The Merkabah

‘Merkabah’ is an ancient Hebrew word for ‘chariot’.It is recognised today as a word for a ‘vehicle of light’ …..very loosely, it is another way to describe our ‘Light Being.’ The Merkabah is based on a three dimensional Star of David or Star Tetrahedron. This structure of two interlocking tetrahedral, is within the Flower of Life…..a sacred geometrical pattern or matrix, from which everything is created. The Flower of Life is the ‘word’ from which ‘The Source’ or God created everything in the Universe. When one begins to delve into the realms of Sacred Geometry, the chapter of ‘Genesis’ in the Bible actually becomes a scientific thesis explaining the creation of everything. This can link up with areas currently being researched by Quantum Physicists, who are on the brink of uniting physics with what is the basis of all Spiritual philosophies.There is a geometrical energy field surrounding every atom, flower, animal, tree, human, planet and galaxy…..everything.The Star Tetrahedron is a predominant geometric structure surrounding and permeating our being. The tip of the upper tetrahedron structure, which is masculine energy, extends up to about six inches (15 cm) above our head. The wide base extends down to around our knees. The tip of the lower tetrahedron, feminine energy, extends down to about six inches (15 cm) below our feet. The wide base extends up to around our chest or heart area. For males, a point of the upper tetrahedron faces front, for women, a flat side faces front. With the lower tetrahedron, for males, a flat side faces the front, for women, a point faces the front.This Star Tetrahedron around and within us has become distorted and powerless resulting from our illusory experience in this third dimension. Awakening to the existence of this beautiful structure surrounding us, can accentuate our conscious spiritual journey and lead us to whatever can most assist us in the restoration and re-activation of our Merkabah.**I recommend that all who read this, study the following books and delve more fully into this subject matter. ‘The Keys of Enoch….James J. Hurtak,’ and ‘The Flower of Life books….Drunvalo Melchizedek.’**There are a specific set of ‘Seventeen Breaths’ to awaken, restore and re-activate the Merkabah. These breaths involve hand positions, visualizations, specific breathing techniques, and most important of all, an inner state of unconditional love for all. There is an eighteenth breathe involved, which completes the re-activation, where the Merkabah becomes a ‘vehicle of light’ around us…….not unlike a flying saucer in shape and function. This breathing is a powerful way of practicing present moment awareness, where resides the truth of our Being, our Higher Self, our God Self, Higher Consciousness, the State of Grace, the Holy Spirit, or whatever our particular term may be for the Almighty and Infinite Source of All. The eighteenth breath occurs only when we have fully ‘awakened’ to that unconditional love state of Being of our Higher
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