The Power of Will

The Power of Will-Master El Morya and Archangel MichaelChannelled through Natalie Glasson 10-03-09As the will of the Creator becomes of greater influence in your life you feel a deeperunity and connection with the soul of the Creator, experiencing new feelings of stabilityand security, as if a divine hand is steering you to achieve magnificentaccomplishments. The will of the Creator extends from the mind of the Creator. To beable to understand the thoughts of the Creator would be a magnificent experience; allwould be able to truly accept the meaning of life on the Earth and the inner planes.Intruth this is achievable but we will always only be able to access the most appropriatethoughts, ideas and understanding from the mind of the Creator for our own personalgrowth, this is because of the volume of light that we hold within our beings. Light is theessence of the Creator it can also manifest as a feeling, sensation and energy of lovewhich holds within it a vast source of understanding, wisdom, enlightenment andawareness. The more that we expand our awareness the easier it is for us to accept theCreator’s divine intervention within our lives and minds.When we are open, holding agreater awareness, the will of the Creator can seem extremely obvious because we haveaccepted a greater volume of light and love within our being and have gained a greaterunity with the Creator’s soul. In truth anchoring the will of the Creator and realising theguidance of the Creator within your being is to simply accept greater volumes of lightand open your soul and mind with the intention of receiving guidance that will direct youalong your correct path. Your correct path is the path or personal experiences that leadyou to greater unity with the Creator’s soul, with the ability to hold higher vibrations oflight within your physical body and soul; accepting your divine essence which is theCreator’s soul.The lessons of the physical Earth school can seem so difficult at times but the Creatorwishes everything to be easy and enjoyable for you and so when you open your mind,heart, body and soul to the Creator and accept the Creator’s light and love into yourbeing, holding it within your being and allowing it to emanate from you, the Creator isable to assist you in the most perfect and appropriate way, incorporating the largerpicture of the entire universe.You may then notice that situations that at first seemedimpossible now manifest or are overcome with ease. To accept the will of the Creator isto open your being and reality to the influence, love and light of the Creator, allowing thispowerful light and energy of love and wisdom to manifest within your soul. It is todiminish your controls and restrictions on your life and to follow the intuition, insightsand instinct of your soul; which is a manifestation of the Creator.We have established that by anchoring the love and light of the Creator into your soulyou can allow the will of the Creator or the thoughts of the Creator to manifest anddivinely intervene in your life but there is also a need at this times of acceleratedevolution to hold the intention of anchoring the guidance for your reality and purposeonto the Earth into your being, it is akin to anchoring a higher accept or energy of theCreator into your being. With the focus of intention you will manifest the guidance thatyou desire from the Creator and your soul. When you invoke our energy, Master ElMorya and Archangel Michael to assist you and align you to the first ray of light you areholding the intention that you wish for the guidance of the Creator to manifest withinyour reality and powerfully guide you to achieve the goals of your soul.The red ray oflight is an representative and essence of the will of the Creator and so by invoking thisenergy, anchoring it within your being and emanating it into your aura and surroundingsyou are symbolising to the Creator that guidance on many levels is needed and that youare ready to embody the energy of the Creator in greater capacity. The energy of theCreator will then powerfully surge into your being and reality, dissolving all negativeenergy and blockages, drawing positive and needed energies into your being to addyour advancement or anchor the will of the Creator into your life.Throughout yourevolvement on the Earth and the inner planes you will be trying to decipher the will of theCreator, this is because every time you accept a higher vibration of energy, light andlove you also receive a new source of wisdom which you must understand and integrateinto your awareness, actions and reality. It is a constant process that will at timesmanifest confusion but will always and continuously bring forth clarity in new andexciting ways.The will of the Creator holds many levels, for instance there is the level of acceptingguidance which many are now trying to master, gaining small amounts of wisdom tobuild their faith, connection and understanding of the energy of the Creator within theirlives.There is the level of contemplation, trying to contemplate the meaning of theCreator guidance, purpose and existence, at this level you are able to receive wisdomwith greater ease but must devote more time to deciphering the many meanings of theinformation you receive, discovering how to integrate it into your reality. Then there isthe level of complete understanding which simply means that you hold the will of theCreator within your being, understanding it, enacting it within your life and feeling at oneor at peace with the Creator’s divine influence within your reality and existence withinyour soul.As we have explained the first red ray of light can act as a focus and an intention foranchoring the will and guidance of the Creator into your being, it is therefore vitallyimportant to anchor the will of the Creator into everything you do, constantly asking tobe aligned with the red ray of powerful light to surge through your being, into your souland reality.The red ray of light will not only powerfully nourish your soul but will activatenew energies from within your being and create new positive alignments withappropriate energies of the Creator’s soul. The red ray energy will offer you theconfidence that you need to achieve your goals, to fearlessly accept your purpose as abeacon and anchor of the Creator’s light and to courageously achieve more than youcan ever imagine.The red energy not only opens your eyes to the possibilities withinyour own reality but the possibilities and abilities that you can amplify from within yourbeing. The red ray will of the Creator unlocks the truth. We believe that this is extremelyimportant now on the Earth within the realities of many; it is to discarded unneededenergies, beliefs and habits and open your eyes to new challenges that are nowachievable because of your greater unity and connection with the Creator’s soul andguidance. It is important now for the will and guidance of the Creator to be a powerfulinfluence in your life now.With a simple intention you can anchor the will of the Creator into your being, ‘I am thewill of the Creator, the will of the Creator positively and lovingly influences every action Imake in my reality.’As you ask for this alignment, imagine or acknowledge the red energy flowing intoyour body at the top of your head, flowing and melting into your entire body, soul, auraand surroundings. Allow yourself to bathe in the most appropriate vibration of red firstray will light for you and know that while you are doing so you are anchoring theconsciousness of the Creator deep into your mind, the courage and positive thoughts ofthe Creator as well as the insights and idea of the Creator for your reality and the greaterevolvement of the Earth. Experiencing the red ray of light can empower your being,create a sanctuary for greater wisdom and enlightenment to pour from your soul andallow new opportunities to manifest within your life and reality.It is important to acceptthe energy of the Creator and hold the will of the Creator within your being and mind,lovingly acting as a beacon of love while accepting the divine plans of the Creator. Thiscan bring forth a greater inner peace, allowing many negative habits and energies of thepersonality to fall away allowing the soul to exist in greater manifestation.Next week we will bring forth a special meditation to further your acceptance of thefirst ray energy and the will of the Creator, for now we wish for you to devote your time tobathing within the first ray light with our assistance.With much love and blessings,Master El Morya and Archangel Michael
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