It is our opportunity today to speak to you on a new topic.  One we want to discuss is that of multidimensional existence.  You have heard about transcending to 5D but what if there was more than 5D?  You have it within you to go higher.  Once you have the light inside of you there is no limit.  Your consciousness will continue to seek higher levels of expansion.  Don’t limit yourself at 5D.  Being in 5D is a state where you can manifest your desires at rapid speed.  You see it, you want it, you get it.  Now imagine beyond that.  You see it, you want it, you are it.  To be in the 5th dimension you need to have the following.  A wiling heart, an open mind, and you need to be allowing for miracles to behold in your presence.  Shift your alignment to allow great things to come to you.  Many of you are not allowing.  You don’t believe it to be true.  How can that be…  I didn’t create that…  It just appeared…  But what if we told you, you did create it, just like you are creating your experiences in your everyday physical reality.  You are master creators, but you forget that.

We want to remind you that you are powerful beings capable of more than you know.  You see something you want it, you send signals out to the Universe bring this to me.  It has to respond.  It has to bring you what you are seeking.  There is only a delay when you don’t trust that you deserve it.  I have to do hard work to get it…  I have to sacrifice…  You don’t.  Please put that aside.  Things will come to you just by thinking about them.  Put it in your wish bubble and let it be; the Universe says, great here you go.  Never attach any kind of stipulation to it.  I can get this only if…  It will muddy the waters.  You won’t get it.  It causes confusion.  Be straightforward and trust.  Does it come to you instantly?  That depends on your vibration.  How strong is the desire.  How do we know if we should fulfil it?  We know in your heart what is best.  We know how to proceed according to contracts.  Should something be out of alignment it will come in another format.

For example, you want a new pair of shoes.  But we know you have something in your contract that says you should not get new shoes.  So, what we will bring you is footwear that is suitable for your soul.  It’s not the brand-new pair you were expecting but we know the bigger picture and will bring you an answer to your desire.  You will receive hand me downs, you will receive footware that is new to you.  We are not letting down our end of the bargain.  Each request has to be aligned with your soul.  So how does this work.  You send out the request, the Universe hears it.  It matches your request to an outcome that aligns with your heart and soul for your time and space.  How quickly it comes depends on how strong the desire is, are there obstacles in the way, and does it fulfill a contract need.  Those in the 5D can go through this process at a higher speed than those in 3D.  Above 5D and this is happening in light speed.  Trust us when we say that you have the capability of instantly manifesting your wants and desires.  We just give a timeframe for you to understand why some requests take longer than others.  The Universe hasn’t stopped working, it is matching things up.

Our desire is for you to understand how you can create meaningful occurrences in your life.  We do not want you to live in agony, without, and suffering.  Life does not have to be a struggle.  There is no reason you do not deserve what you want.  Everybody is worthy.  We want you to be joyful in your life and expect good things to happen to you.  Do not believe you are doomed.  No one is doomed.  You do not set out on a life path to be doomed.  You set out to seek desires and fulfillment with circumstances that bring hopes and dreams.  For anyone today that feels they are off track, just dream.  Dream of what they want.  Start shifting your focus.  The Universe has to respond to what you are thinking about and asking for.  Do not focus on unwanted outcomes.  Focus on the wanted outcome.  Our gift to you is education in these times.  We wish to teach you how to evolve in your life.  Practice this; only thinking of what you want.  Never a negative thought.  The path for you will open up with pleasurable options if you dream big.

You are loved.  We will speak again.  Namaste.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


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