The 'Sound Frame' of creation

Dear Friends,

Bareld (my Twin Flame) and I have been receiving communications from the beautiful higher dimensional Whale Beings of the Sirius and Cetus star systems recently, akin to – their energies reflected as – the whales and dolphins incarnated in our Earth oceans. Bareld has postedhere about the Whale Beings and their close relationship with Leonine Beings, and thesounding of creation. (It’s worth listening to the videos at the end of his post too, of whale, lion and elephant sounds, to feel the connection in the vibration – a reflection into 3D manifestation of those higher dimensional cosmic creator beings).

My first focused contact with Whale Beings came in June this year. I have memories of a Dolphin-like life on a planet of Sirius C (not visible or known to astronomers, as the Star Sirius C exists in the sixth dimension and never shifted into lower frequencies), and have worked with a Dolphin guide for several years – a really adorable being! In this lifetime, after being born onto a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by sea life, my family moved to Western Australia, and I spent many childhood hours in the sea, over the road from my grandparents’ beach-house. Wild dolphins often came close into the shore and swam with me and my cousins. They were playful and innately protective of us. On one occasion, I remember them chasing a young shark away, and literally throwing it up in the air until it swam off. So I always had a very loving feeling for the ocean, and especially loved the dolphins. They felt like family, and clearly treated us like their own children.

Therefore, it has been a natural (and very happy) progression to connect consciously again with their higher dimensional counterparts and origins, the Dolphin and Whale families of Cetus, the Whale constellation, Sirius C, also Sirius B and the Pleiades, where they spread to. Last June, while walking along a trail from which I’ve taken quite a few photos of lightships, the ship below appeared among clouds overhead.

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  • Thank you amparo alvarez, for speaking about your Twin, and the way he appears to you in various orb forms - beautiful connection, and confirmation you're experiencing. :)

    My Twin is here incarnated, living on the other side of the world (he is in the Netherlands, I am in Australia). We reconnected four years ago, and were able to meet in physical in the middle of this year for a month, which was very beautiful, as we have a well-established deep energetic connection/reunion. 

    We 'flash' to each other as orbs frequently, and realized it happens when we're thinking of each other, focused on our loving feeling for each other/together. We are deeply synchronized, as you would no doubt pick up from reading the above post in its entirety. You may like this post I wrote last year, with photos of him in 'orb representation':

    We are here as 'ground crew'/anchors on Earth, but also hold fifth dimensional soul aspects on board the Phoenix, as Rowena and Aron. 'I' merged with Rowena in 2013, and have simultaneous viewing, from Earth and from the ship, so I see and feel what is going on here, and the progress of the ascension energies as a whole, from both perspectives, which has been profoundly stabilizing for my Joanna self.

    Our 'Source energy' is also embedded in a ship called the Shem Arua (Light of the Lion); it is literally part of the ship's conscious core. I have a page about it here, if you'd like to read about it in the context of Twin Flame energy:

    Blessings and love to you too, and may you continue to enjoy your beautiful Twin connection,

    Joanna. xx

  • And one of the same ships by daylight, taken looking up from the 'sacred circle', which I have a page about here.



  • Ships from Tau Ceti, in Cetus, the Whale constellation, photos taken at full moon on November 26th, 2015.




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