...we ask you dear souls, at this stage in the game, would it make sense to turn back to what you have known as familiar, to those older and lower energies that you have felt comfortable in, but that have also caused you pain and hardships whilst living and existing in?...Again, we are seeing that many of you are reaching final duality-based tests, and you are being given the clear choice as to which timeline you wish to take. Now is truly the time to ask yourselves dear souls, are you fully ready to join your ascension timeline?



-Channeled through Wes Annac-



Your paths are now clearly being laid out before you. As this year progresses and the energies hitting your planet increase moment by moment in scope and purity, many of you are beginning to realize that the old simply cannot exist anymore. The dense and faded energies of the old, the old that has been the norm on your world for so very long, are to be transmuted and have their energetic templates changed to that of a Lighted, Loving energy.


The old has been disintegrating for some time dear souls, and as you continue to feed the lower vibrations that are ceasing increasingly to be on your world, you are finding that you are being nudged toward activities, thoughts and feelings that are of the Light rather than of the dark, as the duality of your world is beginning to cease.


The arrival and establishment of these energies could not come to be if it was not for you on Earth who have put in the energy and effort to make it so. Dear souls, you have given so much of yourselves to Earth and her ascension, and many of you are incarnate on Earth to serve exactly the purpose you are serving now.


So we ask you dear souls, at this stage in the game, would it make sense to turn back to what you have known as familiar, to those older and lower energies that you have felt comfortable in, but that have also caused you pain and hardships whilst living and existing in? We can feel that many of you will make the choices that are most aligned with your Life paths, and we can feel that the lower-dimensional tests that many of you have been going though, are nudging you in the right direction.


Dear souls, if only you knew how planned and coordinated your Lives really are, and your Lives are not in fact coordinated by us. The events that manifest in your lives are first planned by you in accordance with your Higher Self and many aspects of your Higher Self which have been funneled down to exist in realities slightly more pure than your third/fourth dimensional reality in which you are currently Living. These funneled-down yet more advanced parts of yourselves exist just beyond the sphere of third and fourth dimensionality, and they are simply awaiting your presence on ever higher planes of existence, so that they can guide you and help you to learn for your and their experiences.


Again, we are seeing that many of you are reaching final duality-based tests, and you are being given the clear choice as to which timeline you wish to take. Now is truly the time to ask yourselves dear souls, are you fully ready to join your ascension timeline? Are you truly ready to pour all of your energies into your own ascension, as well as to the ascension of Earth?


Wesley has been receiving information on the immediate period ahead, and much of it has been information from us. With all that has been disclosed about what this immediate period ahead is going to be like for Earth, we hope that many of you will see that indeed, things are not going to be the same and that indeed, much preparation and spiritual focus is needed.


We ask you dear souls, to imagine what your current Earthly lives would be like without the materialistic stimulation that many of you still indulge in on a daily basis. Imagine what your Lives would be like with no television, no computer, and nothing to support an admittedly lazy lifestyle. Of course, television and the internet are not all bad, and in fact the internet has been our primary means of communication and of reaching a wide audience of awakening souls. Without the internet dear souls, humanity may still be quite asleep. As you have been learning, many technological and industrial revelations have come to many souls on your world, who have taken their ideas and turned them into sophisticated (by your standards) technology.


Many of the technological conveniences you enjoy daily would not exist on your world, had your dark not gotten ahold of an extraterrestrial starship in the past. Many of you have heard of the reverse engineering theory, and this theory is in fact very true. Your dark found the remnants of the spacecraft which crashed in Roswell, NM and noticed all of the highly advanced technology that was and still is very prevalent on our ships.


They then hatched a slow plan of manipulation and deceit against humanity; in a few generations time they wished to have all of humanity enslaved by their ‘new’ technology. Their plan was to slowly introduce these new technologies over decades and claim them to be the work and creation of scientists and of humanity, when in fact they simply took the templates, the blueprints of our own inventions and found out how they worked and how they were built, so that they could build these devices themselves.


They started out by slowly introducing some of the more primitive technology to be found on our starships, such as what you on Earth know as Velcro and the zipper. As the decades passed and their many other plans for enslavement and world domination failed, they relied increasingly on the scenario of having you all enslaved or brain-dead by technology. As such, they sped up the ‘time’ in which they would introduce certain technologies to you, as they had not planned to introduce even computers and video games to the world until after the new millennium.


