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In the simplest terms, we as spiritual beings are a crystal that is completely empty while being completely full which holds no self-awareness held in total self-awareness. This is referred to as the higher self.  6th Density observes 5th Density in the moment then magnetically gravitated through golden mean spin by 4th Density duality plane (Single souls form through astral plane) into 3rd Density (Dimensions if you prefer).

5th Density - Observing any or all of Primary Information Source (Perfectly crystalline and motionless parallel Realities)

4th Density - Sun and Planet Blueprint Astrological Time Organization through Realities = (Electromagnetic pull / Gravity)

3rd Density - Observing one side of duality in Vortexes (Through Chakras and black h*** ports)

The Oversoul 7D and 5D Higher Mind (naturally free and loving universal connection) created the Ascension Shift with the opportunity for its extensions in the lower astral levels to gain back matrix command as the writers of the entities destinies. It is a true balance of agreements on agreements. The Higher Mind or often reffed to as "mental plane" is our Primary Information Source and our shared creation.

From 6th Density extended from an oversoul, our soul and all souls simultaneously observe reality experience from standing wave vibratory light and sound pattern.

4th Density is a Blueprint Astrological Time Organization throughout the universe intertwining realities responsible for all gravity and duality and space time experience. When in the 5th Density state it is recognized as an illusion but can still be experienced and useful for those who hold on to it. Basically it's just a conduit and reality connecting system.

As our soul spirits develop we will be magnetically free of memories held allowing us to fully experience the now. We'll gather new vibratory access to and merge with the 5D Higher Mind from the shared oversoul spirit and its Ascension movement.

All 4D dream astral and 5D Higher Mind experience is now our heart of all growth and self steering dreams simultaneously contained in one particle.

A new idea will be formed in our spiritually shared plane and grow into detail with the new light information source of the 5D Density. Certain vortexes in our planet or sacred geometry in highly fractal locations (golden mean) can work as ports to help us to a higher frequency and healing from our 3rd/4th Density positions.
We'll be Shooting Stars - Soul Star
Peace to All

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