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Truth Revealing Itself - being fooled and how to avoid it

My physical mother forwarded this to me today.  I felt it would be a nice thing to share!


Truth Revealing Itself
> "A fool has no delight in understanding, but only that his heart will
> reveal itself." Proverbs 18:2
> I was recently in Florence Italy. The beauty of the artwork is overwhelming,
> it shows what one man or woman can achieve. Often, we stop ourselves in achieving greatness
> because we believe less of ourselves than God does of us. Our God-given abilities
> can achieve greater works than we might presently believe.
> The dictionary defines a "fool" as one who shows him or her, by words or
> actions to be deficient in judgment.
> Most of the time it is NOT other people that fool us, but WE OURSELVES!
> Why is it that we say one thing and do another? We decide we are going to
> start an exercise program – tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and the goal is put
> off until another tomorrow. If questioned, we say that we want to do this
> above all else, and yet in action we do not follow through. We are NOT
> fooling others, WE ARE FOOLING OURSELVES.
> This past year, I have traveled this nation from corner to corner visiting
> cities speaking in seminars, on cruises, and teaching people to have
> new life through a regimented system of thought change. Many people
> that have attended the seminars have changed their lives, and many have
> not. The ones who did not change, really wanted to, and they did it.
> But some did not. This always saddens my heart to see missed opportunity.
> In the same way you have known people, who say they want to stop drinking,
> smoking, or go on a diet, but the desired activity was put off until there
> were no more tomorrows to put it off into.
> Michelangelo worked on 44 statues in his life, but he only finished 14.
> We are familiar with the ones that he completed – David in Florence
> Square, and Moses to mention a couple.
> But the 30 he never finished are very interesting –
> In a huge chunk of marble is sculpted an elbow, the beginning of a wrist;
> but the rest of the human is still locked up in the marble.
> On another piece, the leg is out, thigh, knee, calf, heel, ankles, toes –
> But the rest of the body is still frozen in marble. It will never come
> out! Seeing these in a museum -- the thought strikes you – of all the
> tragedies in life, the greatest one is for a person to live and die and
> never know what their possibilities were.
> I rode in the car with a man one time that was going on and on about how
> important the 55 mph speed limit was. As he talked, on and on, about how
> it had saved lives and accidents, I noticed the speedometer in his car.
> All the time that he was talking about how important going 55 miles an
> hour was, he was driving at least 75 miles an hour. He was fooling himself.
> There is one way to stop fooling yourself. Do what you say you're going
> to do without delay. Start now! Ask God's help to motivate you and give
> you discipline.

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