This is Gaia speaking to all of my Beloved Children who offered me any help lately:

May I express my deepest gratitude to all the extra Light and Love that you have directed to my core and Inner Sun, towards my Etherical body, my Astral, Mental and Causal Body as this scribe has been Guided and Advised this evening by CMAton to send his Reiki towards, allowing Source, CMAton and the Wave Energy to align with my physical body, so we can apply enough Divine Power to make shift what needs to give way, to let the Light break free from the bondage held against me for too long.

This process will become very visible and experienced with great fear to many who have not aligned themselves with the Divine and much Higher Energy now in place. That after many calls and warnings, but for too many too little too late.

I cannot withold from the inevitable anylonger and wish to Bless all of you, my truly Beloved Children and Warriors of Light, as CMAton is proud to call you, with Godspeed, Courage, Trust as I too had to collect over the last couple of days, much with your and Celestial Help.

As mothers will understand, my water broke and what was holding me back is no longer, so know that out of my cries and hefty movements will come my new Self, ' Gaia ' in harmony and in full alignment with Divine Purpose, as alsy YOU shall experience for yourselves accordingly.

Thank you my Children of all stature, Thank you my Most Gracious Great Leader CMAton and all of the countless Celestial Helpers in standby, Time To Give Birth Has Come. Take my hand as I hold yours and cry with me the tears of JOY!

I AM Gaia, Your Earthly Mother.