We are Actually Learning Nothing New

We are Actually Learning Nothing New


This interaction between a questioner and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, provides some thought-provoking insight into us as spiritual beings. Beings who are far greater than the physical realm that we currently exist in.


Questioner:  In our next lifetime, would we be at this awareness level or would we have to start all over to realize that we are here to learn lessons and how we have to learn them?


The Council:  That all depends on what you choose.  What you are experiencing now will very definitely be carried with you from here on out.  The time, the moment, that you reach perfection, this information will have been carried with you up to that point.  In each lifetime, you will utilize that information as it suits you.  Actually, you are not learning anything.  You have just agreed with us to allow us to jog your memory a little bit, if we put it that way.


Questioner:  We already know these things.


The Council:  Oh, yes.  At a soul level, you know every answer to every question.  Every answer that we are going to give you, at a soul level you already know.  We have talked it over with you.  You have told us what you wanted.  We have said that it is not possible to give you that answer with everyone else that we must consider, would you be willing to accept this answer or that answer.  And all of you have agreed upon the answer, but there is not one of you that recalls it, nor will you.


As we said, this is not a psychic experience, it is a spiritual experience.  You are not here by chance; you are here because you have chosen to be here.  When we sent out our desire to help those who have not reached our level, you called upon our desires and we have answered.  It is that simple.  Nothing spectacular, nothing unusual.  It is the way creation goes on. That is the way it is on this side.  Now, when you replace your physical body or, let us say, when you shed your physical body, you will find that you will chuckle at yourself and say, "I certainly worked in that situation trying to figure out what I really am, or who I really am."


Again, at times, when you think of it, it sounds foolish, silly, contradictive to itself, but that is way you learn, that is the way it is.  You search for your higher self, yet you will never in a physical body realize it totally, only enough to help you to attempt to do better in your next effort, in your next encounter, in your next day.  Yet that constant search is necessary for real growth.


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