The Greada Treaty

NOTE: All of this is from memory, so bear with me.


Also referred to as the "Alien Embargo", the Greada Treaty was signed by Eisenhower in I think it was 1954 between the people's of Earth and the taller Grey Aliens, the one's with smaller eyes and bodies much more similar to ours, proportionally speaking of course.

The treaty posited the Greys as a dying race desperate to find help to fix their unique genetic problem, that being their DNA is unraveling at a rate to which they will meet their ultimate demise very soon if something isn't done. They wanted access to the human genome for genetic research. At first they told us that they planned to create a new organism that was both human and Grey. You can look at it as a new vessel used as a genetic template for the continuance of their society and culture. They claimed that there was no worry or fear that they would take advantage of the Human populace they decided to experiment on.

In exchange for this access to the Human race, the Grey's would give us specific technological advancements. We thought we had them by the proverbial balls as it were because we knew they would never give us the tech to go into space or otherwise become a galactic player yet we had already reverse engineered the various craft that we had already recovered and no, I'm not talking about just Roswell. There were many crashes, I think over 20 vessels have been recovered by the time the Treaty was signed and many more since then. Also, there were two Vimana's recovered in Iraq yet only one was accessed. Apparently the other was damaged beyond repair as they were both sitting entombed for over 20,000 years.

Anyway, since we figured we had the upper hand, at some point we made our move in the 60's as a true show of force. But by then the Grey's had already reproduced over 30,000 new bodies right here on Earth in the various facilities that they brought here aboard their ships long ago. In short they beat us down and wagged their finger at us saying that we screwed up and they would ensure that never happens again. Despite this, they remained, because they need our genetic material to save their skinny little butts from utter destruction. Frankly they're all evil and I could honestly say that the universe would be a far better place without them, but unfortunately the sad truth is that they are us but that's a story for another time. I have however mentioned this previously in my blog titled The Greys.

Now this is just between us and the Greys, no other species is involved in this Treaty. Because of this Treaty, we also made the decision to engage in the Luciferian Experiment, to which it will not end well for us.

The Treaty ultimately prevents us from doing business with the greater galactic whatever and ultimately forced the elite to enact a double defensive shield around the Earth but not in our reality. Instead this shield extends far beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions. This is all a part of the Luciferian Experiment designed to seclude the particular world from the rest of the universe. This is also one of the main reasons why it's so difficult for one to ascend or otherwise grow spiritually, because we have a physical shield preventing that very thing from happening.

Now, there are several races of Reptoid that are all involved. One of them are claiming dominance over the Greys at large and say they're the ones pulling the strings. These particular Reptoids are also the ones that David Icke talks about being in government positions. Is this starting to make sense here? Supposedly those Reptoids are from another planet while there is also supposed to be the true inheritor of this world and that being the Reptoids that have been here since the beginning but were forced under ground by the Annunaki Empire as well as the Grey's who claim to have been fighting them for generations. Perhaps the Reptoids that are pulling the strings in government and elsewhere are indeed the Annunaki and their ilk? Just a thought but it would make sense, otherwise someone would have to say there's a 3rd race of reptoids as the Annunaki are led by a Reptoid race but it's important to understand that The Annunaki Empire is a grouping of races, not a race itself. It may have been a single race at one time but today they're a collective of various planets all falling within a physical location of Clean Space.

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