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The Efficacy of Prayer 

Dear Beloved,

                    I pray that you learn as I have recently that prayer is one of the most powerful creative agencies and protective measures that you can utilize as a human being. I speak of praying in a way that the presence and Holy Angels around you will always be with you. Here is the deal my family of light, the human being was created to be sacred in a constant communion and co-creative process with the Father of us all. Many beings and different dimensions exist between here and the most high, many beings would have you call them your God rather than the direct uplink to the Source itself. As a human being you have that power to unify with the light no matter what your original planetary origin or vibrational frequency of your Soul if you become like him which is wholly dedicated to unconditional love, power of decision and determination in faithful action. The Father I am speaking of is as my faith and intuition dictates is the Father of the being who was incarnated in Jesus Christ. However, as it is written that God is not a respecter of persons nor is he partial to names and titles, that is much more for the human ego. If you are like me and have had doubts about the different religions, cults, sects worshiping multiple deities, then end that doubt by simply calling out to the most high, that which is the creator of all time, all space and dimensions. On this planet in human form you can become sacred by your choice, intention and faithful consecration to the One. No offense to any of the many cosmic and divine beings through out the sphere on this plane that have contributed to the development of humanity, but why would you go through these intermediaries when you have the Source present in spirit on this planet. As Jesus said his Fathers Spirit was poured out to the flesh, he said call no man Father in the Spiritual sense in this world, many of you shall do even greater works than he. Prayer is the link, it is like charging your Spiritual batteries. I am presently utilizing Gods Workbook by Tiffany Snow. With these decrees I have noticed a tremendous amount of density and toxic thoughts drained from my being. There is an unseen battle afoot in this world to destroy, diminish and stifle your minds because of the power you contain. Why would they be propagating artificial intelligence when you are endowed with infinite intelligence capabilities(prayer and unconditional love are the on switch). You can not see how powerful your minds are because of the veil, which is soon to be removed as we head into the planetary ascension. My friends you see the pirate logos everywhere, they are highjacking your attention. You did not incarnate into a physical body to gain more matter, when you leave you will not take the body. You came to evolve your Soul and have an opportunity to unite with the Divine energy.  I have used the decrees to call in Holy Angels to do work for me and the planet. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. They are fighting the unseen battle for your minds. (A pop song come to mind: "We going to make you lose your mind, every body just have a good time") My friends in case you have not noticed you live in a world where they want your energy and attention. Why else do they pay millions of dollars to have 2 minutes of time on the tele-vision?(placing visions in your mind to buy stuff you don't need)    They are driving the collective subconscious mind which is raw power. You must become conscious and claim your power as a child of God. You have been given a human, intellect system that has the power to animate and endow things with Divine energy. Where your attention goes your energy flows. What I have noticed as I pray to the Fathers spirit, the Angels around me that I build up my energy, I am overcome with peace, serenity and love. I do not pray for things or necessarily to change my circumstances in life. I pray that I simply become more like he who created me, more loving, more compassionate, more creative....and I noticed a reciprocal effect of love being showered back at me. I realized that you can never match what God can give you in terms of energy, what you focus on is what you are becoming, where your attention is focused is also the direction of your heart and minds energy. Are you becoming more dense or light? I noticed after many years of meditation(great as well) that intentional prayer frees my mind of discordant energy, imprints, past reflections and future projections(which is what the dark side use to keep us time afflicted and away from the presence), it is the best tool to become present moment centered, a present moment conversation with the presence-if you will, from your heart you will obtain more peace than anything in the world. If you study the life of Jesus you see prayer is the one activity he did more than anything else, there is a reason he bids us to pray without ceasing, the beings on this planet used to be born consciously connected and in tune with the source, it has been conditioned out of you. Look around you are on a planet with beings who have been killing themselves and are completely out of alignment with that which gives us life. Every time you see an image of violence or fear on tv it is stored in your subconscious mind as an imprint effecting the totality of your vibrational frequency. You ever wonder why some people walk around looking half dead with no enthusiasm(en-thus with GOD) for life, the are worshipping death, they become like that which they focus on, as Jesus said let the dead bury the dead, GOD is the God of the living not the dead. You decide with the focus of your mind. The first source of our life is the Source God energy, which you tap into with prayer as he said man shall not live on bread alone, I mean look at all the well fed sick people we have in the world simply because they are unknowingly cut off from there true source of sustenance. Please understand I am not pushing religion, I believe religion as we know it has done more to instill fear and ostracize people than any other entity on the planet, there is no fear like the fear of God right? And whose holding the book and authority on that fearful God? NO! You take back your authority, your power, you are the anointed and ordained, do not miss your appointment, Gods line is always open. Do not let them dumb you down, domesticate you, your brain is  a supercomputer that cannot be matched with more potential connections and neural pathways than the stars in the known universe, the problem is it was meant to be accessed by the full power and capacity of a being conscious of there own light. While God will listen to the pleadings of your heart, try not to pray the problem, for if your heart is truly focused on the perfection, love and grace of God our human problems will lose their urgency and power over us. When Jesus prayed he saw the life through the superconscious mind of his Divine mind, Gods Mind, in which there is only your perfect blue print of your health and pristine divinity,  his faith affirmed and demonstrated Gods reality where human illusion seemed to be, there is only the dream of perfection to which God has endowed you with, it is our thoughts, emotions and actions which cause all stress, disease and disharmony in our biological systems. Pray to the most high with great faith, that which created all things and creatures, he knows his name, it is written in your heart and on every cell of your body. God bless you, I pray that you search for the light and find it within! Glory be to the most high our Father God!
                                                             your brother and fellow Light Warrior,


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