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God the Father is known by many names in many religions around the world and through out the Universe of Nebadon. Even in our New Age movement and Ascension Plan he is called Prime Creator, Source, the Creator, Father / Mother God and so forth. But the best way for us to come together in this Spirit~reality that all can agree upon is he is our Father and his name is Michael of Nebadon . because we can relate to our earthly Fathers especially on this ''Fathers day'' in which we give credit to his name and this is the highest concept that most closely approximates the nature of God is that of a Father.

If we had a good earthly Father, which a number of us haven't, and so if not we still have our heavenly Fathers image to look to for the Love that we need to survive. And God the Father is Love and therefor we are loved. There is a Mother image as well but she does not have a name,and she is not part of the 1st Trinity. She was created from the Father by the Master Spirits,she is just called the Mother Doughter Spirit and her Spirit bonds the Material Universe together and to complete this Family we have an elder brother Jesus-Sananda who is now also a god but not a Creator God who evolved to that status as a human, the same as we are doing and he is billions of years old, he is the one who channelled this info below to us through the book ACIM. And the Urantia book has over 900 pgs. of info on Jesus from 2000 yrs ago. And he will return soon to lead us back home at the end of a Age which is very soon as the old 3D age is finished. For we are now in 4D raising to 5D. The old Testament is a tribute to the Father, the new Testament is a tribute to the Son and the New Age Movement is a Tribute to the Holy Spirit.

So that is our real family that we can relate to as we evolve back into the mind of God the Father in which we came from.We are in his mind and he is ours, through the Holy Spirit if we ask him in,he is the Voice for God, and extension of the Father in us. He helps us to adjust our thoughts by sending a tone to us when we make the correct dicisions.He is also called our other self by JC. But there is another also not part of the 1st Trinity called the Adjuster  or mystery Minitor and he uses symbols to help correct our thoughts, talked about a lot in the UB but not in the ACIM,Of course there is much much more to all of this of which I have spoken about in past blogs that I have posted from my higher self. In the ACIM we call this the Holy Trinity [ Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit ]. It is the main priniciple or foundation of the New Age Spirit~Reality in the book ACIM. And there is a Trinity of Trinities as I have spoke of before from the Urantia Book, and the book ACIM concentrates on the 1st Trinity and the Holy Spirit. But still all in all on this Fathers day the idea of God is best understood as Our Father.

Also note that neither the Father nor the Son asks you to worship them or make sacrifices to them, only the dark forces do that.They just want you to Love them back and learn to Love yourself and each other as they Love us. Also remember that this Divine Plan of Ascension is a Spiritual movement not just a political one to over throw the DC, we must do our Spiritual home work if we want to ascend on time. Note also that both of these books [UB & ACIM ] do not always align.  Wiki-pedia does not give a correct view of the UB, but does say that the book ACIM is connected in some ways.


Below is some of this weeks affermations that help us to comprehend what God is to us in our Ascension process. from Jesus-Sananda.

To God the Father on Fathers day. From this weeks lesson in the book '' A Course in Miracles''.[ACIM]

God [ the Father] is but Love,and therefor so am I......        [ to be repeated after each affermation daily]

All things are but echoes of the voice for God..
The power of Decision is my own..

In my defenselessness my safety lies.
I am among the Ministers of God the Father..

I walk with God in perfect Holiness.
I will step back and let him lead the way..

Into his presence I would enter now..
God is but Love therefore so am I.

I give the Miracles I have received..
I am at home fear is the stranger here..

Give me your blessings, holy son of God..
I am as God the Father created me..

There is no death, the son of God is free..
Now are we one with him who is our source..

Let not my mind deny the thought of God [as Father..]
I am entrusted with the gifts of God..

There is one life and that I share with God..
your grace is given me,I claim it now..

By grace I live, by grace I am released..
God is but Love and therefor so am I..

.. Adonai.

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