URANIAN ASTROLOGY ANALYSIS: was the Baltimore Bridge collapse an accident or an act of sabotage? CLUE: Ascendant (

A basic "Conclusion" paragraph is provided at the end (for the uninitiated). Step one of event analysis concerns the Ascendant (As). The As represents "the environment and activities going on in the environment." The classic Uranian Astrology midpoint formula for "accident" is Mars/Uranus (AND THIS MIDPOINT FORMULA YIELDED NOTHING RELATIVE TO THE ASCENDANT). The bridge did get ripped to pieces; the classic Uranian Astrology midpoint formula for "to rip or tear to pieces" is Uranus/Admetos (AND THIS MIDPOINT YIELDED HUGE RESULTS RELATIVE TO THE ASCENDANT). Below is the basic 90 degree placement for the Ascendant of the Baltimore bridge collapse:


And below is the same chart above but with my notes:


Drawn in pink above (on the left side of the chart), the combination of Kronos with Moon/Hades is strong, and this smells like "government employees who operate in secrecy" as opposed to "an hour of anguish, grief, and disgust for the government." Strong proof for the "secret government employees" combination (as opposed to "a government in grief over a disgusting event") is the fact that Biden stated "we will pay for it" (as opposed to hearing him say "the insurance company of the ship will pay for it"). He showed about as much grief over this bridge collapse as my pet dog did. Because of the strong association of Moon/Hades with "spies," this leads to a deduction that an intelligence agency of some kind may be involved with the Baltimore bridge collapse. The Nodal plane lies EXACTLY on the midpoint Chiron/Kronos, and this combination is significant since Chiron/Kronos can represent "intelligence agency" (but this midpoint can also represent "very advanced technology not available to the general public" [such as surveillance and eavesdropping technology]). The symmetry of the Ascendant with the Chiron/Kronos/Nodal plane combination yields Saturn/Apollon, and this midpoint represents "restrictions on commerce or on peace worldwide." If this midpoint tree (applying to the Ascendant) represents sabotage by some sort of spy clique (using very sophisticated technology), then the interpretation for "intelligence agency" is reasonable for defining possible responsibility with the Baltimore bridge collapse. Now on to step two, analysis of the Midheaven (Mc). The Midheaven usually reveals "the legacy of the event" (or how the event may be remembered). The 90 degree placement is below. Note that Neptune/Zeus is well-within the 07' minute rule I like to use for the Midheaven equality. Netune/Zeus can represent "concealed weapons," as well as "the con and the sting" and "flammable liquids."


And below is the same chart above but with my notes. Note that the Nodal plane (or simply North Node) represents a "connection apparatus or connection means" with others in the environment. The placement of Chiron/Kronos exactly with this Nodal plane placement strongly suggests use of advanced technology that is unavailable to the general public and only available to very few people. If the Ascendant of this event represents "passage of a test of a successful creation of some kind," then the Midheaven of this event represents "fame or infamy concerning a very advanced type of technology."12405995085?profile=RESIZE_710xConclusion

This event appears to be a sabotage of some sort, and the sabotage was done via the use of very advanced technology (used by "secret government employees" [or spies]). Analysis of two areas ("accident" and "ripping things up") revealed that "ripping things up"  by "secret government employees"  was more dominant for what was taking place in the environment as opposed to "an accident." Finally, note that there was a presence of flammable liquid or gas at the time of the bridge collapse in the form of an 18-wheeler carrying such a load; it crashed and exploded. A total of six people died as a result of this bridge collapse tragedy.


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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  • Your conclusion is accurate Malcolm.. Also confirmed by my readings.. Blessings to you..✨
  • Thanks Drekx. I am posting a new investigation on the 90 degree dial focused on Flight MH370. Military intelligence appears to be involved, along with very advanced technology that "passed a test."
  • A brilliant piece of astrological work and I would suggest that it is very accurate, from what we have gleaned, from other sources/methods...Well done....👍🏻
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