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Today's been a good day! I feel my heart & mind & stomach glowing again. I feel the energy of my ascension from last year in February. I am becoming sensitive to my environment. I must figure out how to deal with all the excess energy. I send it to trees & Earth for healing. I am a bit worried that i may not be able put off the glow of my light body.
I am hoping to last long enough for love to be in my circle. I know if i don't experience love my star family will take me home. They know how much suffering from inhumane abuse i have had. Frustrates me a bit with the fragmented soul i have from PTSD. I am coping well & are doing my best to stay in the light of love.
My birds i commune with are so cool. I love them all. Every day they speak to me. Fly over my head. I will start to take some pick s or maybe a video of them.
I am very happy my head concussion is healing. I was hit because my aura was so bright it scared some people.
I saw William Henry's Star gate Egypt ascension. Its all true. I know he said in 2016 that Buddha walked the silk road to learn off the mystic Essene, Annunaki& Egyptians in ancient Egypt. I am certain the plant used by Egyptians for ascension came from India. & i theorise that Buddha learnt this & walked to Egypt to learn how to use it.

Have a good day!

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  • Speaking to my star family & people of heaven it has been concluded that the majority of Earth are not capable of growing to ascended form. The people of Earths cruelty & lust for money power sex is killing this life system. The others have come to understand that the children of Earth will always be childish, selfish mean, stupid & cruel.

    The people who rule this Earth will fight against every intelligent sense to save this life system & end the dark barbarian era that we are supposed to exiting. The rulers will not change. They know the sense of the paradigm of smart life change for all life on Earth, however their lust for power & control will not cease.

    I have suffered my whole life. I suffered horrifying child abuse as a kid, teenager & continues as an adult. I now have an injury to every joint. I am also nursing post multiple concussion syndrome. I have been hot so many times in my head because the fascists want me to move. But there isnt anywhere to go. They eye off my public government housing & want it given to a mate. But i wont go. I now have brain damage to a degree. Also religious nutters say my super natural abilities isnt natural & want me lobotomised so they give me a street lobotomy.

    I never had many friends. Never fitted in. Not even to my Earth family. My Earth family are crazy. Just like the rest of Earth. I never even laid with a lover. The celibacy is a madness that taunts me to extreme despair

    The only friends are my orbs, the birds, nature & etheral beings i talk too.

    I am finding it real hard of late to keep going. Something good was supposed to happen by now.

    I feel like i live in a social isolation concentration camp that follows me around where the only human contact is abuse from humans.

    The inhumane abuse i suffered even torture my a government mental health hospital more than once. & torture by criminals. The abuse is a long story. But due to the inhumane abuse i know the others will not initiate first contact. Earth is deemed a dark world. Earth is over run with evil. Evil calls the shots. Earth is untrustworthy with ascended technology. This is why Earth must be stopped. The humans cannot be trusted with each other let alone this world. So how can they be trusted with other world?

    I invented so much technology all rights stolen. I dont care. I also demonstrated ascended from & ascended technology. Got the government shit scared.

    Not long now & the Earth will be clean.

    I just hope i can experience love before my time.

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