To My Dear Family Here at Ashtar Command,
In response to all the confusion on this site. Elizabeth Trutwin, rev.joshua skirvin, and Drekx Omega,

   I am what has been referred to as a young-ling. I have however, been awake to the governmental cover-ups and been trying to expose them for about 15 years. I am new to all these channelings, but have been doing readings from the Faery Oracle and Spiritual Guidance through the Fey Realms, For Which I scribe, for about 10 years now. The point I wish to make is, out of all the things I have learned through this, the one thing that can't be denied is, We are in a game. And it's up to us to step out of it. If you believe that the government in anyway will bring Disclosure you are living within the Game. Disclosure is only going to come legitimately Through the People and the new governance. I'm not saying that Obama may bring out little bits of information, but it will not be full disclosure. Because if he did he would have to disclose that he is covering up Benghazi and the backing of the Rebels actually being (Al-Qeada) in Syria These just to name a few. Here is some Links to verify this information.

President Obama - Why Is The USA Supporting Al Qaeda Terrorists In Syria?
This video Proves that USA invented AL-Qaeda , and support them now. Right out of Hillary Clinton's and Obama's Mouth. May I remind you that this is the same Group that The War on Terror started with. Remember 911. The Government paid them that time too. These individuals are paid by us, if you still pay taxes, that is, to the IRS who is owned by the Illuminati.

Obama, Cameron Hold Syria War Summit in Washington: “More Weapons for Al Qaeda”

Please be advised This video is very graphic.  Not for the weak stomached or children.
Warning!!!! Could be offensive FSA Insurgent Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier

I know when it comes to The Channelings I have had my heart broken a few times. Once was when they were supposed to appear during the inauguration. This was from a message from Hatton, unsure who the channeler was. Since then I have been watching Obama's Agenda. I have heard many channels claiming that he is actually a Light-worker, and we are supposed to just except what he's doing. But how can we except it, when it is far from being Transparent. The Lies and cover-ups are still there. As a Light-worker He would not be able to have people killed and be backing what is factual as being Al-Qeada Militants in Syria.

All Killing must Stop. and If Obama is having anyone Kill anybody it is Against Love. Wake Up!

I have only been following the Channelings now for about 9 months, and what I have learned is. Trust in yourself. Trust your own intuition. If you see yourself within the Game. Step out. You have the power to do so. If you are worried about the things that are suppose happen, or just waiting for another being to save you, then you are still in the game.Understand that this is an illusion, This is where you have to make your choice. Love or Fear. We all are anxiously awaiting for Heavens announcement. And When that happens there will be no doubt. Disclosure is happening one way or another.

Love and Peace My Friends.

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  • Yes I agree, Starseed Ikse....and this slavish devotion to a leader who can do no wrong is very unhealthy....If I recall my history, wasn't Adolf Hitler similarly placed on a pedestal by many Germans in the 1930s/40s...always the Fuhrer was above others, even those henchmen such as his generals, Himmler and Goering, who were always made the fallguys for any military or political failures and the people could see no fault in Hitler..

    Obama has been placed in a similar light by far too many blind supporters...We see them on this website, often, slavishly spouting his praises, as if he were a "holy saint," or of "royal birth." LOL....

    All very unhealthy for those who seek to develop the art of self-realisation, as opposed to self-humiliation...

    Unfortunately there are always those who are suspiciously bound to serving Obama's name no matter what he does.

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  • lol Good lord. Someone get me a baloney bag, I just found a pile of it right here lol

