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The Glory Of God Is The Creation! The Glory Of God is YOU! - Part 1

I feel compelled to address this issue. I see this issue within the different religions, as well as the awakening movement, also called the "New Age" movement.

 In religion, particularly amongst Christians but all the others too, we see the constant reverence and glorification of God, which is a good thing. But paired with this reverence and glorification of God the Creator, comes the loathing, and degrading of ourselves as "lowly human beings" who must glorify the Creator as something greater than ourselves. We see the degrading of other faiths, other customs, other creeds, as wrong, to be judged and "converted".
Within the "New Age" movement, we see the constant reverence and glorification of God, and oneness, which is a good thing. But paired with this is the loathing and degrading of "divisions" and the "illusions" of time and space, and the physical universe in general. We see it as something bad and negative to have divisions, and be in this illusion of time and space. We see the degrading of different faiths, different cultures, different countries with different customs and creeds, as "divisive" and wrong, to be judged and "converted" to oneness. And folks I am here to say, there is a higher truth, a higher perspective from which to view our illusions and divisions.

The more I dig deep inside, the more I understand this. The glory of God, is not simply God itself. The Glory of human beings, is not simply the transcending of the physical illusion, back into oneness and timelessness. God itself, is meaningless. God itself, without this "illusion" we call the Creation, is simply potential that hasn't been manifested. God without US, its creative illusions, is meaningless! The Glory of God IS the illusion! The Glory of God IS the Creation! The glory of God IS the divisions, and dualities, and differences, within the Creation! The Glory of God is YOU and ME! Think about this.

I see people in the New Age spiritual movements condemn anything that is of division, or of duality. They think anything that does not represent oneness is to be condemned! But brothers and sisters, don't you understand! The Glory of God is the uniqueness, the diversity, the "divisions and dualities" of the Creation!

Why do you think God created such a vast and infinite universe of time-space duality? Why do you think God created all beings, and all races, and all species, with unique characteristics? We can't condemn divisions, differences, or dualities, or time-space physicality. It's what makes this universe great! The idea that no two beings are exactly alike. The idea that our race is one of many races within our species, our species one of many species on our beloved Earth. Our Earth is one of many planets within our solar system. Our star sun with its system, is one of billions of star sun systems within our galaxy; and our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies and galactic clusters, within this universe; all with different life forms, all unique in its characteristics!

You can travel the universe for eternity, you will never find another being exactly like you. You are a unique creation of God, and that itself makes you glorious! You shouldn't judge yourself for being different than others, or judge others for being different than you. We shouldn't judge ourselves because of all our divisions! If anything, we should be GLORIFYING our divisions, and our differences, as representations of the diversity and creativity of God, the Creator! We should be glorifying and revering OURSELVES as unique creations of God.

This great universal illusion is a magnificent creation, where literally billions of light years separate one galaxy from another! The vastness of it, the grandness of it, is almost beyond comprehension! It is glorious, magnificent! Look up at the night sky, and look upon the vastness of the distances between planets, stars, and galaxies, the almost unfathomable time it takes to get to one star system, or one galaxy to another. It truly is glorious!

Sure, on the highest level, we are all one, we are all the spirit of God, manifested in infinite forms.  But these forms, these illusions are the glory of God! They are the glory of Gods imagination and creativity, made manifest! There is a reason God made the Pleiades and the beings that live there, separated and divided from Sirius and the beings that live there. There is a reason God made the different realms of density, and divided the different "dimensions" of light. It is a grand experiment in duality, where eventually beings separated by such divisions, can unite together and not just do the exact same thing as the other, but to celebrate our divisions and differences, our different look and different customs and ways of worshiping the divine Creator. To understand that out of many, we are one, and to celebrate both. Once all beings in this universe have come to this point, then we begin the TRUE transition back into TRUE oneness with the God the Creator. This is the path of evolution, the divine plan of God for its illusion called Creation. And it is very far from complete.

 The problem with divisions and duality, come when we seek to judge and condemn them, that is the problem. It really is. The problem comes when we say: you are "wrong" for believing in this religion, over mine. You are "wrong" because your color of skin, or your language, or your country, custom, creed, is different than mine! We judge and condemn these divisions so much, we sometimes even go to war over them! Or more often we go to war because we feel that this country, or these people, or this religion doesn't deserve their land, and wealth, and resources, for being "wrong" in their beliefs and states of being, and therefore, we have a right to take it away from them, because what we believe and who we are, is "right".

 But forget that, what about the smaller things that we judge and condemn each other for. How about things like, you are "wrong" because your house is smaller than mine, your clothes are not the same style as mine, your car is not as fancy as mine. What about things like, you are "wrong" simply because your nose is too big for my liking, or your stature is too short or tall, or your body too fat or skinny, for what I deem "right"!

These CONDEMNATIONS and JUDGMENTS of division and duality are the problem. These JUDGMENTS and CONDEMNATIONS of the divisions and differences of life are the cause of "evil".  Not the divisions and differences themselves. Because if we loved and revered our divisions and differences, would there be evil actions? No. If we loved and revered our divisions and differences, would the duality of good-evil, right-wrong, even exist? No.

 Take our world, for example, which is divided into more than 200 countries, each with different beliefs, customs and creeds of the different peoples living there. Some countries, like America, are an amalgamation of all divisions and differences of race, color, faith, customs and creeds. Do we judge America as bad for that? No we don't, if we did, America wouldn't be the great light of the world, but the great bane! We instead revere and glorify America because of these different divisions being able to live in peace and freedom, as one country. Symbolized by its famous motto, E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. It is the same with the whole universe. Our universe is meant to have all the different divisions of races and cultures, with all its different customs and creeds and ways of revering the divine, coming together, to live together in peace and harmony and freedom, as one out of many. As we celebrate our differences and our unity.


Continued in part 2..


By: John Jancar



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