Variants Of A Mood: More Poetry


I heard from a rumor that I am ahead
I am my shadow, sleeping still in bed
My voice not distinct, barely a whisper instead
Severed at the root, gutted, I’m in red
Dying a flower, curling in the sunlight with dread.

A broken wish
A pull of the knife
My heart shatters
My being vanishes
The pain dispels me
I bleed, I ebb out
My innards naked
A broken task
I have lost myself.

Ages ago
I once had a face
A map of being
A quest to fulfill
A rite to begin
I once looked forward
Where no distance was behind me
The path a sharp incline

Glazed over eyes
Iconic symbols of rotation
Last emotion lost expression
In a vacum of silence
Slip cover of the field
The empty void with out
Oh so black matter, no reflection
you deflect me into this section
crushing me with disdain



Sun twist a beam
A cord ascending the dream
A wick, a flame
A bend in the night
A wrinkle piercing my vision

Radiant elixir warms me
Coursing down my crown
My heart opens with delight
Molten gold burn away the shadow
Life stream ejected by a star beam
Eternal flame erupts inside

You tear at my soul
Bend the rays
Bite my very nerves
With your sting
You are a force
Altering my sight
You drain all the light
You are the night
You are the very source
I run trying to shake you
My vision of me is shattered
You are a fire, you never tire

I stumble to fumble
Into myself a mess
Looking for the opening
my center where I fly
To the sun and never run
For joy is a butterfly
Trapped in my heart
Beating with it
Captivated by the inner
No sinner here
Just a sojourner

I am in the force of the roll
The mix and dance
As light is the lance
Piercing the center of all
The pool of energy
A cosmic effigy
The center of it all so small
The light crescents so tall

The great tree
Shades me
All through life
In the light
I cannot loose sight
Of the path upward
The many ways there
I am so wayward
I can not remember here

Rise up in me oh sun
Oh mighty one
Shine through out my soul
Scatter the darkness
Fill me with brightness

Set me on task
Guide my feet
Inside me set a seat
Where we meet
Use me like a flask

A pearl you hold in your hand
So tiny, look inside
A world is there,
so far there is no end
That is my heart, this land,
A mirror of heaven.

Oh lady Saule, take me into your embrace
I am your organic subordinate
Enslaved to your obelisk intent
Lost to the spherical maze in the sky
Eclipse me, oh draw me in the tapestry of eternity
Into your dark timeless cavern
Illuminate me, free me from boundary.



Thinly pressed, flattened, they lay
Leaves under a tree, I thought
Bodies, like pages, once sages
Black and reddened in death
No funeral they are all gone
Forgotten tragedies cast aside
By history and time, now symbols
Words, abstracted, once real
Once men who left in agony
abandoned bones among stones
Warriors of legends, and myths
Under the sun and the moon
Ballads, poems are their shadows
Long passed were they here
Mortal, and quickened to war
No more their bed where they fell
Yesterday it was there the canopy
A hunters axe stole its column
A builder removed the marker stone
No sanctity for the dead, no place
For men walk over and upon
As if they’d never lived or died

Play my heart
My soul a whirl
On the strings of the land
My hands trace its contours

Paint with the sun
The prophet rises
A planted seed
Tearing at my heart

Oh the river swirls
Enlightened string
Curving and bending
With my fingers


They trampled me, scrambling me
Broke sufferage with me all under foot
When I breath I feel the sorrow
The underlying fear of tomorrow
The uncertain destination of which I wait
Everyone coming behind me is to late
They had oppressed me, imprisoned me
Unable to suppress my spirit inside
I closed the door, the space is solely mine
entwined in my thinking it's all sublime
neath the dark shapes there is twilight
Look sun ward, toward the light inside
there forms hope, and the will to survive.

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