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Note: In this message, references are made by the Hathors to ‘spectacular displays in [our] skies’.


I want to be clear that they are not referring to the possibility of a mass decloaking of Light Ships after the August 4th deadline has come and went; they are referring to a mass displaying of the pure energy which has been Creating our reality and which is being given in purer increments as we evolve.


To the best of my knowledge, these energetic displays are only to be made far after the initial disclosure and Contact periods.


Think, the Aurora Lights. Can you imagine such a spectacular display all throughout our skies?

Quite an energetic stride the collective of humanity has reached, while many of you still go about your days and continual experiences as if events have not changed pace in the manner that they have. We should explain dear souls. The energetic strides and dates alike that have been reached along your Cosmic calendar have called for the releasing of energy that is so very pure and that you have not yet felt, witnessed or experienced whilst on your world [in your current Lives].

Many will point out that this admission is given often and this is because the process of sending this Light energy to your world in continually purer doses each time, is one that must allow a steady realigning of this Light along steadily-purer increments and frequencies every time, and along newer alignment dates reached on your Cosmic calendar. We are able to release this energy in much purer increments and along much purer frequencies than we were previously able to give to your world and to the realms within Her which are not yet based in the realms of the Light that are now being assimilated by each and every one of you.

You have noticed and will continue to notice an uptick in the delivering of channeled communications by sources within the higher realms.

Our messages will increasingly more become those of celebration and [will be centered around] the fact that the Light and the intents and missions of the Light have reached an apex and victory-point upon your world, and the issuance of such messages of victory are not, for us, based or hanging on the removal of the influence of the dark souls on your world for this will be one small yet completely-necessary step in the overall integration of purer Light energies on the part of your world and you all.

Indeed, upon the removal of those souls and the energetic, vampiric-type entities who have employed them and who have employed much of humanity to divulge into and indulge in lower mindsets and heart sets for so very long; the removal of the influence of these souls will see much automatic expansion on the part of humanity as the lower influences of these souls have literally blocked-up and filled the chakras of those on your world who have been influenced the most.

This, dear souls, is how darkness assimilates itself into the human structure; by filing the chakras and blocking the Universally pure energies from reaching your chakras. It is very important now that you begin to work toward clearing the residue that has been steadily built up within the minds and hearts of you dear souls for so very long, and you will find along the way many souls who have done extensive work to clear this residue and to heal the traumatic events that have accompanied this residue.

You will see these souls as examples of what the experience of consciousness will be like for one who has found an expanded and open perception and state of mind. Abilities that seem superhuman by the majority of the collective of humanity will be discovered and utilized quite enthusiastically, and one can recognize many souls who seem to have superhuman abilities that the majority do not [yet] possess. (1)

Many of these souls as well can be recognized as finding an opening within themselves that has seen them able to utilize abilities of a higher intelligence and of higher realms that again, the majority of the collective do not quite understand how to access or utilize. The opening of the perceptions and chakras of humanity is again, a process that is performed slowly and steadily as we do not wish to tip the collective energetic balance.

The dark souls on your world have attempted to influence this balance so very much by Creating natural disasters with their technology that has instigated the removal of mass, dense energies on Gaia’s surface. The dark souls have always known that initiating disasters would cause the collective energies of any given area to be healed on a mass level but they hoped to replenish and surpass such energies with the manifesting of events which would fulfill such an agenda.

Following suit with the discussion of the turn in theme of many channeled communications, you may as well notice the discussions of the dark souls on your world waning more and more as we in the higher realms find less of a necessity to discuss these souls or the final actions in which they are still planning, yet know in their hearts and minds will not succeed.

The influences of these souls is again, being diminished significantly while the influences of the beings employing them has for long been unwinding and becoming exposed to those who have continued to allow such energies to be expressed through themselves.

As this happens, the souls who once happily garnered and fed former and destructive mindsets will realize the need to let go of and integrate the energies that led and drove such mindsets, and as so very many of you discover the need to integrate while getting rid of such former mindsets and heart sets, the collective energies are shifted in a way that is in alignment with the freewill of the collective and will not tip the energetic balance [during this shifting] in unstable ways or in ways that would pose any type of threat to the collective of Earth.

