The Special Relativity  of turning the other cheek to the “world @ Large.”
vs. being a member of a group.

I am a Member of Ashtar command.  Now, to me, that doesn’t make me better or worse than the “world at Large.  Yet, it does imply certain “truths which Members” share, or hold in common.  Certain ,“core believes held as self evident”.
I don’t expect people in general to have my beliefs.  I have  tolerance for whatever people choose to believe . . . . In the larger world.

Yet, that tolerance  and belief in freedom of speech  have limits and conditions, under certain conditions.  

 For example, Inside someone’s house of worship, it is considered in very bad taste and further; not tolerated if someone shows up during a service where the “Members” meet, and physically or Verbally defaces the sacred temple or the chosen Logos. The members, are not meeting in public, for this reason.  The Members can choose to be tolerant of free speech, in the public domain and in the world at large.  But the purpose behind belonging to a membership, is to be among like philosophy.  The members can be tolerant of taunts like, “your little religion”, in the world at large.  BUT because scorn and ridicule have an energy that is not neutral, why should those who believe and are sensitive to energy, be forced to experience that dense energy in order to enter their group?  Most people come for  the warmth of unity and shared reflection, that’s why they seek out a  group to join.  

When I am making my way to a group I have joined, (not in cyber space,)  for the purpose of feeding and clothing the poor.  I can walk past and ignore, all the hecklers, who have varying  messages of; “ the poor deserve it because they have angered god and are sinners.”  

But when I walk through the doors of “MY Groups” meeting Hall, that’s where the hecklers freedom of speech ends.  
How would  the group accomplish their goals in the face of endless debate?  Their meeting place, is not the world at large that is the distinction, that is why we are referred to as “Members”

Groups meet for a reason, not one, poor person, would get fed, if within the halls of the group, fund raising goals and other organizational discussions are constantly thrown off topic over ideology that is outside the defining feature of the group.

In addition,   A Founding Principle of the awakening principle, expressed most eloquently, by Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer, and Greg Braden to name a few is :  “See the Good.”

If you look around and you Don’t “see the good“, in what  ANY group stands for, for heaven sake, go to a different group, where you see the good.
 Or step out of their meeting place back into the world @ large.  Have a good ol rally against  them.  But in their place of meeting there should be sanctuary against   comments of Scorn like, “Your little religion.”
 If you observed someone taunting an Elder. . . would you just,” not take it personally” and turn the other cheek, or step up and say, “Have some respect”.  I know I would never allow or enable my children to show disrespect in someone’s home or meeting place.  What are we teaching them,  by allowing such behavior?

People who join a group called Ashtar Command Are here because we hold certain truths to be self evident.
“We Love Ashtar and His Command and all the Ascended Masters stand for.
If you don’t agree with a least that; then you are in the wrong place.   Members should not be required to debate their chosen truths ad nauseam.

Go to a public place for that, and enjoy all the freedom of speech and scorn you can muster

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  • Thank You,Kelly, you have spoken truthfully.   When seekers come here and find the intentionally dense and ridiculing speech patterns chosen by some, they find themselves confused and over come by this dark intention and leave here sometimes never to return.  They get an impression of "bickering", when, in fact it is not the lighted ones who engage in this fashion.  But the Love and Lighters as we are scornfully referred to by the ridiculers, need to Clarify the misconstrued imagery intentionally left on all the discussions by those who amuse themselves by causing the "appearance of bickering" to further their service to self agenda.  I have compassion for these dense energy CONTROL TYPE personalities.  Yet enough is enough.  If they still have not gotten whatever it is they are trying to get from us . .  by coming here and being disruptive,. . .it is time to move on . . enabling them to take down the weak ones is not the answer either.

      I feel that not one more Truth  Seeker should lose Hope,  because of their base behavior.  And I have spent a lifetime giving a hand to this very personality type.  If they refuse the Olive branch that has been offered them time after time . . .

    Why should one more seeker come here only to lose hope, from this dense portrayal of," how it isn't"

    And yes, I am honored to offer you a place of refuge and respite, to be: The Beautiful,Powerful, Lighted Wisdom Keeper  that you are.

    Bless Your Gentle Loving Heart!

  • You make up many good points, may I add that as human ambassadors I am embarrassed of the distrust and finger pointing, people who have little faith in themselves, enough that they have to find a sense of worth in combating with spiritual lightbringers... bringing hatefulness and swearwords to undermine spiritual growth... well, I just have found another place where I am free to myself without the drama.

  • Exactly Drekx!  Isn't it Ironic.

    Thank you for your CLARITY OF VISION!

  • So very true, sister faith and it ties in nicely with my latest blog on trolls...


    The most amazing arrogance I've noticed from these ACC members who do not share in our basic beliefs, is that they accuse us of being the oddballs, for being starseed, theosophists, contactees, GFL supporters.....etc.

    They then claim we are wrong to challenge their lack of resonance with their values which, by and large, are hostile and support this 3rd density control matrix...They chide us for being unrealistic and out of place in their value system.....A system that considers us insane......LOL


    Just bad manners on their part......It would be as if someone joined a golfing club and demanded that he be allowed to use a cricket bat, rather than a golf club, as he tees off on the green....LOL.

    And then made a drama because other members insisted that he use a proper golfing club....Plain silly, like some trolls on ACC.

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