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The Committee of 300 Named and shamed and need to be brought in

Does any one agree with me that we need to focus on those at the top who need leins and genocide notices served on them ?

These people are the very people who are guilty of one major thing among-st others.

They are keeping us from Free Energy and Anti Gravity and they prevent us from progression.

We are 150 years behind our times because of these people of power Gold OIL & Drugs and Satanism

Not to mention the genocide plans they have for all of us .

Please see the list and make sure that if you have one in your area  that you are duty bound to check and update us all on there where-bouts and pending law suite.

Cease and Desist orders are to be ordered, to stop their crimes on humanity, as they have too much power and not one of us wants  them in this power or in our new world of The Golden Age.

 We are all responsible to ensure that this is in the making.

Here is your link to the list of every one of them and there are many surprises.

Further postings will be exposing the illegal Cults  like the Black nobility Society that go cap in hand with these Satanists and their evil

Expect more to be named  soon

Namaste Dave

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Comment by Lightworkersxm on April 17, 2012 at 8:58pm

Shama-an Thanks I do cover Benjamin Fulford in a separate section on my Light Workers Site Wordpress link above 

Benjamin Fulford is doing an exceptional job bringing the cabal into our homes and minds and one thing I can repeat If he makes a mistake in very confusing times he is the first to admit it and correct it, he deserves full credit for 1) his Journalism and concise reporting of a tricky subject as it unfolds 2) he should be commended for his communication skill, top level contacts and whistleblowers 3) he should also be commended for his bravery. In the light of this I never pass Benjamin Fulford's name on and use 'discernment' word, this is due to the 12 months of postings that I have followed and almost all of it, has formed part of the resonance for today's activities around the globe.

I for one am further wised up due to his crass forthrightness and investigative journalism and insider knowledge. Many thanks for your comments



Comment by Lightworkersxm on April 17, 2012 at 7:08pm

Thanks Shama-an ver ygood these are the other bloodlines that nee to be quelled and exposed The Black Nobility are the ones that eat children who have excited blood ,,,I am compiling a list and some scary films of reality for this sect now, We must not think that the lists are endless and we all should do as you say and expose these to the people so that the people can expose them in their own areas



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