July 15, 2009Vishnu: Your Presence Upon the Earth is Crucial at This TimeBeloved Lightworkers,I am coming forth this day to speak with the Beloved Lightworkers of the World and to add my name as One who gives encouragement, as One who works with all of you in the Higher Realms. I am Vishnu. I come to speak about the great changes that are, even at this moment, occurring within every person upon the Earth, and indeed, within all the Kingdoms of the Earth, and all the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.All is being changed and transformed into a higher state of vibration so that all upon the Earth may Ascend with Her into the Higher Dimensions and this process is well underway. There is an underlying current of great hope and joy. It is not readily evident through your news media’s in the World, but it is there within the heart and Soul of every person upon the Earth. Each longs for a better World, a different way, each has set in their minds that they intend a better World, a different World, a World filled with hope and love, peace and harmony, and all realize that a new way, a different way, will have to come into being in order for this to be.By their visions, the new World is being created, by their desires growing within their hearts, this World is coming forth. If every man, woman and child upon the Earth were focusing on creating the World that they desire in the same moment across the Earth, that World would come into being in an instant. That is the potency that is possible right now upon the Planet Earth. The energies that are coming forth from the Cosmos and are being directed here by we of the Hierarchies are creating this space of open possibilities.Whatever the people of Earth envision is what can be created and so this is a crucial time and that is why we have you, the Beloved Lightworkers, that we are ever so grateful for working with us in Unity, for being the Guardians, the Keepers of the safety of the World. It is your Light that is being grounded into the Earth that is keeping stability upon the World. You see the results, there are earthquakes that are occurring in different parts of the World and for the most part Humanity is not harmed or affected, but it is creating confusion within the whales and the dolphins and other sea creatures, such as sea urchins.When an earthquake occurs beneath the waters of your oceans, your Beloved sea creatures are affected by these waves and their sonar is affected, and they are arising out of the oceans and beaching themselves all over the World. This is voluntary on their part, for they desire to go in their Spirit selves into the Higher Dimensions and so they are taking that great leap forward, leaving their Earthly bodies and that is why you see that everywhere that mankind has tried to help these creatures, to save their lives, to help them back into the oceans, why they keep coming back and beaching themselves. Some have survived to live another day within your oceans, and this is an unfortunate side effect of trying to keep the plates beneath the oceans harmonized.All is in Divine Order, all is gladly given to help in the Ascension of Mother Earth and all upon Her. Do continue to hold your Lights, Beloved Ones. Thank you for taking up our Calls, for helping in this great Work that is now upon us in earnestness and intensity. Fill yourselves with feelings of joy and gratitude, for that for which you came is now upon you and each of you are adding your Light, your energy and your Love to the creation of the New World that everyone desires. Your presence upon the Earth is crucial at this time. I, Vishnu, thank each and every one of you and state that I, too, am available to be called upon to give assistance to any who call upon me. Thank you, Dear Lightworkers, for being the Lights that you are.I AM Vishnu©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff
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