However, seeing how their other plans to enslave you all failed and that it is possible for humanity to undergo a spiritual revolution and wake up (as happened in the sixties) the sped up their plan for technological enslavement. As they were slowly able to put the genie back in the bottle after your sixties, they decided upon the decade of the eighties as the decade that they would completely take their power back. Many of you have surely noticed that the United States as a country took a bit of a backward turn in your eighties. Drug laws became much stricter, and Republican leadership and values once again became the norm as they were in your fifties.


Indeed, your dark wished to bring the energy and ignorance of the fifties back to your society with the arrival of the eighties, and they were certain that they could achieve these means with the ‘invention’ of many mentally stimulating devices that were so very revolutionary and technological to your world, that nobody would assume anything was wrong or that any scheme had ever been hatched. What many did not know and still do not know about the majority of the technology on your world, is that while the dark did indeed reverse engineer our technology, they had their fringe scientists put a bit of a spin to these devices; a bit of a ‘finishing touch’ of sorts to ensure that humanity was kept as in the dark as possible.


Your dark has been ‘creating’ the technology that most of you use, for the purposes of keeping certain brainwaves and genetic codes in your brain and in your DNA locked away and in some cases destroyed. To truly understand how this works and how they do this, one must understand the fundamental nature of all Creation; that is, that each and every aspect, each and every molecule of Creation be it large or small, is constantly in communication with one another; is constantly sending signals back and forth to each and every fellow atom of Creation. At this very moment dear souls, your spirit complex and the Logos energy that is you, is in a steady and constant energetic communication with every atom and molecule of the Logos-based reality around you.


Your dark realized when reverse engineering and creating their own versions of our technology, that the energies given off from our technology is very uplifting, and will actually serve to uplift one’s mind and spirit complex, and unlock parts of one’s DNA that has been kept locked away in one’s genetic blueprint. They realized how uplifting and helpful to one’s spirit complex our technology can be, and being that they wished to use this technology to enslave humanity, they simply could not stand for [the healing]. And so, they set their scientists to an agenda of ‘dumbing down’ the waves of energy sent through to each and every soul who would be exposed to this technology.


It wasn’t enough for your dark so simply dim the energy being sent to one’s brain, body and spirit complex with these gadgets, your dark wished to set their gadgets to emitting the most destructive waves to one’s brain, body and spirit that could possibly be endured without actually killing somebody.


As hard of a truth as it may be to accept, most if not all of the technology that you daily enjoy, is actually emitting [what can be seen as] destructive energies whose purpose is to take your awareness away from certain brainwaves which many are now telepathically communicating with us by using, so that humanity would forever be convinced that there is no such thing as telepathy or manipulating and working with the energies of Creation with one’s own mind.


Dear souls, they have wished to keep you as primitive as they possibly could. They knew that coming out with so many new technologies in your eighties and beyond would distract many people and get many souls to Live a materiality and technology- based lifestyle, and they knew that the distraction of getting familiar with such new gadgets along with the signals emitted by these gadgets which again can be very destructive to one’s brainwaves, could result in keeping humanity very primitive in mind and spirit, while at the same time creating a technologically-advanced society so that they themselves could enjoy such gadgets, without the brainwave-destroying energies of course.


We can feel that many of you feel that this communication from us is entirely too fear based, because we have shed such Light on the revelation of yet another means of control forced upon you by your dark. Of course, just because one gets on the computer or watches a television show, it does not mean that they will never be able to meditate or telepathically communicate. We simply wish you to be aware of the dangers and methods of keeping you held back that exist on your world dear souls, for there are many.


We see that so many of you are confronted with lower vibrations on a daily bases, and that you wish to get away from such problems and distract your minds with a little television and the like. There is nothing wrong with this, dear souls, but it is important for you to keep your energies pure and away from any types of lower or denser Logos, as this can serve to hold your moment-by-moment ascension processes back.


Call upon us dear sous, to be with you and to cleanse your energetic fields of any lower energies accumulated through your unavoidable interactions with the technology that is around your society at all times. The dark on your world had hoped that you would all constantly be ‘plugged in’ so to speak; that you would constantly be on your cell phones, televisions or computers and that they would have a tight grip on the internet to ensure that only information they wanted you to think was real would get out.


Obviously their plans in that avenue have failed exponentially, as many of you enjoy these gadgets and devices and in fact use the internet for your own spiritual development. It warms our hearts to see that humanity as a collective was and is too intelligent to give in to the influence and control of the darks technologies, and it is wonderful that you can use these technologies without being enslaved by them.


