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  • i had these bad feelings when i was doing my old routines things i should not be a part of like working for a corparation i got violently sick so i started my own bizness i am much healthier now
  • This blog is from June 2011.  I tracked a SOLAR DEVA for days as it travelled to our sun to help with its output and growth (the Solar Logos is getting an upgrade too!)... but the one I have been watching now, is MUCH larger than the last one from June.  Check out the difference and see what happens when this one reaches the sun... probably in a week or so... do not be surprised if there is another major earth event when this happens.


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  • Kewl! How so the Sun is going to shift? :)

  • Wow, Kelly. The bright light is restless, lol

    Hmmm , is it Nibiru?

  • WOW this is getting sooo cool.


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  • Hey I just noticed that bright light with the wings has moved in one day.  What do you guys think it is?  Solar angels this size of planets are out by the sun, but I am not sure if this is one of them. 
  • Here is todays solar data.  Fascinating stuff.  Note that today is an 11/11 number - a number of integration and of "doorways". 

    You are doing everything right, Indigo1955 :)  This time is a "null" period, you've been cleansed and are awaiting being "filled up" with light.  Don't be surprised if in the next few months you start showing telepathy and other skills in conjunction with your LIGHT fillment.  Take care of your body, it's going to be bumpy until June 21.  Good luck, it gets better!


  • Friday i had less energy in my body.. Its now 23:35 o`clock, and after a ride on my bicyckle i now feeling better. But had to sleep 2 hours in earlier today, and in North of Norway its unusual hot. 28 degree Celcius.

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"Be sure. Not everyone believes what the so-called politics says about the so-called U.F.O's. You still got incaned Frinds here on Shan (Earth)."
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"yes, silly politics, like the Nobel Peace Prize Committee today! LOL"
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"I have the feeling there will come much more from the UFO subject in the near future, but not for the betterment of humanity"
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"Politics! 😄

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"I just learned, the push in the US congress for UFO "disclosure" is just an updated cover-up.
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"These Days i was feel like a Sun it self wich send out it warm love. ;) Beloved. The littel Toddlers become a red Face from my Bless in seconds. I always give them my love. They come to me when they sad. Yesterday i helped a littel one who was…"
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"It's not a Poem, it's a Song for Children. Just the Text. Well, that one with the Moon. The other one just i say how i was feel."
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