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Tree of Knowledge ~ What Are We Learning?

As each pedal of the flower we are, we are also the flower, residing hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. As each flower we are, we are that branch of the tree carrying new buds of divine nature within. As each branch of the tree we are, we are a family as a part and piece of a Tree of Learning. And so what do we know on the Tree of Knowledge if not accountable for each pedal that we are, each flower yet still blooming, each branch carrying the weight that we are, but each and every seed that falls, yet rises again as an ever birthing tree of wisdom.

If we do not hold in honesty and integrity, the temperance of time, how then does the very gravity of our nature fill the emptiness or wholeness of our hearts, accounting for the infinity that we are here and now holding together space and time?

It came as a warning in so many ways that in separation, we do not stand as One God, One Sight, One Heart, One Mind, One Voice, One TRUTH. We only allow harm to others or so to all humanity as a whole that those warnings about global catastrophe can still be a danger. We have to realize that as a whole, we effect Mother Gaia in every aspect of our incarnate nature as we are her, just as the plants and animals are her, both individuals and as ALL THAT WE ARE.

~ Jacob  ©

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