It is important that you set your intent for your guides to be with you, to cleanse your auric and energetic fields after your interaction with the various technologies on your world, as they can still do some damage to your minds and bodies, be them subtle or otherwise. With our technologies, you will find that none of the negative consequences will result. Our technologies will uplift your minds and spirit complexes dear souls, to such pure heights that you will be unable to believe just how held back the technology on your world has actually been.


Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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  • There's hardly anything i would miss from this planet as it is now apart from my love ones i already have here meaning my family and friends including animals ones as they're just as important to me as the humans ones. This is why there is no chance in hell i would ever leave them to go into the 5th dimension without knowing i would never been able to visit and protect them, i would rather just stay here and live an unhappy missable depressing life which i am living here at the minute just so i could keep a check on them. i also just came across these videos which has really made me think. i wonder what you guys think? its supposedly by a Pleiadian named Adamu and in my understanding of it he says there is going to be no change or globe contact for everyone apart from the ones who believe and again this will mean, No ending of suffering to all life foams on this earth, no clean up and power crazy greedy just out for themselves will stay in power. i ask the question what is the point of starseed's & Co IF THIS IS TRUE. what do you guys think?

    part one

    Part Two

    let me know what you think? 

    All i want (maybe i am just being native) is for all life to need to never suffer again in anyway. and everyone who can be happy with others being free and happy themselves be happy too. 

    Love & Light x

  • I'd say it's more than a nudge, it's more like a strong current! :)

  • Thank you for this message and the comments associated with it. this is very true.

  • yes, many races of the light have been monitoring all. The pleiadians have been around for longer than all that has transpired hear on earth.

  • This it is for your Eyes KH what i say now.

    It is better like them to know the Truth then a lie

    I always been against the lie

    So tell them the truth my brother even that Truth hurts some time

    And tell to them haw to protect them self against all that evil

    Because if no one will tell to them the truth then all it will be lost.

    Pleiadian once long time ago was been friends with me and fallow me where i will go.

    So i will need them friendship again it this latest moments

    Time it is short my brother and the clock ticking

    Do it for them not for me.

    I am just them big brother and they forget about me long time ago

  • I wander when someone will start to talk about it.

    Some times i believed i am the only one who can risk that type of adventure.

    I am not the mad man who can tray hire to tell mad things

    In fact those things are very real and if someone deny them then are say a lie.

    I am glad my brother KH you start to talk because it is better like them to know.

    And in this way they will understand i am not  a mad man and i speak the truth even some times the truth hurt but better the truth then a lie.

  • I am courious how it is that the dark can use all wicked methods all the time around and the "good ones" are obliged to follow the strict rules...How to avoid constant r e a l treats send by them? We in my country are fighting now with the signed bill of full censorship not only in the internet.And we slightly ,slightly are to be winners.But sometimes some people get more and more nervous.

    WE hope the Light coming down to the Earth will help us to survive. 

  •  Thanks once again KH my friend for your devotion to what you do.

     Blessings once more to you and to your family.

     Light Love Balance peace and Harmony Kingjeff

  • I cannot express how thankful I am to have received this message today!

    Just yesterday I went through an experience where I was faced with two choices - accept an unexpected job offer from a previous employer or continue my coaching/healing work through  

    It was a hard decision given that February is coming up and I don't yet know where I'll get the funds to cover my business and living expenses.  My mind said take the job and experience financial ease for all of 2012 - reject the job and potentially struggle all year long as a self-employed business owner.

    Thn it came to me to make the decision from my heart instead of my mind.  I noticed that I actually had a sickening, sadness in my heartspace when I considered going back to work at my old job and a lighter more joyful feeling when I considered staying where I am and continuing the coaching, even though I still have no idea how I'm going to afford it.  (I am abundant and pay my bills on time each and every month with ease and grace!)  

    so in the end, I decided to turn down the sudden job offer from a past employer, a path of easy money for me in favor of the option that gave me more opportunties to follow my joy and my heart doing what I feel called to do at this time.

    The encouraging words in the beginning paragraphs of this message greatly assisted me in realizing the ultimate wiseness of following my heart and gave me the confirmation needed to shift energetically and stop questionning whether my decision to turn down the job offer was a foolish one.  At other times in my life, I would have indeed decided to take the old job back out of fear and a survival mindset.  So I really appreciate the encouragement and thank the Council and both Wes and Spiritdancer for sharing the message!

    Love, peace and blessings,


This reply was deleted.

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