This evolution is to be seen-out  without any massive loss of Life that many ancient predictions throughout your history have proclaimed, as the souls of such societies were looking into timelines that had not yet been completed  and such futures were not yet ‘set in stone’. Dear souls ,the only concrete future that has been ‘set in stone’ on your world is that you are all to ascend and evolve back into the natural and pure states of consciousness you were once happily and joyously inhabiting with each and every one of us who now wish to assist you in finding these realms again.

The collective has had to experience traumas before in order to heal collectively-manifested density but this time around, your ascension is to progress as declared without any long-standing difficulties or wars presenting a threat to your evolution or to your Lives.  The need not to fear these changes coming about has been expressed endlessly and will continue to be expressed as it is so very important for you all to know this in the immediate future, whenever much collective energy seems to be unraveled as so very much startling truth is given to your world.

This truth that we speak of is quite inevitable as it is itself a natural manifestation of the ongoing evolution of humanity.

The Light energies being given to your world are in the very near future, going to call for an event which will vastly shift the collective consciousness and perception in quite profound ways, yet in ways that have been needed.

This natural result of the Light energies hitting your planet in increased frequency, which is a process that we are overseeing and helping many others to oversee; the event caused by this process has been long known and prophesized and the dark souls on your world have wished to utilize the needed manifestation of this event and turn it into an event that would be devastating toward the collective of humanity.

However, this is not the purpose of the manifestation of this event and will not be allowed by any forces to come to fruition. No dear souls, the worst events on your world that the dark have been and will be able to orchestrate in your recent times have been the attacks on the American World Trade Centers, in your year 2001.

This event was itself a monumental clearing event of very dense energies, for the collective of humanity has behind the loss and sadness, exchanged much energy in realms beyond your perception and many advanced souls have used the opportunity to see the delivering of much purer and more potent Light.

This Light is that which we are continuing to send you in increased purity and the plan for the delivering of this Light in the pure ways it is now being given to you is one that was greatly and vastly accelerated after the event spoken of above.

This [event’s happening] was around the time that we made the choices to inhabit the higher astral reams of your Earth and assist with the bringing-through of this energy and with the manifesting of this energy through the realms of the Earth and since our beginning-inhabitance of these realms, we have ourselves developed quite a strong and pure bond with the Earth and few feel such a Love for each and every one of you dear souls who are ingrained within the Earth experience, many of whom are doing so for the ultimate purposes of helping the collective to advance and ascend.

This ultimate evolution and ascension is again, why we have chosen to inhabit these realms and assist in the ways that we have been with your ascension and one potent method of delivering these Light frequencies to Earth in increasingly pure measures is that of utilizing sound tones and frequencies to deliver such Light to you.

You will find on your internet and be able to use many tones and frequencies that will see your chakras better-aligned with the incredibly pure energies now being given to you which have been turned up in purity and intensity very recently and will continue to be, and you will find as well on your internet specific tones and waves of such sound frequencies for specific chakras as the utilization of such tones in the specific ways spoken of, will see each chakra aided and helped in specific ways and the ultimate aims of this assistance is to help you clear out your chakras and the egotistical, dense residue built up in and around your chakras as well as to help you to expand your chakras and, after having transmuted this residue, be able to assimilate Light energies of a much stronger and purer frequency.

As you go through the catalysts in your growth that will see you better aligned with these continually pure energies, you will find yourselves Lighter, with more enlightened and clear minds, and you will find yourselves again, with so very many abilities that would at present boggle your minds.

You will find yourselves as well existing within an Eden that will be so heavenly and harmonious to exist within, as the structure of these higher realms is one that adheres to the expanded and enlightened states of consciousness of all who exist within and Create such realms.

There are specific stages and octaves along one’s growth and the realms of the fifth dimension are considered much purer than the realms of the third [especially the Earth’s third dimensional realms], as these higher realms are much easier to move around in and while one experiences a much more slow and steady growth of the self whilst within the higher realms, many souls have chosen these realms to assist the Earth from rather than directly incarnating onto the Earth because there is still much that one is able to perform for your world from the realms of the fifth dimension, by taking part in mass collective [Lighted] rituals and mass collective beaming and gifting of Light to the Earth.

