The truth about Anubis

8108907478?profile=originalNow let me tell you the truth about the egyptian god Anubis. The cabal, illuminati say he was evil! The Anubis movies you see that Hollywood has made is nothing more than pure NONSENSE and PROPAGANDA for what he truly was!

But if you think for a moment why the cabals, illuminati, elit calls him evil? Have you ever thought that perhaps the cabals, illuminati elit calls him evil was simply cause he was fighting against darkness and evil. Fighting for love, peace, harmony and prosperity!? Naturally that made him one of their worst enemy and they started to spread lies and propaganda about him to scare the people! Now would that make sense to you that this would make him evil in the eyes of the cabal, illuminati elite!? Of CAUSE IT DOS! Anyways, let me tell you who Anubis was...

Anubis was an Aeshir Price and he had a identical twin brother named Anube. Anubis was the first born of them! Anubis father witch was the Aeshir king in his kingdom at that time had a good and close friend that was a Leopard Paschat. This paschat king later married one of his best female warriors and her name was Sekhmet a pascat lioness. Anyways the Aeshir Kings son Anubis and Anube was great warriors. Anubis he sent to his dear friend the paschat leopard king, to help him out with the problems they had there back then. He took off to the Paschat´s planet to help his fathers friend out with the problem they had there. Anubis was a great scientist and alchemist. He researched new armory and weaponry that would make sure to get rid of the power hungry tyrants that was causing huge problems back then! You see folks earth is not the only target that this bloody power hungry,greedy egoistic  dark once and their minions has tryed to control and rule. Oh no, meny other planets have they tryed to claim to their own and rule over and control just like they have don and do on this planet.

Anyways, It was also there at the paschat planet when he was helping the leopard king with the war against the evil and power hungry tyrants, witch  was making chaos and amok, he met his love of his life, Bast! Witch he loved from the depth of his heart and soul. It was love at first sight when they saw each other! Yep, that is right, Bast and Anubis where a couple, they got married later on! Anubis decided to settle in at his fathers best friend, the leopards kings kingdom and became one of the kings best generals. One of his closest friend including the leopard king was general Pantero, witch was also a prince. The panther king´s oldest son. Pantero was just like his father, a panther.

Anubis introduced a new type of helmet to the leopard king! This helmet looked like the head of an aeshir, much like his own head. This helmet was much like night vision binoculars that we see today but way far more advanced than what we have today! The eyes on the helmet was glowing yellowish and in the dark it could look pretty freaky when you saw this glowing eyes from distance from a whole army! The helmet gave you an amazing clear vision in the night and you could zoom in great distances to see where the enemy was located and was doing without getting noticed, by the enemy. Anubis was pretty smart actually he putted the black panthers in the front line and the other paschats a bit further back. When he putted the black panther paschat on the front line wearing the anubis helmet it fooled the enemy big time in thinking that they had to deal with a whole aeshir army! It made them shit in their pants as they say pretty much! With his beloved Bast he got 5 children. His oldest twin sons Anpu and Inpu witch was a replica of their father Anubis. The third son Ailuros looked a bit different from the rest. But that made him look more exotic. Ailuros was a paschat just like his mother Bast. But he had his fathers black fur and his father Anubis ears. A great example is when you see an oriental cat. This cats has bigger ears than other cats. So yes this features did make Ailuros look a bit different and more exotic than the other children of theirs. Anubis and Bast had two daughters too with the name Bastet and Ubastet. Bastet was pretty much a replica to her mother, a cougar cat, while Ubastet looked like a black cougar cat. Anubis was a loving, fair, harmonious and peacefull Aeshir and loved his beloved Bast and his kids unconditionally! He did meny great deads and helped the paschats defeat the tyrants. He is still today honored and remembered for his great deeds and for defeating the evil tyrants together with the Leopard king and his allies and armies. Anubis is much like a legendary hero at the paschat world still to this very day along with King Panthero and the Leopard King. The Leopard king witch later on married with one of his best female warriors, the famous Sekhmet!

One of the Aeshir kings in the aeshir planet is King Annuk, he is the decendant of Anubis and Bast! Just like Anubis case King Annuks queen is a paschat. Annuk looks like an amazing replica to Anubis...

8108908254?profile=originalA very sweet picture of Bast and Anubis. But like I said Bast was a cougar and not a panther.


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  • Light Keys: It sure look like an Aeshir and a bit like Anubis too..who knows, might bee Anubis father! ;)

  •  When I saw this Orb in my yard I was amazed afer a closer look I found what looks like Anubis looking out of the trees to the right above the bird house


  • Yeah well I´d say it would bee something like that! This beeings are 6D so this was actually after Krishnas time...Remember Krishna Ji was a 8D Pleiadean just like Shiva Ji, Rama Ji and Vishnu Ji...

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