  • Thank you Chelle for this post and bringing these things to light. Unfortunately there are always those who are suspiciously bound to serving Obama's name no matter what he does. I'm not in the mood to enter a debate with these people now, especially since I've crossed words with them in the past (ha!) and it really just ends the same. Usually, when someone sees enough evidence, they move past their cognitive dissonance even if it requires a period of denial. Others operate like clockwork, simply unable to move forward with developments. Obama aka Barry Soetoro is in fact a puppet of the Rothschild Zionists and this is not even news anymore. Even his most loyal political minions are jumping ship like rats and now speaking against his name in order to save face for themselves-- self-serving to a fault to be sure, but a sign that the administration is breaking apart at the seams nonetheless. At this point, for someone to ignore the drone-bombed children, the sleeping with Monsanto, and all the other insane, sociopathic evil this man has done and continues to do, those who continue to rationalize and justify these acts against humanity bring increasing suspicion upon themselves. That is all I can say. Thank you Chelle for bringing these things to light. Knowledge is power, and knowing these things isn't meant to bring about fear, but to bring to us an awareness of what is going on so that we can make educated decisions. I pity those still those who remain thralls to Soetoro's agendas, as they also serve Babylon, and when it comes crumbling down, their refusal to stand up for good even when evil is failing will lead them to... well, it will come crashing down around them, and it won't be pretty. He's been largely, largely exposed, and that can't even be disputed now. It is just a matter of time before truth brings light into the shadowy recesses in which lies dwell. Personally, I'm not afraid of Soetoro or his minions anymore. If they come to take my life, then that is God's will, and I have done my part at least pertaining to this incarnation on Gaia. Death is just a reset button on the console, following which we have the option to play through as another character in this "game" after all. I am more at peace than I have been for quite some time, and facing the truth about these things has played a big part of that. I'll stop ranting now, but I felt you deserved some support for speaking up. 8)

    Much love


  • First of all, with regards to Syria and the rebels, it's alternative propaganda that those rebels are actually Al Qaeda. Yes that's right, even the alternative media uses propaganda too, to push their beliefs and agenda, and that's just real.

    Those rebels make up a good number of groups, 11 major groups, the largest one being Jabhat al-Nusra, the most well funded and organized. There's actually a split in this group, one faction are what you'd call freedom fighters, who's goal is to topple the Assad regime. And the other faction wants to follow an Al Qaeda like agenda, and even went so far as to join Al Qaeda. The US administration already recognizes al-Nusra as a terrorist group, and 3 days ago, the UN moved to officially designate it an Al Qaeda affiliate, complete with the sanctions that would imposed on them as a result. much for supporting Al Qaeda.

    As far as "there's no such thing as Al Qaeda" that's more propaganda put out by alternative "truth" groups, which supposed evidence that isn't even evidence. I won't go into too much detail, for the sake of not pouring it on too thick, which I tend to do.....but rest assured, the entire global intelligence apparatus isn't geared up and mobilized to fight a fictional entity. Even Colonel Gaddafi acknowledged their is an Al Qaeda, and people living in Iraq and Afghanistan, when you listen to them, will tell you they're just as fed up with Al Qaeda as they are with American forces. Al Qaeda men, or groups claiming Al Qaeda affiliation, kill their friends and family and children. They kill rest assured, this group is very real to them.

    And Obama is in a tough position because his job is to keep the American people safe. And as long as there are groups out there, under whatever name, who seek to harm and kill Americans, it's his job to do something about it. Also keep in mind the political implications of not taking a hard stance on terrorism, his opponents already jump on him for not being a strong commander in chief, and would undoubtedly jump on him some more if he'd suddenly soften his stance even further, and dampen even further public opinion of him.

    He needs to take a hard stance on terrorism, that's part of the position he's in, and by the way, there are groups out there wanting to kill Americans, and his first and most vital job is to make sure that doesn't happen. To let these groups have carte blanche, for the sake of peace, is not a wise move, and definitely wouldn't be a wise move if an attack actually went forward and killed people, that'd be a complete disaster in terms of foreign policy, and in terms of his political career....not least the lives lost.

    There's alot of things to keep in mind, the world stage is a very complex place, so to get into this simpleton type thinking of, Obama chooses to kill people, that's not of love, he's a bad man...that belongs out on the street, not in an intelligent community.

    Same with, Obama does some things according to the agenda, that means he's one of them, he's a bad can take that to street as well. It's far more complicated than that, as you well know, if he were to outright challenge everything they do, they would find a way to ruin him. They already are, look at all the propaganda against him, but if push comes to shove, I wouldn't put it past them to just off him like they did Kennedy. I'm sure he's aware of that as well. I'm sure he's also aware, he'd have no chance of even getting into the office of the President without playing ball to a certain degree, just like Kennedy did.

