Universal Mother Tongue of Synchronicity

One has to be aware of deception and distortion flowing in from the Opposing Consciousness.  If one speaks of free-energy coming in to support the people of the Earth by benevolent beings, know that this is not a benevolent plan. The technology is of the Opposing side and likely introduced so as to sustain a new version of the old consumptive agenda - a synthetic reality - beyond the resource capability of an aligned Earth.

What's needed now, is for people to progressively relinquish the consumptive ways of the past, then come together more simply, in self-sustaining communities. We need to rediscover how to live in balanced harmony with the Divine. There is no such thing as Free Energy. This is quite naive. Because every action has an effect. The Earth is and always was, a balanced eco-system with a particular alignment. When you introduce such "free energy" technology, it has an unbalancing impact on the whole of life. Who should decide that is okay?

Gaia will restore harmony yes, it is her leading right, as the Mother of our consensus reality, encompassing the other devic souls which govern the plant and animal species of our planet. This is what humanity now needs to move into harmony with, as beings ascend into the Fifth Density. The Earth in the 3D will be purged and cleansed, condensed down into a future seed. The powers-that-be will keep morphing different versions of the Old System during this process, in order to maintain a degree of control. This is the reflection of human karma, peeling off layers as we evolve. A global-economic-reset will likely come, but it won't be benevolent. Instead, it will be just the means of balancing extremely 'unbalanced books' in order that the excessive gravy train can flow a while longer.

What we need to understand most of all, is that the Intervention has caused humanity to live beyond our means, the means of the planet, and what best serves all life. This has been inspired by the ET Intervention, as it is the way they function, that is until they can be brought back into alignment. We need to be careful. The situation is very fluid. It is not always immediately obvious when an approach or viewpoint is being distorted by the Opposing Consciousness since it seeps into the psyche, often unknown and unfelt. This is a key challenge for starsouls, who can at times, be a little ungrounded and not fully embodied - here is where the danger lies. We must fully embody, and test every guidance through the faculties of mind and heart.

Only when the viewpoints are supported by the Universal Mother Tongue of Synchronicity, and only when they move you to the core, can something be accepted as 'truth'. Deeply honour and welcome people now speaking out about the Interdimensional Intervention. It's courageous. But these views must also be balanced by a close attunement with Gaia, through the Earth, so that she can speak to you as to what is likely to happen next. And most importantly, how you can best align with it.


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