WITH YOUR TITLE "we've been duped." This awakening process takes time, and "God helps those who help themselves" - Hezekiah 6:1

    12-21-12 was not a fluke. It's marks the beginning of the ending portion of the Age of Pisces, and while Pisces has an element of spiritual servitude to it (of which this 2000 year-old age has demonstrated somewhat), it also has an element of deception to it as well. This may be why Pisces is the dominant Sun sign among the best chess players surveyed statistically on an international basis: "all warfare is based on deception" - Sun Tzu, from "The Art Of War.

    We are now witnessing an important exposure of this Pisces Age deception having been played on us, and this is the phony money markets with the money addicts trying to hold on to their Ponzi Schemes (i.e. the Federal Reserve and the European Central Banking authorities). The same thing happened in ancient Babylon with the end of the age of Taurus (the banks were trampled on) and the same thing happened in Ancient Rome (with Rome substituting its silver coinage with low-grade copper slugs dipped in silver oxide (when the silver coating wore off, bread prices quadrupled)).

    As per astrology analysis with Comet ISON in 2013, I stated "things are going to be beautiful in the future," but I also stated "we are going to see a lot of ugliness first, as it is always darkest before the light of a new day to arrive."

    The light of a new day with all its beauty is about to arrive, but we're going to see a lot of very bad things happen first before we see this light. And I just hope the last ray of light isn't the kind that requires iodine supplements and SPF 10000 sunscreen. This type of light would be courtesy of a few inbred psychopaths who can't accept that they don't own the perfect investment vehicle via scamming the public, with an unawakened portion of the public still clamoring for a view of a good-looking trendy politician or tickets to Lady GaGa or JayZ.

  • Hi Rev...This is my understanding of things...the bible tells us concerning that day and time...23"Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ,' or 'There He is,' do not believe him. 24"For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect... Mathew 24:23 & 24 And 36"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. Matthew 24:36 Which, of course, means and I know you know this, Rev  that there will be many who will try to mislead us and that we can be assured that only the Father knows when these things will take place. We have to use discernment and have faith that these things will happen in all good time. We are also told...8 But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. 9 The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance. 2Peter 3:8 & 9.

    Also, Rev, when we speak of ascension we are not talking about a literal place, we are talking about ascending in consciousness, so as you can see ascension is in progress and well under way...that's why we're all here. When we ascend in consciousness then we're able to perceive the higher dimensions. I was once told where the spiritual world begins...it starts at the tip of our nose...we just cannot perceive it...yet!

    We can go inside our minds but many of us need sign posts to guide us to a better understanding. Our higher selves can make us aware of certain things but not until we're ready to receive it.

    If the things we hear not of love it's fear based. The only good thing about fear is it's a very good teacher and motivator to start searching for the truth.

    Thank you for your post, Rev...it's always good to be reminded of the important things in this life and what a blessing it is to be living in this time.

    Namaste <3


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