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The Galactic Free Press Update: We Will Have More Historic Events This Year


Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

Greetings Love Beings, It just keeps getting more exciting and more exciting for Those Awake and Aware. We have Much More to arrive to us in the coming days, weeks, and Months as Love Energy Sweeps across the Planet with the Energetic Assistance of Our Historic Mass Global Mediation From February 14th 2013, In Which The Prayers of Humanity for Peace, Equality and True Joy Was Heard and True Real Love Began Rising On this Planet.


Also, On this date All Of Creation Assisted Humanity in the energetic Movement of the Light. From this Moment forward, We will Have More Historic Events Occur in The Continued Victory of The Light On Planet Earth=Heart.

The Light Is On the Move On Planet Earth=Heart and is Unstoppable and Contagious. With these Incoming Energies Coupled with an Upcoming Full Moon In Virgo which is Earth, We will be grounding Significant Amounts of Light Into The Planet! As The Love Energy continues building On this Planet this increasingly puts pressure on the denser energies.

This is the energy where all egos exist no matter what they are dressed up Like. A Deep Cleansing Continues for those still in the ego unconsciousness, This Entire Planet is Shifting. Resistance is futile! The Activation for a Full Light On, On Planet Earth=Heart is Underway.

Quoted from Christine Meleriessee“Another week has arrived and we are probably at the most powerful surge of energies that are coming into the planet since 12-21-12. There has been some talk from the Masters through our weekly calls that February would represent a pivotal point of understanding within each of us as we are being asked to go into the deeper levels of our core existence.

I know that many people just want it all to happen NOW and get it over with, but in actuality, we are not prepared for the event to occur on a massive scale across the globe.
We don’t really understand on a humanly level exactly what is happening within GAIA except that the changes are massive and creating either higher levels of bliss within individuals or massive thoughts of destructive energies.

This is the separation. Many of us thought it would represent going to another planetary existence and allowing the ones that still needed to understand their role in society to deal with it all. This is not true.
We are here on this planet within the concept of ONENESS to be created….


This week we are being hit with the Great Central Suns from the Solar through the Cosmic activating energies within the auric level of GAIA, and we are going to be deeply affected. Per our call on Monday evening of the Clarion Temple of Oneness, Melchoir, who is the Galactic Logos, stated that all of the Great Central Suns were gathering their essences to infuse upon the planet to create an upsurge of frequencies to allow each living particle upon the Earth to move into a deeper essence of themselves.

This would come with great challenges if we allow them to interact in such a way. They offered their assistance in creating a balance for us through accessing the Divine Way of Being via vibrational frequency.

If you have not already felt these energies occurring within your consciousness and physical body, they will be activated this week. So how do we get through it with ease and grace? Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde and allow the energies to create a higher essence of your intuitive self by activating timelines that are fully trying to come into balance.

You will be able to remove and accept the new particles of light as deemed appropriate through your Higher Self and I AM Presence. In addition, we will be experiencing a Full Moon on February 25th which appears in Virgo representing a higher vision taking place while allowing the old essences to be transmuted as in the lower physical energies.

It is a time to fully allow our Wise-man/woman to appear in our consciousness which is a direct relation to the timelines being ignited at this time…..
Life is changing within the Earth and what is occurring within your societies is representative of that fact. The more information we give to you about what is happening, the more you will be prepared to be the Torches of Light to stand tall and allow others to see how deeply they can acquire these elements for themselves.

As you allow the illusion to be broken within you, the assistance that you are giving to others cannot be measured in any shape or form. This frequency of light from the Great Central Suns is designed to prepare you for your multi-dimensional reality as more timelines are being ignited every day. It is imperative to continually understand what is happening within you in order to receive more essence. There is so much more to arrive and this is only our beginning with each other….

This activation is occurring presently and has been since the 17th of this month. It will continue until the 24th of the month in preparation for the Full Moon activities. This will be your last activation in this month as the more you allow yourself to remember and release, the more you will be able to increase within yourself.

We walk with you in beauty and joy for the New World to arrive…” End of quote


 ~ It Has Begun ~


Posted by Wes Annac


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Comment by Moanna on February 26, 2013 at 2:41am

absolutely wonderful :) thank you Meindert and Wes and this video is something special <3

Comment by Chermay on February 25, 2013 at 10:00pm
A truly magnificent message and delivered in such a special way that really touched the heart. With my gratitude, love and appreciation.

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