I am Joe Barnett. I am 66 years old. I live in California.

I earned a B.A. degree in music. I played in many Jazz Bands for several years. I also earned a Master's Degree in Authentic Encounter from the Communication Department at Chico State College.

I belong to a music group called Crystal Magic Orchestra.

I would like to tell you my story of how this music raised me from the dead.

I was on foot in a freeway lane and a TEN TON Truck hit me and killed me.
I was in the hospital room when the doctor announced that I was dead.

I had been possessed by three demons. They completely overpowered my consciousness. I had absolutely no control of my thinking or actions for three days and three nights. They forced me to drive my car all over California and into Arizona. They made me do terrible things.

All of the Angels and many Creator Beings, as well as God, tried to break through to my brain and my consciousness, but it was impossible, because the demons would not let them in.

Finally, at four a.m. on the fourth day, I started driving the car again. This time, the demons were absent long enough for Mary Magdalene to enter into my Soul. She was only within me for a few seconds. It was enough time to break free from the demons for a minute. 

This caused a huge shock in my thinking. I didn't know who I was, or where I was. I didn't know I was driving a car.

I stopped the car on the freeway and got out of the car.

I was hit by a ten-ton truck. That was when I died. That was the moment when my Soul returned to the Over Soul.

My head was already sliced open from the truck hitting my body while driving at least 50 mph.

My body flew through the air and landed on the other lane in the freeway. It all happened so suddenly that the cars were not stopping. Five cars ran over my body.

The truck driver called 911. A helicopter flew my body to the hospital.

The rest of the story, I did not get to hear until a few weeks ago.

I can now speak with myself, who is now in the Creator Realm.

He does not remember anything about this event, except how horrific it was. He told me the possession of the demons was so horrible that he will not repeat it to anyone. It was truly much more horrifying than the time he was nailed to the cross.

Yes, this was the main thing that I learned from speaking with myself, who died instantly when hit by the truck. My Soul, the Soul that was in me during this lifetime, was the Soul of Jesus Christ. I am now a fractal of that Soul.

It was always the plan that the male and female Christ would find each other in this lifetime, and we would ascend simultaneously as One Soul. 

This was the reason that God made sure that my body would remain on Earth, even though my Soul returned home to the Over Soul.

Mary Magdalene was the one who saved this body. She was the one who was there. She called on God and the Angels to save my body.

The angels wrapped themselves around my body seconds after the truck smashed my head open. They were holding on to my body as it flew through the air and smashed onto the pavement. This is the reason why the only signs of injury to my body were my head was split open and my leg was twisted off, and the bones cracked in my hip.

There were thousands of Angels wrapped around my body when the five cars ran over my body. There were many witnesses who described these events on the 911 recording.

People were screaming and crying. They couldn't believe their eyes. Everyone assumed I was dead.

The helicopter arrived sometime later. My body was still alive. When the doctors examined my body, they did not believe it was possible that I was alive.

When I arrived at the hospital, a brain doctor announced that there was a hole in my brain, and it would be impossible for my brain to recover. He announced that I only had a few hours left to live.

That was when Mary Magdalene insisted to come to my bed side to begin playing music and singing to me. By the time the doctors returned, I was conscious, and they no longer saw the brain was causing any problem.

The doctors still could not understand why I was alive. There was still a hole, the size of a walnut in my brain, and yet, I woke up, and continued to lay in a hospital bed for a week before most of my scars were healed.

This was the true story of my RESURRECTION in this lifetime.

My wife, Angela Barnett, would not let the doctors perform the operation that would have killed me.
She worked on Spiritually healing me and raising me from being dead.
She put our powerful healing music playing through earphones on my head in the hospital room. She successfully raised me from being dead
and she continued healing me until there was not even a scar left on my face. I was able to walk again within several months.

When I entered the hospital, I looked like Frankenstein. My head was actually sliced in half. My leg was dangling, but could be re-attached. I appeared to be a bag of bones that was being held together with magical glue.

I am the resurrected Joe.
I am the resurrection and the life.

I actually wrote this Song, titled I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE when we lived in Japan, in 1992. This song is on our CHRISTMAS ALBUM.

You may listen to this song FREE.

Go to Cosmic Healing Music (

Scroll down past the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM, past the list of pages, past the PROTECTION recording, and you will see RESURRECTION.

It says press this button to listen.

Joe Barnett, MA and
Dr. Angela Barnett
California, USA


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