These rituals are performed all of the time and since Earth is beginning to reach the dates along Her and your growth cycles that will see the filter completely removed from this energy as it is sent down to your Earth in incredibly pure ways, Creating spectacular displays in your skies; each and every one of us who have been working to bring this energy to you will make ourselves known as well, only of course whenever the frequency of your world matches the resonance of our energies and of the unlimited energies which will be making themselves known in your skies, whenever humanity as a whole is ready to see such a thing.

You are beginning to ride steadily purer waves and planes of energy as you are traversing the energies that we are now and have been giving you. Up to this point, the energies you have been receiving have been dense enough to match the Earth experience and all that has been unfolding on Gaia’s surface but now, the will of the Light is being made known as we are being given Divine Decrees by our own Guides within dimensions purer than those which we traverse, to continually pump-up the purity of the energies we are receiving from the realms of your Sun, which we send to you to integrate such energies into your realities via the specific frequencies and heart sets that you let into yourselves to be integrated and fed as reality.

You see, dear souls, you have set up various different types of barriers within yourselves, and your realities are filtered substantially through these barriers depending on the power and potency of them, [which depends on] how much a dear Earth soul is establishing and feeding them. Many of you have built up barriers that do not serve to block or inhibit your Earthly experiences and ascension too much or in too bold of ways, but some dear souls have defined themselves entirely by the very conceptual restraints and barriers in which they have established and set up for themselves.

We say that following suit with those who have built themselves up around limited mindsets will only see ultimate disappointment and hardship for one, and there will be many seeking counsel in the immediate period ahead on your world because their own established notions and constraints on what the experience of reality is supposed to be will have been quite shattered by such a time.

Indeed, the physical truths which you are going to hear and learn about are only small facets of the overall truth that Heaven has for you dear souls. The Company of Heaven wishes to expand the perception of humanity in every single avenue; in your mathematics, in your science and philosophies, in your technology; dear souls we could go on and on. However, an area of expanding your science will have to be that of integrating the spiritual and seemingly-esoteric knowledge into your understanding and perception of physics.

Dear souls, we are sending you energy which structures and Creates your reality after having been sent and funneled through your temples and squeezed through your perceptions and conceptual constraints, and just how this is done would not be able to be tracked, documented or understood by your limited mainstream sciences.

This is because the process that is gone through to send this energy to you is one that does not adhere to your modern established laws of third dimensional physics, and thus would not be accepted as plausible. This reason and many others is why the collective perception of humanity will have to be expanded exponentially, at first with many physical truths and revelations before we begin to help you understand some of the truths that will be a bit more intricate, complex and difficult to understand at first.

We say that by the time these revelations are made known on a wide, collective scale, the very perceptions of the majority of humanity will have been expanded to the point of you being able to understand even the complex revelations that the Company of Heaven has for you dear souls to absorb.

Even those deemed unawakened may choose the path of the Light rather than the continual path of the third dimension, and may find themselves experiencing the resulting expansions and you are noticing now, many souls whom one would not expect beginning to open up to the truths and energies of the higher realms in their own specific and individual ways.

Each and every one of you has found the truths of the higher realms and of the beings existing within the higher realms, in your own unique ways. Do not ever assume that a soul deemed unawakened cannot be catapulted into understanding Universal truths in their own ways.

For many dear souls on your world, the knowledge of ascension and of the Light forces at work to help you to ascend is preceded by an understanding of the corruption taking place on your world at present. Many begin to understand that your reality is in no way what it has seemed to be for so very long and as this is understood and accepted, your perception is automatically expanded.

Whenever the collective Guides of any earthly soul see an opportunity to help such a soul expand and begin to evolve, this opportunity is taken and every soul who is awakened at this point is finding their
Guides working overtime to help them to expand their perceptions and gain the resulting higher dimensional mindsets, heart sets and abilities.

As your perceptions begin to gradually expand, your Guides begin to send you signs in the physical which will adhere to your freewill limits in that you have the choice to understand and choose whether or not the signs you would receive from your Guides are genuine.

