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If you believe you need to create energy in order to have an experience, the experience will never happen. Experience doesn’t come from mass to mass. It only comes from God, who directly knows how it is going to happen and the flow of that information to you. As you observe the experience in the film of the Omni particles or God’s movie screen around you becoming developed through the activity of Divine Love. When you do this you are learning how to co-create through the mind of God. Now you are learning how humble one must be to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of ones ability to do it. And you can see God manifest it.
         The creation of the manifestation is always done in the outer sphere of the music of the spheres. The outer band of the music of the spheres is the sphere of the infinite unknown or God’s mind. When this frequency of Source Consciousness is woven into oneness with all of the other five spheres of dimensional consciousness energy,the music of the spheres creates a new symphony, a new reality, the manifestation is developed into the film of that Omni particle energy which is sub atomic etheric stardust particles. It is the etheric foundation that the manifest reality is painted upon. The frequencies that are recorded on the Ascension Kits and on the Eternal Life CD’s utilize the frequencies and codes of manifestation in the five spheres and place these codes within and through the body. The ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM actually activates these frequencies into the Oneness of God’s mind manifest as You. These frequencies make these Omni particles that you may begin to create your new reality from. The more you feel, inhale and exhale these frequencies, the higher your body and consciousness will rise above and beyond the old third dimensional illusions into the infinite unknown that you may now manifest as your new reality.
            The old reality has been programmed into the cerebellum of the brain. The amagdayla gland has been recording and replaying movies of the same ol, same ol. These old movies will continue to play until they are wrapped inside the sphere of crystal light energy. First wrap the fear ideas in a sphere of white light and then ultra violet blue light and then golden light and then melt the ideas into golden liquid light energy. When you do this you are allowing the old bands of lower frequencies in the third dimension to flip up into the mind of God or the infinite unknown frequencies. This transmutation process must be completed through out all parts of the cerebellum as well. These are all old worn out third dimensional movies. We don’t need them any more. We are dissolving these old three dimensional control channels.
The frequencies in the Individual Eternal life album are to pour into the old brain and allow the MID BRAIN to become activated. The Mid Brain - pineal gland and pituitary gland are Frequency Specific. They think, move and create through FREQUENCIES. The Mid Brain is able to see infra red, ultra violet blue and even gamma waves. The Individualized Album allows you to feel these frequency waves in order to prepare your mid brain to see these frequency bands.
           Listen to your Eternal Life Album while you sleep. Practice breathing in a fashion that oscillates the frequencies from the higher rings into the lower rings or frequency bands. Focus on breathing at the speed of light -- do this in your mind. Feel the body become lighter and lighter until it rises above your bed. The frequencies of your body will lighten the body into the etheric Omni particle of God consciousness.
Before we begin to manifest, we must realize that whatever it is that is manifest by the mind of God will not be anything that is manifest in the fashion in which we think it should be given to us. We are asking the mind of God to create from the Infinite Unknown. That means that whatever that is manifest will be something that we have never known before. We couldn't possible imagine it. We must know that our intellect is the mortal mind that can't manifest anything new. We must allow the mind of God to allow the form to come as something that is the least expected.He doesn’t create old out dated ideas. You must be willing to have God create your hearts desire in the way that he knows is the best for you. You must become humble enough to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of your own ability to do it, and become willing to see God manifest it.
             Once you’ve cleaned out the mortal mind by owning all of the experiences and placing them in the crystal light energy sphere to dissolve into the golden liquid light, you are finished with the brain that dies and you can begin living in the brain that lives.
Now you can live within the extraordinary experiences that you create through your mind. You can do marvelous things in this physical body because this body is made up of the same particles as space itself. We can be far greater. We can replace with greater events with out the past emotionally. Go into the experience and let the experience created by God, become defined by the nature of the new chemical feeling of higher frequencies in the body.
Instead of using food to go through the body, we use the energy of God- the Omni particles of etheric God energy, for new experience. Then the body is sustained until the time the secondary consciousness has formed a new thought.
We must take a new thought and focus on it until it manifests. That is our divine right once we are within the highest frequency.
Next, comes the reality of waking up and finding your body floating above the bed. Your dreams leave you levitating in your fifth dimensional body.
We never have to be born again from the plane of bliss. We just allow our mind to unfold into a new experience. All lower frequencies rise into the highest until we have complete control of our reality. We make a list each night and allow our subconsciousness to create that list as we sleep in our blue bodies.
         Our subconsciousness will create our night in which our souls align into oneness with the Sun of Inner Earth and the Sun Alcyone to lift us into our Blue Bodies.
We are now in control of the body because we are out of the body. We are out of the body because we are in the outer band - the highest frequency band of Source. We spin the outer band clockwise and the inner band counter clockwise. This weaves the multidimensional bands within the band of Source or the Holy Spirit. Outer bands have full spectrum of light and sound. This is your secondary consciousness and this is your pattern of all of the bodies you have ever been. The outer body is the infinite unknown.
In your day to day affairs we have the infinite unknown touching our bands and as we allow our bands to melt into or dissolve into the infinite unknown, we leave behind all of the old bodies and we learn to ride the standing wave patterns of the new quantum energy that allows us to experience all that we have never known before. Our soul is always looking for a NEW EXPERIENCE. Create that experience and the Soul will make sure it is manifest.
The hertzian wave band touches all of the Source Frequency and soaks up the full spectrum. The Divine Energy of Love has manifest us into form as the Merkaba spins at the speed of Love, far beyond the speed of Light and through the activity of Divine spinning and oscillating the bands into One Full Spectrum Frequency. We are being held within the God Frequency holding all together in the Quantum and clear out to the never land where we are somewhere over the rainbow.
         The Holy Spirit or the Divine Being that holds all within the quantum of its being allows all to become manifest as the infinite possible realities that can be created in the imagination. That is the Divine Being's Potential being allowed to become manifest as anything its manifest desires.
When we spin the frequencies from the third sphere of the Galactic into the Fourth Sphere of the Universal, all of the frequencies of the outer band Source Frequencies flip inward into the Mind of God. That Infinite Unknown Source flows inside of us and is dissolved into every particle within you. You analogically become the mind of God. All that was in the without- the outer band is now in the within- inside of your cells. You become full of the holy spirit.
We access God through this process of spinning the outer band or sphere at a frequency rate that allows the Source Frequency to over ride the present reality and create a new reality. It allows us to walk into the allness of God, the infinite wonder of the infinite omnipresence of the all knowing.
             That which we are is determined to only know what it knows because the mortal mind fights against a new reality being placed upon it. We can only create the new reality when we become the mind of God, when we allow the frequency specific mid brain to allow the knowing of all that there is to know.
When we give complete focus through the absolute absorption of all of these frequencies until we become the highest frequency, then and only then can we create a day that is a manifest reality from the mind of God. When we are in that frequency we make a list of that which we want to become manifest, and that which we desire will be.

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