The Return Of Papacy And Dark Ages 2

Can the world ever return to the dark ages? Specifically, can Governments once again return to religious persecutions? The answer is yes it can! Just some few years back it was unthinkable that US can ever go back to civil war era. However it is now seen as a possibility, thanks to trump and other so called 'populists' leaders all over the world.

To appreciate that world can go back to dark ages, ignorance, uncivilization, barbarism etc. We must scrap off the false story of how human civilization evolved. Specifically, many people have the false idea that the method of governance evolved from anarchy to dictatorship,  to democracy for a few elite, then todemocracy for all. This ridiculous story places US as the oldest democracy! In reality, human civilization begun with democracy then dictaorship then back to democracy. In other words human civilization can make a U turn. It is not a steady motion as if towards some fixed destiny. So just like the world returned to democracy, it can return to the periods of religious intolerance and persecutions.

But why did the world went from democracy to dictatorship? The answer is 'security', and especially security from 'external enemies'. Thus we sell our freedom in exchange for our 'security'. This might be how pope will once again threaten us! When Europeans discovered America, pope must have trembled. Latter, the pope's nightmare came true. The imigrants to America went ahead to demonstrate that governments lead by people other than the 'vicarius filli deis' was posible. So the popery had its days numbered. He knew that his conspiracy to rule the whole world has encountered a new can of worms. But he had an idea: if we remove the bubble gum of 'liberty' off the mouths of Americans and then shove the bubble gum of 'security' to the mouths, then we might eventualy step in.

You will see election results being challenged more and more across the world. Then people riot, defeated leaders abusing millitary in the guise of fighting foreign enemy. Pope knows that if the world is thrown into chaos and wars, soon people will say we are tired! We don't care who is the president is anymore. After all who can compromise his 'security'? All we want is peace and order. Then the pope will step in and say 'you see, man cannot govern himself The whole reason for all reason for chaos is that men forsake the government of God and chose to govern himself'.This message will resonate with world disperate for peace and order.

The pope may hijack scientists to claim that they have proven that the Christian god exists. Then 'god' will be imposed as they do so 'science facts', like impose vaccines, climate science etc to people without caring whether or not the 'facts' are proven to them. Like coronavirus, 'disobedience to God' is a threat to 'national security'. Then pope will be elected as the 'Ayatollah Khamenei' of the new 'Christian' world.

Welcome to dark ages ii!


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  • You must know though that 'dark ages' is a misnomer. In reality only Europe was in the dark. We don't say 'Europe's Dark Ages' because 'his-story' fabricated by Europeans centers the world around Europe.
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"All this has to come down and people need to find ways to survive it's going be a long bumpy ride for next few years and it will be a dark period for many."
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Back to One You and I are One somewhere on a very high layer of consciousnessHere on Earth in compaction have we forgotten that we are One Division reigns Polarization at its best Reflected the tearing apart from Source Apart from you and I are One…
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