The Guides of many Earthly souls have chosen to make their signs known in quite bold ways and in ways that adhere as well to the individual themself and the mind sets and heart sets the individual had been letting through themself. Synchronicities are very common signs that the Guides of you dear Earth souls Love to give you, and the various forms in which synchronicities take have their own different frequencies and meanings, the majority of which are meant to give a positive signal and higher dimensional ‘reaction’ of sorts to an energy of thought or feeling that one had just let through themselves.

You will find so very much assistance from beyond the veil as you begin to open up to these veils and the very real barriers they have instated within yourselves, and as this mere knowledge and understanding is brought about, so are your perceptions expanded even more in ways that see you better able to break through this barrier and veil completely, and find the shining Light of the higher realms; of heaven.

You will find as well, so very many ascended Guides and fragments of the overall higher self of any Earthly soul, who will be happy to make your acquaintance once again and have you realize our presence around you and within your chakras.

While you inhabit the Earth sphere within Earthly bodies at this point, within your bodies and within your spirits are specific instated energy centers; specific chakras, which help you connect with personal aspects of the astral realms and of your own heavenly Creative lands.

You have the power and potential to access these lands at all times and if one makes one’s intent for it to be so, one could even find a direct communication with one’s Guides in these realms.

Your personal astral realms are just that; personal realms of your own in which you can manifest and Create all that you will [to be Created] and desire.  We must caution one whenever interacting with such realms, not to bring forth negative emotions or intents through oneself, as you will always find yourselves interacting with and manifesting the energies that you allow through.

This includes any energy of intent, and the intent you give out will see you naturally interacting with a being of similar vibration or intent. As you make positive manifestations, intents and efforts, you will find not only more clarity in interacting with and perceiving of these realms, you will find much more Light accompanying your manifestations as well.

You will begin to notice and feel impressions and ‘backgrounds’ or landscapes so to speak, and you will find yourselves able to perceive in a much greater depth and with a much greater clarity than you have been able to thus far and you will begin to recognize this as acting in accordance with the aforementioned expansion that you are bringing through yourselves, integrating and allowing your chakras to express.

Your Multidimensional selves are making themselves known to you as [they assist in ascending from] the third and fourth dimensional grids which are themselves coming down in increased acceleration, and as your Multidimensional self begins to find an interaction with you, this soul helps you to expand your perceptions and to work through the egotistical blocks and the blocks that have been caused by unhealed pains and issues throughout your Earthly experience.

You are given so very much assistance from your higher selves, from your Guides and from various funneled-down facets of your higher selves. Along with this assistance, you will find a willing contact with and assistance from a plethora of different ascended souls, as we are all a United collective and we have similar goals in mind in that we all wish to see the ascension of the Earth play out in the ways that our Heavenly Creator has decreed such ascension to progress.

At present, communication ‘time’ is so very limited, especially when compared to the sheer volume of revelations you are going to be receiving in the immediate period ahead.

As has been discussed, every piece of channeled material being given at this time is simply laying a foundation for truths and insights of a much greater nature and depth. For now, we are happy to assist in laying this foundation of information and of Love, as you are feeling as well the energetic signatures of the ascended souls giving every channeled communication, and you are using such Lighted energy as you integrate it into yourselves and allow it’s healing and expanding properties to be brought forth from within yourselves.

This occurs whilst you receive a foundation of information that will see you all better-able to understand and be prepared for the information and the revelations you are to be given. We give our Love to every dear soul absorbing this communication, and we remind you that you are all Loved beyond measure, infinitely.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

(1) Right as the Hathors made this statement about discovering our superhuman abilities and as I rediscovered it whenever opening this message for edit, a good friend named Joe Eigo came to mind. I think this soul is a shining example of the Multidimensional abilities that can be garnered in an enlightened soul.

If you want to know who he is and what he does, perform a simple internet search or check out Joe’s blog for yourself:

Here is as well, a Wikipedia page on dear Joe:

As he would say, aim for ascension!

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  • Excellent message!

    Thanks Wes : )

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  • Thank you so much for this message.  It reinforces the hope of a brighter day!



  • This message is about unconditional love and light.  Do you see the difference in what the word "discernment" really means.

  • Indeed he is! Testing the limits of the human body quite profoundly. :) 

    Thank you for your comments, dear friend. Hope all is well! Your presence is greatly appreciated. :) :)

    Much Love, 

    Wes :) 

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