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Another year has passed, another arc on the grand spiral of time. Your (April's) spirit/essence has lengthened profoundly in breadth as well as height and depth. It has been an expansive year and one of deep integration, and joyful alignment. A time of receiving from Spirit and nourishing Soul unlike any other. You are no longer you, as you have grown/expanded beyond identity, beyond human description, beyond light/dark, beyond form, beyond many such illusory boundaries – while still contained within a human vessel. You have reclaimed the knowledge, the wisdom, the truth contained within the deepest parts of Self, your ancestral blood, your connection to Gaia, Source/Creator, and your connection to worldly and otherworldly allies, seen and unseen (heavenly and planetary). You have served as a bridge, a friend, a code bringer, collaborator, and healer between worlds and as a result, have restored your sense of empowerment, strength, vitality,  inner calm, and sense of belonging on this planet.

This is every human's divine birthright and intended role, though many still struggle to break through the fog (the counter influences and illusions both internal/external), and claim it. But this is indeed what the collective is striving toward. Not only the reintegration and healing of fragmentation and separation, but also the healing of relationships throughout the Web of Life in order to restore greater harmony between worlds. And to be candid, this is the only thing slowing down the actualization of the new paradigm, the ascended Earth experience, or the re-enchantment/sacralization of the world. Everything else has been given and continues to be gifted.

Many lightworkers as well as other spiritual initiates working for the greater good and upliftment of humanity and planetary conditions need to realize, as you did, that as a multidimensional being there is more than one aspect of Self, and that these Selves need to be retrieved, integrated and aligned in order to fully reclaim and actualize their divine birthright and ascend as well as to better aid in the ascension/restoration of planetary life.

The time has now come for all way-showers to become aware of these various aspects of Self, the various Orders and Hierarchies of Life/Spirit, and humanity's true role within Creation – at least to some degree. Or to put it plainly, it's time for the rounding out of one's spiritual/mystical education in anticipation of the next stage of human evolution – the soulful spiritual evolution/revolution that will see humanity throw off the shackles of illusion and claim its rightful place among Creation. But first, one must awaken to the full truth and glory of who they are. May they come to realize as you have, that your Higher Self (also known as “star or upper world walker” in other traditions) is only one aspect – there is also in the main the Physical Self, and the Dream/Underworld/Soulful Self.

The Higher Self walks and communes with the Heavenly/Cosmic Hierarchy and receives glimpses into the divine cosmic plan and overall cosmology; the Dream/Underworld/Soul Self walks and communes with the Divine Mother/Planetary Hierarchy and receives glimpses of the divine template for Earth/Gaia and this Self keeps one's vessel and one's energy vital and alive; lastly one's Physical Self serves as the manifest/material world bridge and point of expression/communication and integration between the other two. It is through the Physical Self that you express this inner/outer integration.

Most spiritual path initiates (in whatever tradition they work with) tend to focus and express through mostly two of these aspects of Self. But all three must be activated, brought into active partnership, aligned, and consciously worked with. Many lightworkers for instance, prefer only to commune with Higher Self and do not want to ground within the Earth/Gaia. There is too much pain, misery, suffering they say, instead they cannot wait to go home – and yet how are they to transmute it and complete their work if they do not want to get their feet (or chakras) dirty? They do not want to accept or embrace their full nature but by being born and incarnated into a human body they are as much of Earth (and soulful living) as Cosmic in origin (and spiritual living), and there is no avoiding passing through both those levels of initiation/education in order to further progress as individuals, as well as help the healing of this planetary world in the fastest and most effective way possible.

In general, one must be open to learning to work and commune with all orders of Life (seen and unseen) within the local system of which they are a part – or at the very least, become aware and respectful of their presence. As you have discovered, powerful bonds and alliances can be created through friendship, exchange, and support that serve you as much as them. And the vast majority of them, want nothing more than the restoration/ascension of the Gaiac/Earthly experience. Humans were never meant to walk alone, for true strength, empowerment, and vitality comes with the recognition of our inherent unity with other forms of life and/or other forms of consciousness. And these consciousness forms/orders of life are broken or stunted in some way as well, because of the brokenness in humanity.

All forms of life/consciousness within a local system and spiraling out to connected systems, were meant to exchange energy and information with one another, to be in relationship together – not to be an island upon themselves. And this has been the greatest lie thrust upon humanity – that one is on their own, that one is somehow separate – that other realms or forms of life (seen/unseen) don't exist and if they do, they are evil, untrustworthy and not to be meddled with. And yet they all exist in the first place to be of service to humanity's growth, evolution, and the overall planetary experience. After all, Earth was meant to be a place of rich experience and higher learning - not one of egregious suffering.

Many earthly realms are considered dark, shadowy, and hellish in nature. The Earth has been bathed in the blood of the suffering, how could it not be so? And while yes, these imprints and memories have been stored within the Earth, within one's psyche's, within one's blood (as you are born of the Earth), they are not evil or out to get anyone. They simply seek acknowledgment, love and healing (just like humanity does) and must be integrated if a healing and eventually a restoration is to be realized, in Self and the greater Collective. There are also many beautiful, joyful and magical realms within Earth to experience as well and many lost aspects of Self within these soulful depths to be retrieved and integrated. All of these things are certainly worth the trouble of such deep excursions.

For example, the template (or divine plan) that must be restored dwells within the depths of the Earth. It's always been there, a brightly glowing seed/sun that has continued to hold the original intent or etheric blueprint of Earth as well as the etheric blueprint of the Adam Kadmon. Aside from these blueprints, also found within Earth and its many realms are the Planetary Hierarchy including: the Council of 7 (the other councils extend outward from Earth), the world soul (the Divine Feminine/Mother), one's Soul Self, one's ancestors when not incarnate (moving throughout the inner mansion worlds/lower heavens and yet still attuned to you), the spirits of the plant and animal kingdoms, the mineral intelligences who are very high orders of beings incarnating a small aspect of Self within the planetary experience, the Sidhe/Faery or the “shining ones” and/or Argathans (those who are further along in Earth's evolution than current humanity and who long ago went underground), the elemental and directional spirits, and the spirits of place, not to mention the inner passage from Earth to her many sister realms as recorded in the myths of old.

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