The Five Benedictions of Wesak

8108777876?profile=originalThe celebration of the Wesak is the high point of the year in many traditions and in the tradition of the Christalis Avatars it is no exception. For many decades, celebrating Wesak is a profound opportunity to experience the Buddha and Christ energies in concert. There have always been other Avatars in attendance energetically. This year was no different.


Auspiciously, the actual moment of the Full Moon happened at 8:35PM on a Saturday night when all could gather without the hassles of a work day. The day had been warm and twenty of us gathered at 7PM in the OM Pavilion. As everyone settled in, my cohort, Mujiba sang two beautiful songs, one an invocation and the other a lullaby while playing her tambura. Soon we settled into a silence and brought that silence into focus, moving deeply inwards to ascertain and feel our intention for the evening.


After discussing the spiritual history and importance of the Wesak Festival, the Crystal Traveling Vessel was introduced. After placing our intentions for the planet and ourselves, we entered into the energies of the evening with a crystal and Tibetan bowl concert.


We then c8108777099?profile=originalreated our Crystal Traveling Vesselsby singing its mantra of Protection.















When finished, we teleported to the Wesak Valley through the etheric grid of the planet via a vibration offered by Mujiba via her crystal bowl.


Once there, we found our place in the Valley. While lamas, monks and pilgrims gathered there in human form, hundreds of thousands found their way to the Valley in etheric and energetic form. One could instantly feel the intent and prayers of all those gathered for this sacred event.


Our attention was soon drawn to the platform rock in the East end of the Valley, where the Christ was present. He emanated a powerful vibration of love-wisdom. We were asked to maintain this vibration with the mantra, “Love-Love-Love” or simply love of self, others and the Divine. We attuned to this brilliant emanation of Love-Light, which implanted itself into the crystal spheres of our consciousness as seeds to be nurtured and expanded.


Our attention was then drawn to the Avatar of Divine Intelligence. This great being projected an emanation, offering the opportunity to progress beyond the current human configuration by shifting into unity consciousness. As we were rewired, we were offered the opportunity to perceive ourselves anew, without the incessant limitation placed on our perception of ourselves as humans.


Even as this rewiring was happening, a light appeared in the Eastern sky. As the time of the Full Moon grew near, a sphere of Divine Light drew close. The emanation of the Buddha anchored into the large crystal bowl filled with spring water. He projected His emanation into each energetic being present, infusing them and the Valley with a tangible feeling of Divinity. Each of us experienced the waves of energy and bliss coursing through our Crystal Vessels, acting to entrain us to our own divine frequency. The message was clear: act as conduits for this energy and share its expression with all humanity.


For the brief time that the Buddha concentrated His focus on the gathered beings, time stood still. The reverberations blasted through us, instilling us with a profound silence. As the energy of the Buddha began to recede, we were asked to open our crystal channels to receive still a fourth vibration. Rather than retreating to the Eastern sky, Buddha remained hovered above the Wesak Valley, forming a triangulation with the Christos and the Avatar of Divine Intelligence.


Upon opening the lower aspect of our crystal channels, the Divine Mother welled up within each of the beings gathered. Nothing can describe the subtle beauty of Her frequency. We were asked to open to Her emanation and receive the purity of Her love and nurturing. Now waves of Her Divine Expression moved through our channels and out into the world. We were asked to take in as much love as we were able to hold. This benediction lasted for an eternity. Even as Her blessing began to recede, we were offered a fifth benediction from the Christos.


This blessing was to assist us in manifesting the intent that we had expressed before our journey to the Wesak Valley. We focused on our intent while receiving this directed blessing. After absorbing this benediction, we were invited to project this vibration out to three beings with whom we wanted to share this healing frequency. Sharing this vibration was equally satisfying as was receiving it into our crystal vessel.


Soon, it was clear that the transmissions were receding. We deepened our breathing and began our journey back into this consciousness. Soon, we were all back in the OM Pavilion, ready to share our experiences and our gratitude for the profound blessings offered by these most exalted beings. Their Divine energies continued to be with us through the night and into the next day.


And to those who read this, we extend these blessings to you and your loved ones.

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