  • Light Being you missed the point of my post, which is why the first thing you say is "no". Read again.

  • I do wish to say that My statements are not from Hate. I voted for Obama and wished him to be the one to Fully Disclose The shadow Government and the Illuminati. But what I have found is a lot of evidence saying otherwise. The evidence speaks for its self. If he truly is the one to disclose then why is he still backing the dark's agenda, the Bailing out of Banks and backing FEMA and signing to Open the Camps. Here is a video of his speech where he justifies imprisoning individuals for  possibly just Thinking of committing a crime.

    Obama explains the FEMA Camps - FULL version

    Our freedoms are being removed now more quickly then ever because many Light-worker are stopping their true work. To work for the light is to Spread Truth. For the Truth is Light. Not too follow the dark's Agenda and sit back and do nothing to stop it. That whats they want. And it sound to me like that's the new plan. and to Little Star Faery I Love my faery the keep me in truth and comfort. Much Love.

  • I wish to thank everyone for your responses and the Love :). I do not wish to be a fear monger at all, I was very cautious on how I wrote this blog. I do not wish anyone to fear at all. We do however need to open our eyes to the facts. The facts are out there you just have to look. If you close your eyes to them, then you are closing your eyes to Truth, and will not be able to except full disclosure.  Please open your eyes America before it's to late.

  • Thank you, Chelle Lea, for your open heart :-)  I have nothing to say on channelings, they are a test for the chelas.  Just to clarify on the Obama matter and politics in general... we will stop being slaves when we realize we outnumber "them" and take back our rights collectively and as One.  I support IdleNoMore and Occupy, the Arab Spring and all the people who fight for freedom from oppression.  It is the small people out there putting their lives and freedom on the line who deserve our love and energy, I send light to the suffering out there.  Sometimes I feel so bad about what my politicians have done in my name, and then I get angry at the sleepers who pretend it doesn't matter and are concerned about status and money, keeping up with the joneses... those are the ones we need to wake up, the ones who keep voting in corrupt leaders who feed their illusions and greed. 

  • No ۞ Light of Wisdom ۞ I have not focused on the worst of the worst at all, I use discernment on all of them and none have ever delivered including ones this site.

    “And you wouldn't be even talking about "having faith in channellings", because that in itself implies you need to operate from belief, rather than knowing”.

    I operate from knowing, seeing and hearing the truths, and I don’t have to listen nor believe in any of these to get through life, its called free will, discernment, as I have faith in myself, honesty and integrity and I trust in the truths from my soul.

    I know my path, have done so from a very young age.

  • Light Being, that's because you focused on the worst of the worst. Channellings from service to self beings deliberately trying to divide the people and confuse those who listen to such channellings, the sole purpose for these kind of messages is to discredit this whole way of communication between this reality and higher ones.

    Therefore, you too have fallen into the trap of writing off all channeling because you are focusing on the ones that have not promised what they have said. This is a deliberate tactic of all STS forces. They attempt to take something and distort it to such an extent that it becomes useless to anyone but themselves.

    STS messages are all about serving self, all about sensationalism, all about the wonders of the technology of higher realities, all about keeping one in belief, all about keeping one not acting in their own life, all about resigning to external forces, all about being told that if you behave you will be spared, all about using your weaknesses to your disadvantage, all about distracting you from facing yourself, on and on and on.......

    Also, this site does not differentiate between STO material and STS material, it is left up to the user to determine that for themselves - if they even can. You have focused on STS messages which is why you are feeling the way you are. 

    If however you focused on specific other channeled sources, you would have had a much more pleasant experience with the phenomenon as a whole. And you wouldn't be even talking about "having faith in channellings", because that in itself implies you need to operate from belief, rather than knowing.

    And whether you came to this understanding through self-work or through being exposed to the channeling of service to others (STO) beings, what matters at the end of the day is that your perception of what is true and not true is not the result of the mechanizations of STS polarized beings. Who always seek ways to cut off humanity and keep it imprisoned.

    There is a very good quote from Bringers of the Dawn that comes to mind, made by Pleiadians of 6th density STO level:

    The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist.

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