The Horoscope of The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)...A Past Research Project That Looks Accurate With My Findings

The real trick in determining the horoscope of the Buddha is the Ascendant; the appearance of the individual often reveals clues for determining the Ascendant. Because the appearance of the Buddha's face and head are "globular" (along with nice round cheeks [especially as he got older]), this strongly suggests the sign of Cancer to be the Ascendant (as these physical features described are prominent with those who have Cancer rising on their horoscopes). At 27-29 years, both solar and 12-cycle lunar based calendar ages would indicate the first Saturn return (which usually comes in three Conjunctions from ages of 27-29) to be a significant event to watch (and take note: a 12-cycle lunar time-frame is 0.97 in calendar length compared to a one cycle solar return). When Buddha reached the age of 29, this royal master known as Buddha "gave it all up." Great wealth, endless sex, and a life where one did not suffer ended as Buddha sought to look into and define the human aspect of suffering. Because of the 29th year of this event, this means that Saturn would probably be strongly placed on the horoscope to allow for such an extreme "fall from power." Also of note is that Venus would have to be placed in a "morning star" placement overhead sometime during the enlightenment period of the 34th - 35th years as reported by Buddha. And finally, we have to keep in mind of Buddha's Ascendant [the eastern horizon point] selected to be Cancer and must thus feature a transiting Venus in the 12-11-10 houses sector of the horoscope (since this is the morning star position for Venus).


One thing that amazed me with researching the horoscope of the Buddha was the great number of disputes due to a great number of different horoscopes. The horoscope for the Buddha (from among 125-150 claimed birthdates I looked at) was based on a birthdate for Buddha from a Buddhist Monestary located in Thailand (and I will leave it at that). Due to the importance that the Buddha placed on the presence of naturaI Earth harmony (or as the Japanese call it, "painting yourself with the trees") while one is engaged in meditation, I regard the Sun sign of Buddha to be fixed earth Taurus (ruled by Venus), and not firey Aries (ruled by Mars).

11000571689?profile=RESIZE_710xBelow is the horoscope chart with the aspects. The three orange boxes below (in the dial) indicate planets in their natural house of rulership, and thus makes these planets very important to observe for defining the horoscope. Saturn near the MC (or in either the 10th or 9th Houses) usually indicates a quick rise and possible quick fall from power, as was indicated with the horoscopes of Hitler, JFK, Richard Nixon, Malcolm X, and Hillary Clinton. Mars works well in the 1st House due to forcing one to being active in the environment in some way. But Neptune in the 12th House really stands out due to the midpoint of a hard Venus Square Mars placement applying to Neptune (and within 1 degree of accuracy). This Neptune "triangle" (with the Venus Square Mars placement) may be defined as "the use of spiritual service (Neptune in the 12th) for active social groups seeking some sort of harmony (Venus/Mars midpoint within 1 degree of Neptune)." This interpretation makes sense; fellow Venusian Mohandas Gandhi (who was a Libra) had a hard Venus Conjunction Mars placement (in the natal 1st House) in Opposition with a hard Jupiter Conjunction Pluto placement (in the natal 7th House). Gandhi's horoscope Opposition creates a statement with this placement that appears to be that Gandhi "used the law in a transforming way (Jupiter Conjunction Pluto) for active social groups seeking some sort of harmony (Venus Conjunction Mars)." Thus, this hot Venus Square Mars placement of Buddha indicated work with "active social groups seeking some sort of harmony," as was similar with the case of Gandhi and his Venus Conjunction Mars placement.

11000577686?profile=RESIZE_710x Below is my star placements worksheet. And a thank you to Astrolabe for such a fine star placement calculator in the astrology program Solar Fire. Please note the year 564 BC; this is why the stars are so far off. Please remember that the stars move around the zodiac at a rate of about 8 minutes every ten years; a one degree change of movement in any star position would thus take place after about 50 years.


And the descriptions below are from the star notes data bank that I use for star interpretation. Note that I have the planets or luminaries with the stars in Conjunction aspect; Square, Oppositions, Trines, etc. are not to be used. Neptune Conjunction with Sirius is a real horoscope standout for defining "fame involving spiritual service." But the most incredible stars noted in horoscope aspect placement are the Sun Conjunction Pluto placement; this placement is in a double Conjunction with the stars of Polaris and Betelgeuse. This placement appears to "heighten" spiritual powers, but only if one goes in this spiritual direction.



Note that the Buddha died of food poisoning, and the natal Moon ("food") is in Conjunction with a star that features poisoning as one of the possibilities. Now onto the Buddha at the catastrophic (or prophetic) age of 29 (and solar calendar based). At age 29, transiting Saturn is making it's final Conjunction with the natal Saturn placement in the 10th House (drawn in red below. This gives an age of 27-28 per lunar calendar). Drawn in dark blue below, note the Neptune Square Mercury transit ("sad news"), and with Neptune transiting the 2nd House of "available financial resources." Finally, drawn in orange below, transiting Pluto is about to form a Conjunction with the Ascendant. This suggests "total transformation in the environment" or "transformation in how the entity is viewed in the environment." The green crosses below (by the Sun and Venus placements) are important; this horoscope suggests that Buddha (a Venus-ruling Taurus) was born with a strong Venusian identity due to Venus being in the "morning star" placement at the time of his birth (and this same Venus sky placement pops up again in his 29th year solar return).


The 35th year features the enlightenment of the Buddha.This transiting chart (for the 35th year) features transiting Venus in the morning star position again (and three days after his 35th solar return, and about one year after the use of the 12-cycle lunar calendar [for the 35th year]). This placement is drawn in green (with crosses) below. Also note the Neptune Square Pluto transit (in red below); this suggests "major transformation in beliefs, and such transformation in a conflicting way with old beliefs." Saturn crossing the Ascendant (in orange below) suggests "restrictions in the environment," but it also may define "providing leadership in the environment based on awareness of certain realities."



The analysis of the stars in Conjunction with planets and luminaries of the proposed horoscope is what impressed me the most; Buddha had very significant star conjunctions if one is to use this horoscope. The biggest conflict that I may encounter is the Sun sign of Buddha; many astrologers of the India-based area insist Buddha is an Aries. We agree to disagree; I hold my opinion firmly that Buddha was a Taurus.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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