Greetings, Ya'll (I prefer not to call anyone my dear ones..that's weird)

Last night, I discovered a ascension secret many don't know about. The Real ashtar command was not a good fleet. It had 3 ships, in our orbit metaphysically cloaked, two large vessels that were floating academies and they were working with the The Great white Brotherhood, pale skinned "vampires" that were Arcrutians, or from Ave Constania, that dealed in taking peoples' minds over and making them to their wills. I was at the root of this Conspiracy at one time, in a non proud moment of my soul history, where they  called me Lucretia, and also Ax'trax'as. The GWB were draconic before drinking andromedan blood* and becoming RIGHT inside their forms. They no longer looked lizard-y. This actually came from the lyrans as well as the Sirians. The Andromedan blood could help and heal.

However, you would think that lyrans, sirians and andromedans would all be on a home team - when they weren't. Everyone was out for themselves, as we were living as Nomads on ships. WE had always had an academy, and on our fleets we continued this tradition. Later on Sotharis A and C (which is presently still C) we started calling them Vampire Houses. Now Houses are online, but still have an academy feel.

Sadly to say Prejudices are learned, and programmed genetic DNA Material. I can now remember all the way back to the first Galactic War, slightly before it and to not sound like Starwars - i never read any of the fanfic, so please don't assume. They called it a republic. Many have said The Movies StarWars is true, and I understand that somehow it is. But I don't like to say this because it makes me look like a RPG or a cosplayist (someone who dresses up as their fav character) Why we ever thought the real ashtar command was a good ideal gets me, but it is because we were Mind Numbed. This is something those Priests could do very well. We were genetically experimented on all the time back then. I don't know how this was a good ideal but we were enslaved. This was not a fun time.

I am also happy to say I will be working on a blog soon called StarHeart that will focus on healing through ascension. I am sure there are many here who suffer from mind numbed genetic detail that needs enlightenment. Boy was I shocked, and embaressed I had to ascend to the level of 186,000+ dna strands to relearn this. 

I am also happy to report the OLD DIVINE PLAN is kaput and we have put a new divine plan into being. I will be explaining why on Starheart. It's just time to start over in a new way with newly acquired pathway and Being inside yourself. I don't mean possession, I mean Knowledge. The Mayan Calender is actually wrong. In some way 2012 as an ending was last year in June of 2010. I remember the day we came into alignment. I was out at the city park and it felt like a giant rubix cube was being re-done, all the pieces lining up.

It's date was June 20th, 2010, what were you doing at 2:00 PM EST? Do any of you remember?


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